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With the imposter secured and seemingly being stripped of his clothes and pride Luke nodded in the direction of Cochrane, “I think I mostly understood what Faye was doing, she’s quick” He admitted, closing down the terminal “I’ve secured the terminal for now and will give Faye her space and time to go through everything, process everything” He looked back to the brig. “I’ll ensure he is both safe and secure sir, as for the transmission, only Faye can answer that one. With your permission I need to book our friend here before writing a confidential report, your eyes only sir.” Luke wanted to respect both Cohcranes orders and Fayes personal space nothing good would come out of being bulk headed now.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Cochrane nodded and said “Make sure Medical scans him. I want to know every little detail.” and he turned to leave and the paused right before the door opened. Turning back, he looked at Wyatt and said “Contact the XO. Have him come down and brief him on what has transpired.” and he glanced back at the fake Blue. “And don’t take your eyes off of him for a second. If he tries anything… anything at all, Lieutenant…” and his eyes locked on the prisoner, “… vent the air in the cell. Understood?” and he looked back at Wyatt for confirmation.

Oh so now it was OK to vent air put of the ships to apprehend someone he thought hiding his inner annoyance,” Yes sir, don’t have to tell me twice” Luke tapped his comm badge =^= Chief of Security to The XO, may I request your attendance to the brig immediately please, thankyou=^= all to do now was wait for his arrival. He hoped it wouldn’t take him too long, he wanted to check in on Faye, while they had a rocky start he found that between them they had at least some mutual understanding. So maybe he cared, just a little.

=/\=Better be good news…=/\= Jack said with a grumble, it hadn’t been any good news lately it seemed as he stood, giving the command to the nearby officer as he left the bridge. Everything had been put into motion, and he had to take the time to monitor and track the details as it went along. They had more data than he had ever needed before, but the risks were growing.

Cochrane, CO

She was loathe to leave her daughter’s side, but one important task needed to happen. Risking leaving Faye alone (a bad idea at the moment), Shara slipped back into the brig. She ignored the others and stepped into Faye’s cell, casting her gaze about. After a moment, she lifted Faye’s pillow and smiled. Pressing the button to stop the recording, she carried the device as if it were precious (which it was). The elder Calloway offered it to Cochrane with an intense. “I need to go help Faye. Guard this with your life,” she said emphatically.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Cochrane took the device and said “I know she has been through a lot, but she has to talk to me as quickly as possible. We have a step, we can’t lose it. Or all of this will be for nothing. I’ll be in my quarters. Meet me there.” and he turned and walked away.

Cochrane, CO

Shara nodded. Oh she had strong words for the captain but wisely (for the moment) kept them to herself. Whether she’d air them ever was dependant on how things unfolded.

Cochrane might have noticed that the corridor was empty when he stepped out, but it was the first thing Shara realized. “Faye? Faye!” She cursed under her breath and moved back into the brig where Wyatt was and spoke quietly to them so their prisoner couldn’t overhear. “Quick, we don’t have much time. What was in the hairpin you gave Faye?”

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Luke thought back to the hair pin and the conversation that had come with it, thinking back he felt a little embarrassed, giving Faye such a gift could have been seen by some as more than a friendly gesture. “Its made of amethyst, a rock back from Earth its rare, at least the non-replicated stuff is so figured it would go undetected and be passed off as a simple hairpiece.” The reality was much different, it was sharp and deadly if it needed to be used in such away.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Creed entered, as he looked around. He knew what to expect he thought, but in time from his page to now it seemed a lot transpired. Looking to Shara with a concerned look he took a deep breath. “What exactly happened now?” he asked with a discerning look. “Where is Faye?”

Creed, XO/CIO

“Wyatt will fill you in. The rest you’ll get from the captain,” Commander Calloway replied.

Shara wasn’t oblivious, but she also didn’t have time to deal with… whatever was up with Wyatt. She gave a sharp nod. “Thanks. I know you have your hands full down here, but I’ll let you know if I need backup.” She cast a tiny glance the fraudulent Blue’s way. “And I’m going to leave now before I do something I’m pretty sure I won’t regret,” she said darkly.

Turning on the ball of her foot, the elder Calloway hurried out of the brig in search of her daughter.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Luke waited for the older Calloway to leave before turning to address the XO and began to fill him in, explaining what had happened and finishing off finally, “She’s OK a little shaken up and on a war path of solitude but Commander Calloway will be able to bring her down to earth. The information Wyatt went over was quick and brief but he promised to give him a full report once Blue had been properly logged., “Any burning questions sir, it’s a alot of information to digest I know” The chief waited patiently wanting nothing more than to leave Blue in the brig to his more than capable officers and find Faye, though he wasn’t entirely sure of his motives, telling himself that it was purely professional and wanting to ensure her and the crews safety.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“More than you may realize…” Ardashir said as he looked aver at Blue as his eyes narrowed. The talks they had before made it clear that the information Faye had been working with was at least partly from the same people who murderer his parents and stole all of their tech. His decent into Starfleet Intelligence hadn’t always been pleasant but it has giving him a means to avenge and find out why this organization that SI had un imaginatively named the Shadow Syndicate.

