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Posted Jan. 15, 2021, 10:27 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Side Sim - TIme after time


Faye considered him for a moment before bending at the hips, dropping her head close to his and she whispered, “There’s always that risk,” she said sweetly, before standing upright again.

“Isn’t that the truth” Luke wondered just how she learned to become so flexible, his body ached just at the thought of trying half the stuff she was pulling and she made it seemingly normal, it was certainly something to watch, she was rather acrobatic.

“I’m going to grab some chocolate covered almonds or something easy to eat. I’ve only had a smoothie in the last forty-eight hours and far too much alcohol to eat anything heavy. Allergies? Preference? What do you want?” Faye said, watching him intently.

~Faye Calloway

“Chocolate covered nuts, now that’s a blast from the past” He said remembering back to the end of the war, “We used to eat these to keep up our energy, ofcourse there was the standard issue protein packs but they tasted like moon dust” Realising he hadn’t answered her question, “I’ll take what you’re having” He finally answered with a smile.

  • Luke Wyatt

Faye flashed him a grin and padded over to the replicator. When she returned to the sofa, she set down a bowl of chocolate covered almonds and a bowl of small round crackers dusted with a white powder and a green herb. “Parmesan and rosemary crackers. Carbs are good at absorbing the alcohol.”

Sitting down besides him and once again turning her body to face him, Faye crossed her legs, tucking one leg on top of the other. She reached for the water and knocked some back much the way she had the whiskey. Then she reached for a handful of the almonds.

“So… you want to know all about me. What do you want to know?” she said simply.

~Faye Calloway

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