Officer's Mess - The Next Day

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“We’ve left notes. We’ve left video messages. We’ve tried to do a form of hypnosis to instill a connection. We’ve attempted to stimulate adrenal glands to remain awake. We’ve even attempted what you might call a seance.” She picked up a fork and tapped its end to the table. “They are a part of us, but an enigma. We have a considerable concern when we discovered that some are .. spiritless. They still sleep but they are .. ” she opened her hands in a gesture of helplessness. “.. evidently lacking. Not in ability but we can just sense it. And they must as well for they cluster in one place.”

“There is increasing talk of a ‘end of days’ scenario. I’m sure you have had them as well. The end of the world that never happens.” She shrugged. “Foolishness that pander to the masses.”
- Maree

“So you have no knowledge of a way to communicate with those entities, then? Has there been any study of their physical relationship to you? Meaning, is it a symbiotic relationship? Necessary for life? Something similar?”

Cochrane, CO

Zef listened long enough to catch up on what might have been discussed while she was away from the Gravanians before they arrived at the Officer’s Mess. “I’m curious, do you know if there is any part of them that is left with your bodies at night, or is it a total separation of your two aspects? If there is a total disconnect, wouldn’t that make then more of a parasite than a symbiot?” She was thinking the two halves might not need each other, but they didn’t have anyone awake during the sleeping cycle to experiment and see if it was plausible or not.

—Rollo, CNS

Walker sat back and slowly sipped at his coffee. He was curious how long ago they had first noticed the entities, and if they had been able to track how many people were hosting one of the entities over time.

But for now he would sit back, wait, and see what they had to say to the Captain and Counselor.

WO Darach - COO

Raye walked in then, murmuring a good morning to the few who acknowledged her. She glanced at the Captain and others, “Morning, Captain. Morning, guys.” She went to get a cup of tea and some toast before coming to sit with the group. “I’m guessing the discussion of the day is our ‘wandering’ guests? I hope they didn’t get into anything sensitive over the night shifts.” She sighed leaning back in her seat. She hadn’t heard much, but plenty was being spoken of around the ship that she managed to piece together the guests on the ship had ‘ghosts’ inside them that wandered while their hosts slept.

Vorraye Anders

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