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Raye walked in then, murmuring a good morning to the few who acknowledged her. She glanced at the Captain and others, “Morning, Captain. Morning, guys.” She went to get a cup of tea and some toast before coming to sit with the group. “I’m guessing the discussion of the day is our ‘wandering’ guests? I hope they didn’t get into anything sensitive over the night shifts.” She sighed leaning back in her seat. She hadn’t heard much, but plenty was being spoken of around the ship that she managed to piece together the guests on the ship had ‘ghosts’ inside them that wandered while their hosts slept.

Vorraye Anders

Maree perked up. “Did you … see them?”
- Maree

Cochrane said “Oh indeed we did. There are four wandering about my ship, and we have e ko way to communicate with them. That is what I was hoping you could assist us with.”

Cochrane, CO

Maree frowned again, though her eyes were envious. “You saw them. Wait. Hone. Tov. Myself. Who was the fourth?”

She drank more juice. “I like this flavor,” she remarked. “Perhaps you could help me to understand. What were your experiences last night?”
- Maree

“My vision is different from the others on board the Manhattan. I can see aural echoes of living things.” She took a sip of coffee. “For example, I can see a trail for each of you from the door to the chairs you’ve sat down in. For those of you that helped yourselves to the replicator or buffet, your individual auras are there too in a continuous motion pattern from the door. These trails last for minutes to hours, depending on the surrounding conditions. That’s how I was able to follow your night spirits around the ship.”

—Rollo, CNS

Maree picked up her glass of juice that she had emptied. “This is what I often think we are at night. That we’ve been emptied. That without our .. spirits .. that we’d have no life. But there are some effects that we have seen. Good and bad. The grizly deaths happen at night and there are no others to do it but they, and aliens ..” She looked up at them at that moment. “Aliens who had sought to take advantage of us found out that these spirits protected us. But we have never seen them. I envy you, counselor. Typically we have not allowed aliens to be among us at night. Perhaps that was wrong for I see there is a great deal that we have missed. Was there anything else? What did .. they do?”
- Maree

This was the most personable the woman had been, so Zef had no problem answering her. “It appeared they were curious about the ship. When they encountered something interesting, they paused by it and had a closer look. But they moved on quickly.”

—Rollo, CNS

Raye sipped her tea and cocked her head. “Did they appear lost? Like they were looking for a way off or out of the ship? I am curious if they live life at night like you live during the day. You see yourselves as ‘emptied’ at night. Perhaps they feel ‘trapped’ during the day. And they wake up on the ship with no idea how they got here or what’s happening. If we CAN find a way to communicate with them, perhaps we can help bridge the gap between you and your spirit walking selves.”

It seemed to her that it would be unsettling to suddenly be transplanted somewhere and not understand what was happening, or how to change things. She doubted, though, that even if the entities had discovered a way off they ship, that they would have gone. She didn’t see them coming back and picking up their bodies to take with them.


OOC: As a reminder .. Baht reportedly had been communicated to by them .. Gene

“There definitely seemed like there was a transition period when we first transported your party up to the ship. The transporter wasn’t sure what to do initially, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit jarring to them.”

WO Darach - COO

“I can only imagine. I know how jarring it is to me on occasion. And we are used to it.” She sipped her drink and absently wondered how all this started. “Is there a place where you keep your collective knowledge? Perhaps we can help sift thru it and see if there is something that makes more sense now than it did last time you looked thru it all.” She had no doubt they had scoured their knowledge places about this. But things had occurred in the last few days that may have changed outlooks on things. It was worth asking, anyway. She had known things to go unexplored for a whole generation because we’ve already looked was accepted by everyone who asked. No one thought that new people meant new eyes and new ideas.

((don’t think she knows Bhat communicated with them))

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