Walking over to the cell Creeds eyes narrowed as he looked at the man cautiously. “You know, I never seem to know what to call you guys. Blue isn’t the real name but there is designations you carry that is… skin deep.” Jack said as he turned to look back at Luke.

Luke had followed the Executive Officer, staying a little back behind him to allow the ranking officer some space, his words somewhat puzzled him and he showed him his confusion with a similarly confused look.

“Did you know that for the most part the biggest way to prove Fayes innocence isn’t what this man knows, but what he has on him? I know this is going to sound odd Lt but we are going to need to examine him…” Jack said as he reached into his side pocket as he brought out a small device that he held in his hand.

About to object to the small device, or atleast a question the XO seemed to have read his mind.

“Don’t worry it won’t hurt him, but I think you will find it… illuminating.” Creed said as he waited to make sure Luke was on board.

Creed, XO/CIO

“Well, let’s shine some light on the situation” Luke gestured for the XO to go ahead, he knew the officer wouldn’t do anything illegal, atleast he hoped not. Luke waited patiently a little to eager to see what the small device would reveal, hopefully the proverbial last nail in the coffin.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Jack went to the board as he began to open the cell as Luke was in standby. Stepping up to the man Jack grabbed his arm as he pulled the sleeve back. There was a squirm and fight as he looked back to Luke. “Hold him.” he ordered as he began to force his hand palm up as he too the device as he turned it on, as an ultra violet light appeared.

He didn’t object, having seen Faye in the way she was he knew this guy was no good, and clearly whatever the executive officer wanted to do no one else had any objection, he hoped it wouldn’t land them in trouble later down the line. Luke took hold of ‘Blue’ firmly but not overdoing the restraint as to cause pain, unless he resisted. The chief security officer looked on with both apprehension and curiosity.

“I remember Cestus III, when I had to infiltrate a Shadow cell that wonderful Mr. Harland, best sniper I saw… and a mean doctor. The tattoo I was branded with gave was not something I forgot, the dye is painful and the process wasn’t one I enjoyed, the removal was even worse… but it let me know a key piece of detail before I flushed out that cell… your mark only appears under ultraviolet light.” Jack said, remembering back to the events.

Nathan Harland had saved him more than once, as he was there as Jack got a grip on reality after his return from Orion and his near-death experience. Nathan had never wanted to return to Cestus, but he felt like he owed Jack for how SI and S31 had used and twisted him for their cause. Shining the light on the mans arm, the branding shone bright as his serial code and the emblem the used brightened the room.

“There we go, Agent Vector… Service Code 8214… a pleasure to meet you…” Jack said as he let go of the man’s arm as he stepped back as he nodded for Luke to follow as the brought the field back up. “Want to tell me what happened to the real blue? Or better yet why you are even here to begin with, what is Faye to you guys anyway?”

Creed, XO/CIO

The naked ‘Blue’ simply nodded and stepped back into the cell and looked at Wyatt. “Per my rights as a Federation citizen, I request legal representation. I will not say anything else.” and he moved to the back of the cell and sat down, the smile never leaving his lips.


“Very well” Luke turned to the XO and Captain, “Sir’s he’s allowed that right and if he wasn’t a federation member he’d just ask for asylum. I think we process him and hand him off at the first opportunity. I’ll see to it he doesn’t enjoy his stay nor finish it early” He turned back to the man which was now Vector. “I’m worried for Lieutenant Calloway, I don’t know her as good as you but if I were her… Id want to do something.”

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

“Rights are a tricky thing, first thing first… we need to run a spectrum analysis to find out if this is her handler… something tells me there has been a deep cover up that I am sure our doctor can spot and second, his organization is labeled as a intergalactic syndicate that falls under a gang and terrorist guidelines… which means there isn’t as many rights regardless of who he says he is. I am sure we can find some ways to not throw him to SI first thing first though, I know my SI cell team would love a life agent to question…” Jack said, with a pondering look as which direction to go.

“Right now keep him locked down till further notice… treat him with standard rights of a war criminal until identity can be properly determined. I need to talk to Faye and see what else she might have to say”.

Creed, XO/CIO

The chief nodded, “I’ll arrange for him to have a full physical in the morning with all the works, I’ll have him under guard the whole time. In the mean time I’ll write him up, I was sending the Captain my full report, shall I send you a copy too?” Luke couldn’t wait to put this in his rear view mirror.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

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