Officer's Mess - The Next Day

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Maree, as they moved along, inquired, “I have heard that some people ‘dream’ that their minds are alert or something as they sleep and that images run about. Do you, Captain?” She sounded in tone like she had lost something she felt she’d have liked. “We don’t.”
- Maree

Walker followed the group out of sickbay as they headed for the Officer’s Mess.

“I can’t speak for the Captain, but I would say most humans tend to dream. Though I wouldn’t say that our minds are alert. Most people don’t have control over their dreams, it really is more of a manifestation of our subconscious mind. You know, playing out different scenarios and such like that.”

WO Darach - COO

“Some of our mystics go into a meditative state and speak of visions. Often they are chaotic nonsense.” By Maree’s tone she evidently didn’t put any stock into them. “Perhaps it is something similar.”

“Perhaps, though it sounds more like other types of visions our people have. And not the normal type of dreams we commonly think of.”

Cochrane listened to Darach’s reply and nodded as they made their way to the Mess. As the doors opened and they walked in, Cochrane said “It has been my experience that most sentient species dream. Perhaps a commonality most of us share. And in that vein…” and he gestured to a table set for six. He stood next to the single chair at one end and waited for everyone to seat themselves.

Maree took a seat and, without waiting, took a drink of water.

Once seated, Cochrane sat himself and said “I have a theory about why you say you do not dream. If I may, what can you tell me about the symbiotic energy-based lifeforms that you coexist with?” Cochrane’s question was direct, but polite.

Cochrane, CO

OOC: I don’t think Zef is with the people heading to the mess, so I’m going to have her already there. I need a place to write, so hope that is okay.

Zef watched the others enter the officer’s mess and seated herself when the others did. The comment about the Gravinians not dreaming piqued her curiosity. There were many reasons that species dreamed. The fact that the people they were interacting with did not—that opened the door on new questions and hypotheses.

—Rollo, CNS

Maree sighed and set the almost empty glass down. “Little.” Her frown was hard to read, but then her character did presuppose little else for a response. “It is as though it is night and day. We know we have a dual spirit as it were and that at night it is as though it is released and wanders. They can travel far and quickly and as we sleep, inasmuch before all these murders, essentially protected us in that time. It was only recently that we found there were .. blanks .. those who were spiritless. Yet it is our understanding that we all have them. Where are they? We as a people who carry them when we are awake and they are loose when we are asleep.” She shrugged. “Up until meeting others we thought that was normal.”
- Maree

Cochrane then asked “Have you established any kind of communication with them?”

Cochrane, CO

Having helped himself to a cup of coffee, Walker took a seat as he listened to the conversation. He was curious to hear the Captain’s theory.

WO Darach - COO

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