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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officer’s Mess - The Next Day

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Officer’s Mess - The Next Day
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Raye sipped her tea and cocked her head. “Did they appear lost? Like they were looking for a way off or out of the ship? I am curious if they live life at night like you live during the day. You see yourselves as ‘emptied’ at night. Perhaps they feel ‘trapped’ during the day. And they wake up on the ship with no idea how they got here or what’s happening. If we CAN find a way to communicate with them, perhaps we can help bridge the gap between you and your spirit walking selves.”

It seemed to her that it would be unsettling to suddenly be transplanted somewhere and not understand what was happening, or how to change things. She doubted, though, that even if the entities had discovered a way off they ship, that they would have gone. She didn’t see them coming back and picking up their bodies to take with them.


OOC: As a reminder .. Baht reportedly had been communicated to by them .. Gene

“There definitely seemed like there was a transition period when we first transported your party up to the ship. The transporter wasn’t sure what to do initially, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit jarring to them.”

WO Darach - COO

“I can only imagine. I know how jarring it is to me on occasion. And we are used to it.” She sipped her drink and absently wondered how all this started. “Is there a place where you keep your collective knowledge? Perhaps we can help sift thru it and see if there is something that makes more sense now than it did last time you looked thru it all.” She had no doubt they had scoured their knowledge places about this. But things had occurred in the last few days that may have changed outlooks on things. It was worth asking, anyway. She had known things to go unexplored for a whole generation because we’ve already looked was accepted by everyone who asked. No one thought that new people meant new eyes and new ideas.

((don’t think she knows Bhat communicated with them))

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Walker looked around at their guests, trying to get an idea of what they were thinking, as he waited for their answer.

WO Darach - COO

Walker was at a bit of a loss on what to do next. They really needed more information before they could start making more guesses on what happened.

In the meantime, he stood up and refilled his coffee cup, and looked over the food selection that had been laid out.

WO Darach - COO

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Cochrane listened and watched their guests. He kept his face placid and friendly, but inside he was far from happy. “If I may… one of my crew reported that the entities had managed communication with him. Is that not something that is known to happen among your people? I mean, if not, then we certainly should discuss the matter sooner rather than later, don’t you think?”

Cochrane, CO

Maree frowned and gave a sour look, perhaps some of her known personality coming out. “There have been some who have said they had visions. These are the quack prophets of old, proclaiming doom and gloom and the end of the world. Ludicrous. Whether they are part of us or another they have ever been our protectors.” She shook her head. “The exception that Hone can talk about is the unprecedented deaths that have occurred at the times of the full moon. Doomsayers speak of what happens ..” she tipped her head in thought “.. tonight now when all three moons are full and in a kind of lunar eclipse, the first in millennia.”
- Wookiee for Maree

Raye leaned back and sipped her drink. “So the moons seem to affect them more. Perhaps doom and gloom was a way of explaining the unknown. I wonder if there are readings in your atmosphere or your bodies that change them, somehow, on nights when such celestial events occur. Perhaps they need such moments to be strong enough to interact on more than a mere ‘watching’ level?” She was no scientist. But it occurred to her that if something happened around the same time twice in a row, there was probably something there.


“Remote readings indicate a diffusion of the sun’s rays and radiation during eclipses, but it is a reduction for that duration. Oh bother,” she said, appearing frustrated. “Tov is the engineer and could better answer that.”

Zef was very curious now. “Are there any records of what happened the last time there was an eclipse?” It might have been before the Gravinians had written language or data recorders, but the question was worth asking. “Also…I don’t mean to upset you, Minister, but why are you so sure the night entities are ‘protectors’? What proof do you have that that’s what they’re doing?”

—Rollo, CNS

“Eclipses happen. This kind is very rare. We have records spanning thousands of years. That part is the good part. Accessing archives is the tedious part.” She gave Rollo a look that was less upset but one of smug confidence. “In those times that we rest, there are reports of interlopers who have tried to take advantage of us so .. harassed. They call them entities, forces, and only to guilty parties and typically for those who seek to infringe on our system’s mining interests. It is either them or a benevolent deity wreaking havoc on our conspirators.” She smiled. “And there is even less evidence of that.”


Walker wasn’t sure what to think as he listened to what their guest had to say. Talk about monsters who came out only in the full moon, made him think of the old Earth legend of werewolves.

Not that it could be true, but with all 3 moons full, it would make sense why they were even more powerful.

What were they protecting the people against.

WO Darach - COO

And right about that time … a call came from the bridge to Cochrane. =^= Bridge to Captain. Intruder alert. We have a young Gravenian girl who has just appeared. =^=
-Vari, OD

Cochrane looked at Maree and scowled, but tapped his commbadge. =/\= Bridge, Cochrane. Where is she, and are you able to communicate with her? =/\= as he spoke he motioned for everyone to get up and get ready to go meet their ‘guests.

Cochrane, CO

Vari replied =^= Lt Pretha is here and said hello. The girl said her name is Dia and would speak with the one with the Sight. Whatever that is. =^=

Maree was in the process of standing and at the word ‘Dia’ she gasped and, if a purple skinned being could ‘pale’ she did so and sat heavily. “It can’t be,” she whispered.
- Vari/Maree

Who was the one with ‘the sight’? And how did the being know they had it? When the Minister paled, Zef leaned in her direction. “Ma’am, are you alright? Does the name Dia mean something to you?”

—Rollo, CNS

Cochrane watched the Minister’s reaction and said simply =/\= We are on our way now. Contact Ensign Baht and Lieutenant Wyatt to come to the bridge at once. Bring the Graviens that are on board as well. =/\= Cochrane then looked at the Counselor and the Minister. “Ma’am, while I see that there is something here that has shocked you, we must deal with it.” and then he focused on Rollo. “I’m thinking they might mean you, Counselor. We need to get to the bridge. Now.” He walked over to Maree and said softly. “here. We can walk together.” and he offered his arm to her.

Cochrane, CO

Rollo stood. She’d thought they might have meant Baht since they spoke to him. “There’s only one way to find out, I suppose.” Taking up a position behind the Minister’s chair, she waited for the woman to rise for the trip to the bridge. Zef wanted to stay close to her to help, if need be, and in case she revealed something new about Dia.

—Rollo, CNS

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