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The sound of a Boatswain whistle sounded throughout the Manhattan, followed by the Captain’s voice.

=/\= Crew and residents of the USS Manhattan, this is your Captain speaking.=/\= There was a pause for a moment, and then Cochrane continued. =/\= Well… we’ve certainly had a time of it over the past few weeks. But I am happy to report that we all made it through with flying colors. I want to thank all you for your diligence and professionalism while we sorted out some… well… let’s just say that the Manhattan will be doing its own dirty laundry from now on, not anyone else’s. So, to celebrate and commemorate that fact, we will be having a party. Ship wide. That will follow a very special awards ceremony in the new arboretum at 1900 hours this evening. Dress uniforms for all officers and enlisted. Civilian dress is formal black tie. As we cannot fit everyone on board in such a space, the ceremony will be broadcast throughout the ship. The after-party will be held in the lounge, Officer’s Mess, and Cargo bay. Attendance at the awards ceremony is mandatory for all Department Heads and Officers. Viewing is mandatory for all others. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone dressed up tonight. Cochrane out. =/\=

At 1830, Cochrane arrived in the arboretum. It had been staged according to his directions. A stage had been set up in the center of the space, on which stood a single podium. He inspected the risers and then he looked around for any of his crew.

Cochrane, CO

OOC: This is the new garden for everyone’s reference:
Faye saw the message and groaned. While she had gotten better at not having panic attacks in group settings, she certainly didn’t like them. Besides, she had been essentially hiding out in her quarters until things sorted themselves out and the rest of the crew really didn’t know anything. She surmised that if people realized she was out of the brig, they probably assumed she was confined to quarters, and surprisingly for the time being she had been okay with that assumption.

With a scowl set on her face, Faye went to get ready.

~Faye Calloway, Disgruntled Party-goer :P

Just what Luke needed, a party amongst all the work he had to catch up on and all the drunk crew he may have to deal with later down the line he wondered if he’d actually get some downtime, being so far from the Alpha Quadrant seemed to have some kind of effect on peoples discipline, his included. Standing up he closed his computer system down and moved across from the small desk in his room and to where he stored his clothes, “I suppose I should show up at least” He told himself throwing open the door to his closet.

  • Luke Wyatt

Pretha hated gatherings. Unfortunately, she had originally been set to be on watch at the time of the soiree but had swapped with another Security Officer so he could be with his new baby that evening. That left her, sadly, able and forced to attend. She hadn’t checked on Faye in a while and so it was, about quarter till the appointed hour, she found herself at Faye’s door, tapping the chime, wondering if the two of them could, perhaps, sit in the back and depart as soon as was allowed.

Lt Pretha Oberon
Sec/CRIT Ldr

Raye sighed as she changed into formal attire (*) and headed for the appointed place. Like everyone else on the ship, she was of two minds. One, happy they could breathe long enough for such a gathering. And two, loathing the gathering because it meant mingling. And she had had enough of that on the last mission to last her a while.

She stepped into the arboretum and looked around. She was about ten minutes early and was just admiring the setup when the Captain arrived. Smiling, she stepped up and nodded. “Well done, Captain. I’m glad we can all breathe a bit easier. And congratulations to all those getting promotions. Just more proof that this is an amazing ship and The Fleet is lucky to have you.” She hadn’t brought him dinner in a while and made a mental note to resume that habit. Even if she no longer stayed to enjoy it with him any more. It pained her, but she had only herself to blame and turned away before her smile slipped and revealed the pain of that loss in her eyes. “Have a good evening, Sir,” she said in parting.

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic Attache

“Ms. Anders, why would you think this is a promotion ceremony? Nothing of the sort, actually. But enjoy it… you probably won’t see another.” he said and smiled politely before nodding and moving off to check on some of the setup.

Cochrane, CO

His comment left her wondering, and Raye moved around the garden more curious than before. With dress uniforms and black tie attire the mandate, she doubted it was simply a social gathering.

The fact he’d not used her first name was a bit of a sting. But she had called him Captain. Signing mentality she went in search of a drink.


Finally having changed Into something casually formal in the form of some tight fitting trousers, light blue shirt and no tie Luke entered arboretum. He had yet to pay a visit here and looking around he made a note to come back, behind the hustle and bustle of everyone who ha already arrived there was beauty to the setting. He made his way over to where drinks where being given out and took one for himself.

  • Luke Wyatt

Cochrane spied the Security Chief and turned and looked at him. The Captain was in full Dress uniform… complete with medals. He slowly walked over to Wyatt and looked him up and down slowly. “Comfortable, Mr. Wyatt?” was all he asked.

Cochrane, CO

While not technically a part of the crew, she was for the time being. And besides, she was curious what Cochrane had planned as a way to sort out the mess that was her daughter’s status on the ship. So, in a freshly replicated dress uniform and sans any of her own medals (because she certainly hadn’t expected to need them on hand here), Shara stepped into the spare space, not sure what to expect from this garden project.

And… this was not it. As Shara took a few more steps in, her jaw actually dropped slightly. This was something else entirely. She immediately understood it, and its logic. She could see the tiny imprints of her and Faye’s colony life scattered like little jewels. It was humbling and beautiful.

Her expression lighter than she had shown to date and just a tiny bit awed, Shara moved up the path through the main garden to where things had been set up on the more open space area. She didn’t approach Cochrane, seeing that he was talking with Wyatt, but she hung back, opting to let her presence be known.

~Commander Shara Calloway

They had been far enough back to not see Faye’s mother enter the arboretum. Coming up to the door, Pretha smiled at Faye once more. “You’ve got this. And you’ve got me. So try and enjoy yourself a little bit. I’ve got your back.”

She waited till Faye was ready before stepping up to activate the door.


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