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It was okay, she wasn’t moving anyway.

A minute later, a pair from Sickbay arrived and immediately began assessing her. Shara explained (loosely) what had happened as they scanned.

“Are you in pain?” an ensign asked Faye. it took for several moment to be able to reply, but she managed to actually speak, “A bit. my head.”

“She’s prone to headaches and migraines after an episode,” Shara added. They couldn’t explain the source without getting into things that were too complicated in the moment.

“Your blood pressure is really high, and so is your heart rate.” The ensign looked over at the captain. “I’d like to get her to sickbay to monitor her cardiac responses. I’m worried about the brain activity. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“No Sickbay…” Faye said, though her objection wasn’t exactly strong. She was too weak to move let alone anything else.

~The Calloways

” Do what you can here, and then tell the CMO to meet the Lieutenant in her quarters for another exam. She’s had episodes like this previously, we just want to ensure she is stable.” He looked at Shana and said “I think she’ll be all right till then, don’t you Commander?”

Cochrane, CO

Shara nodded. “As long as she’s stable, it’s not usually dangerous. It’s been fine after… that we know of…” she said, directing her comment towards her daughter. Was this a new development or had it been like this previously. They had to trust that Faye hadn’t been hiding anything, but with the stress of the last few months Shara was going to err on the side of caution.

The doctor nodded and returned his attention to Faye. “Can you sit up? Even if you don’t think you can, I want to see you try,” he said, watching the readouts carefully as he flicked his gaze between it and Lt. Calloway.

Faye went to move but the sheer effort of it was too much. She just murmured tiredly. But the doctor seemed relieved. “Okay, just rest now.” Opening his med kit, he dialled in a dose and moved to inject her, speaking while he did. “I’m just going to give you something to lower your blood pressure a bit. I’d warn you about possibly feeling faint, but I don’t think you’ll notice a difference for awhile given how you’re currently feeling.”

He looked over at the Captain. “She’ll need a follow-up neuro exam but everything looks okay. I’m not seeing any obvious deficits. She can be moved to her quarters, but she should have someone on standby for a little while in case it happens again. In which case, she needs to be in Sickbay asap.”

~The Calloways

Cochrane nodded once and said “Understood. Thank you, doctor. If you will excuse us, the Commander and I will help the Lieutenant to her quarters.” and he waited until they had left. Looking at Faye, he said “You want to sit for a minute?” and he got up and went to the replicator and came back with a glass of water and handed it to her.

Cochrane, CO

Faye had managed to blink her eyes open at this point, though even her eye lids felt tired. “Want to? No…” she said softly as she tried to sit up.

But Shara still had Faye’s hand in hers and her thumb was still in an absentmindedly tracing a slow circle on Faye’s palm. Faye’s movement though disrupted whatever space her mind was in and Shara actually startled. But she nonchalantly recovered and pulled back, helping Faye to a sitting position.

Focusing intently to steady her hand Faye took the glass from Cochrane. The cool water slipped down her throat and felt rather incredible at the moment. It allowed her to at least parch her dry throat enough to be able to speak a bit more easily. Handing the water back to Cochrane with a grateful nod, Faye rolled her shoulders. “Well, apparently that’s what happens after too long of being able to block it. Because we all weren’t having enough fun right now,” she said deadpanned.

“Has it ever been that bad before?” Shara asked.

Faye shook her head. “No. At first it could be similar, but after I was recovering and stronger it was more just a mild annoyance that would make me pause for a minute.”

~The Calloways

Cochrane said “Lets get you off the floor.” and he knelt beside her opposite Shara and put a hand under her arm. “Commander, if you please.”

Cochrane, CO

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