Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Posted by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) in Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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As Zef stepped in, Pretha closed the forcefield once more and nodded with a reassuring smile to Faye. “I’m still here if you need anything.” She then went back to the desk and made a log of the items brought it. The uniform like clothing was a good idea and one she hadn’t thought of. The cut would be like a security blanket to the woman, without actually being the uniform they had taken from her.

Calloway nodded at Pretha. Later (again with that uncertain word), she and Oberon would need to have a rather interesting conversation.

Faye turned and stood, reaching out to take the lipstick first and then very carefully pick up he necklace by the pendant. She wiggled the lipstick. “I don’t wear make-up a lot but I like this shade. It’s half-way between a dark red and black and I always thought it made me look dangerous.” She flicked her gaze back Rollo as she set it on the little table. “You know, just in case my patented glare isn’t doing the trick.”

She gestured to the outfit. “How very black ops. Seems somehow appropriate,” Calloway said nonchalantly as she carefully undid the clasp and slipped the necklace around her neck.

Tucking the necklace underneath her shirt, even though she was about to change, Faye seemed quiet and introspective for a moment, placing her hand on her chest where the pendant lay. “Would you believe after all my experiences, this object is the most valuable possession I own? It was given to me by an elderly Romulan who taught me to meditate,” she said with a smirk, knowing the multitude of questions that might bring up.

“Well, that sounds like a story for another day. Since Blue is about to arrive I think I should make myself scarce. We don’t want him thinking you have too many allies on the ship before you decide to trust him with that information.”

Faye nodded slowly. Taking a deep and steadying breath, Faye was once again able to view and work through the various permutations of this situation with more detachment. It was easier to consider the situation was happening to someone else and consider how they might navigate the possibilities.

Rollo gave Faye the once over. There were differences in the scientist from even an hour ago. Calloway seemed more focused and hopeful, more determined and in control of herself now. All of that gave Zef hope that the interview coming up would turn in her favor. She liked Faye and believed in her. The last thing she wanted was for the woman to be railroaded into a bad or worse situation.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner Awaiting Her Fate

Sec / CRIT Ldr

—Rollo, CNS

About that time, Pretha noticed the time. “Counselor, I have to ask you to wrap it up. The Captain will be calling for her shortly and want her to rest a bit and catch her breath before that.” The warning was a polite one and marked with a smile. She didn’t want to have to chase out the CNS if she didn’t have to. But Faye was going to need to calm and think before the Captain showed up. Whatever the two of them were discussing probably wasn’t conducive to that frame of mind.


Calloway gave Pretha a nod in acknowledgement. It was game time very soon. Probably a good time to do some more standing yoga poses actually.

She then gave a small, but sincere smile the counsellor’s way. “Thank you Zef.” What else could she say? There was too much happening at the moment and the Counsellor’s intervention at her mother’s request had proven not only useful and very much needed. All the pain and uncertainty she was feeling could be stuffed down elsewhere until it was safe to let it out. That time was not now.

Stepping back, but standing tall, Faye (armed in appearance) was as mentally ready as she could be.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

((room for Zef))
Once the brig was cleared, Pretha came over to the forcefield. “Faye, you doing ok?” She smiled softly. “Seriously? I mean, I’m no Counselor. But I’m not someone who’s gonna log everything you say, either. And regardless how today or tomorrow turns out. I’m here for you. Just know that. Whatever you did or didn’t do, I’m sure you had a reason. The fact you aren’t strung up already on charges, or the Captain hasn’t sequestered you completely, means, to me at least, is that something more is up than you just shooting the Command staff and taking a stroll thru the Jeffries tubes. I won’t ask, so no worries,” she waved her hand in dismissal. “Just know I’m here for you. Can I get you anything else to eat or drink while you wait?”

She hoped, once this was all over that she and Faye would get a chance to get to know one another better.


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