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Posted Dec. 1, 2020, 10:51 a.m. by Ensign Shon Baht (Medical Officer) (Ben Z)

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Hey all,

Look… I think we can all agree that this past year has been a nightmare generally. Members of this crew and club have lost loved ones, jobs, homes… its been hard.

Normally, the club relaxes posting limits during this part of the year. This year it has been decided that that is not going to happen, but it has been left up to the CO’s discretion if they wish to relax posting limits on their individual vessels (although this is discouraged.) Well, we wouldn’t be the Manhattan if we weren’t a bit different, so…

Beginning December 15th and continuing through January 10th, the Manhattan will have relaxed posting limits. This means that AWOLS will not be cause for removal, nor will any notifications go out. If you need a breather, take one. If you need two, take two. Its okay. Everyone that is part of this crew will still be part of this crew.

Now, I would ask a favor. If you know for certain that you won’t be posting for a while, try and put yourself on LOA. And if you can’t, shoot me a note and just let me know what’s going on.

And as of Jan. 11th, everyone needs to be current, ok? That’s when notices will start up again.

You all have done a stellar job this year in the face of numerous outside obstacles. I commend each and every one of you. I hope that your year hasn’t been horrendous. And if it has, I hope that this ship has brought you at least a small respite at times.

Happy holidays to all of you. May the season bring you joy and happiness, and may all of you be happy and healthy.

Fleet Captain James Sinclair
CO, USS Manhattan

Thank you and well said and appreciated. Have I told you how amazing you are lately? If not consider it said. ~. Kate

What a lovely message, thankyou! I think ill be even more active over the next few weeks once I go on leave so I am hoping to develop Luke! That being said I shall you this post as an opportunity to express my willingness to start new stories so please DM me or tag me in a post if you wish to write with me :D

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