Deltana V - The Ritual

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Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Deltana V - The Ritual

Posted by Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez (Chief Tactical Officer) in Deltana V - The Ritual
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Two hours later.........
Jack would wake to the feeling of being rocked gently. It was a soft comforting swaying sensation like he was in a hammock. The air felt damp and moist. It was dark indicating they were no out in the bright light of outdoors. The gentle sound of water could be heard as if he was sleeping on a boat. Jack was physically not uncomfortable but soon found his hands and legs were bound by thick hemp around what one could only describe as the cabin portion of the mast running down from the top deck.

“I’m gonna kill him… I’m gonna kill him.” Jack said as he looked down at his situation. He began scanning, trying to see if he could spot Cesar or Celina, wondering what else was going to be happening.

Creed, XO

“God just get up and stop bouncing the bed,” Celina groaned letting her hand flop about looking for the covers. “And turn the heat up while you make coffee. It’s freezing in here.” Unlike Jack, Celina seemed to have a much more comfy spot than tied to a mast. She was sprawled out on what seemed to be a makeshift bed of rough muslin blankets. Pulling up the edge of one she stirred some trying to wake up.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez

“Celina? Oh, Celina wakes up baby girl come on.” Jack said as he kept swaying trying to get out of his binding. Celina was near and he needed her awake if they were to have any chance. The trick was when Celina was asleep she was like rising the dead to get her to function. She had a period where if she didn’t get Cuban coffee in her within five minutes she reverted to a state he called Baby Celina. “Come on love… please wake up,” he said as he loosened his shoe from his foot, as he launched it to hit her at the back of her head.

Creed, XO

“Será mejor que empieces a correr porque voy a matarte y volar el cuerpo por una esclusa de aire,” spewed from her lips as Celina sat up rubbing the back of her head. Daggers shot out of her eyes as she blinked trying to snap out of her coma like sleep. A deep moan escaped her lips but Celina did not seem cognizant of her surroundings yet. “You need to call Max. Our quarters are free,” she stopped in mid sentence.

“Why are you on the floor,” she stated the obvious as consciousness slowly started to process through the fog of sleep. “Wait are we on a boat?” The chill and sound of water coupled with the heavy wood floors and walls reminded Celina of a boat. “Did we get drunk and pass out in the holodeck again? If so this was a bizarre program. I dreamt we fell down a hill and woke up on a beach where you were all slicked up with oil in like some linen tunic thing. Computer end program. I need a coffee,” she muttered standing up and looking around the room. Celina had no idea why Jack was sleeping on the floor of a clipper ship but it wasn’t the first time she had woken up fuzzy on the details the next day with Jack.

Celina Rodriguez CTO

“Baby… this isn’t the time… you need to untie me, untie me now honey.... UNTIE ME!” Jack shouted at the end as he was squirming in his binds. It was clear he was getting agitated as he was wrestling to escape. He was thinking of dislocating his thump to slip out but wanted to try a less painful method if Celina could just focus. “I am going to kill Cesar, I say it all the time but I even have a plot picked out… no one will know where though so I can dance on it in peace and quiet.”

Creed, XO

“Take a number and get in line,” Celina groaned remembering that somehow her brother did have to be at fault for this predicament and not that this was some alcohol-induced nightmare. As she moved over to Creed lying on some muslin cloth, Celina knew this was going to take a lot of love and time for Jack to get over this. Maybe not as long as it took Jack to get over the time Cesar convinced Jack to road trip with him but forgot their Federation papers to get back home. Probably longer than when Jack got jailed for drug trafficking when he picked up the ten-pound gummy bear at the spaceport. Chewing her bottom lip Celina debated where this adventure would fall in the forgiveness time line however, seeing Jack flopping about like a fish out of water spurred her into action.

“Faster, I don’t know where we are and the slower you are the longer it takes for me to prepare for things.” Jack chided as he felt the boat swaying back and forth.

Jack was fighting his bound hands enough that Celina was struggled to get the knots loose. “Ugh stop moving or you are going to jam your wrist or something.” Slapping at his hands, Celina hoped it would settle him down. If not there was one thing she could get Jack to focus on which never failed no matter. Pulling at the think hemp ropes, Celina immediately knew this was going to take more time than Jack would have the patience for.

“Tell me how you are going to kill Cesar?”

“You don’t need to worry, it’ll be painless… you can’t know where I bury him.” Jack said with a silent determination.

Celina pulled at the knot as Jack continued to impede her progress by trying to speed the process up. “Jack,” she stopped running her hands through her hair. “You are going to dislocate your thumb and you know how I hate that snick-pop sound it makes when it slides back in.” The frustration was growing in her voice at the same rate the ache in her head was growing.

“That’s the idea buttercup, if you can’t get us out I have to find a way… unless you got some wonder woman in you and can kick everyone’s butts.”

The sound of heavy foot falls and gruff voices over Celina’s head made her pause slightly as she tried to make out words in the voices. Dust from the deck above filtered between the boards showing the path the men were walking above them. Yanking at the rope, the rope loosened enough so that Jack was able to wiggle his hands so that they came free. “Start on getting your feet free. I think we are about to have company,” Celina jumped up and began looking around the room for anything that could be used as a weapon.

Not finding anything but yards of muslin and a few barrels, Celina moved with a wobbly gait towards one of the banging squares of wood along the hull. Pushing it up gingerly with her hand, the vast turquoise of the ocean met with the baby blue of the sky as far s she could see. Spray danced up along the side of the hull spritzing her face as the ship rolled along the waves. “Jack…we are on a boat. Like a boat boat. How did we get from the jungle to a boat,” she looked at him perplexed. “We did get thrown off a cliff and then tumbled down into a sand dune right....or am I literally losing my mind.”


“Winner for the obvious award goes to you…” Jack said looking around with a sigh as he looked back to Celina. “I’ll apologize later right now I need to find out where we are and who we are with… just save your righteous indignation for them.” Jack said, knowing that the comment would have her flying off the handle if he didn’t start treating her better.

Creed, XO

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