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Posted Jan. 13, 2021, 4:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

So, IC, Faye has been working with others to convert the open space on Deck 4 into a garden (which is a noted option in the spec). It is not your standard arboretum space and as such I wanted to write a detailed description to match the drawing I made.

Climate & Infrastructure

The majority of this space is set in a temperate environment to optimize the growing season. While a steady temperature is maintained, the lighting mimics the day/night cycle of the ship. Air flow varies to create breezes and still days to encourage plants to grow more strongly.

All beds and growing spaces are watered through an efficient drip system and the beds are all raised above a water collection system that then recycles the water for continued use. Individual growing beds can have their drip line timings altered as needed to maintain the health of the plants.

Any changes to the environmental settings must be approved by the Chief Science Officer and access is restricted.

Main Garden

This large space contains The Pond, which is the end of a water feature that begins at the the top of The Hill. There are two main paths through this space, one veering to the left that connects to the far side of the garden, and the one to the right which forms a loop. The loop has a long arbour with climbing flowers on one ‘side’ and there is a secret sort of bench amongst a stepping stone path in the far right corner nestled amongst flowers and shrubs.

There are various benches along the paths and this garden has the most (and mature) trees in the entire garden. There are plenty of quiet nooks and the more open spaces contain either moss or soft grasses, perfect for people to lounge on and gather.

The outside of this space is bordered with a wide and smooth stone pathway that gives access to the rest of the garden.

Public Food Production Beds

On each side of the garden are many raised beds that are open to the crew and civilians of the ship. Each large bed is divided into four sections giving a total of 72 possible growing beds. Bed assignments are on a first come, first serve basis through a sign up system. If there are more requests than beds available, assignments will be by a lottery system. Those that do not get a bed one growing season will go on a waitlist and be first to get a bed the next season.


A separate climate controlled greenhouse allows for the starting of seeds and cuttings. Space is limited and priority goes to science staff.


There is a fairly large storage room that contains tools, equipment, soil and soil amendments, plus additional watering supplies.

Between this space and the greenhouse is a compost system.

Mushroom House

To the right of the Storage space, a mushroom house allows for a climate controlled space to grow various edible fungi. [note: not depicted on image]

The Hill

Though partly obscured by the mature trees in the main garden, The Hill is a large terraced feature at the back of the garden. It consists of four levels, three of which are open to people. The fourth contains the upper reservoir of the water feature, which moves through the other levels in small waterfalls. Benches invite people to pause and gaze out over the entire garden. At the bottom, the stream moves through a simple straight rill underneath the main path and into a more natural flowing stream that empties into The Pond.

Tropical Glasshouse

In the far right back corner of the garden is a separate climate-controlled glasshouse containing tropical plants of all kinds. There are a couple benches, plus edges of beds where the crew can sit and take in the warm and humid environment.

The entrance contains a double-door system to maintain environmental stasis.

Other Spaces

There are large beds at the front on either side of the entrance. To the right is the Orchard with standard and espaliered fruit trees.

On the left is a bed reserved for science staff to work on experimental botanical research.

The space is for everyone to make use of, so have fun with it!


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