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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Side Sim - You Want The Good News Or The Bad News? - Tag Calloways

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Faye pushed out her cheeks and exhaled loudly. “The answer is always no, and yet… this time I want to say yes but..” She lifted her hand and was moving her finger along as if there were some sort of invisible surface in front of her and her fingers were drawing her attention to something here and there. “I can almost see it. It’s sooo close! I just…” She shook her head, refocusing her attention on Cochrane.

~The Calloways

Cochrane watched her and then an idea came to him. He picked up the PaDD and a stylus and and set it in front of her. “Close your eyes. DOn’t think. Just try and relax. Draw… anything. Just doodle on the PaDD. Don’t try and remember. Just… relax and let your hand glide where it wants.”

Cochrane, CO

“It’s worth a shot,” Faye said softly as she pulled the PaDD in front of her, but then she looked over at her mother with concern.

But the expression on Shara’s face was not one of an Intelligence officer looking for information, and instead was of simple worry. She shook her head, reached out and patted her daughter’s hand. “Don’t worry, it’s not on the record. I know nothing,” she said with a wink.

Exhaling, Faye picked up the stylus, closed her eyes and let her mind take over.

It was hard to explain how her mind organized itself, but if someone were to peer inside, it wouldn’t be so unlike the code she tossed into systems. Highly ordered, and yet with a flair of chaos, all elegantly packaged to look innocuous on the outside.

As her hand began to move it quickly picked up pace, moving in small tiny motions. Shara leaned in closer to peer at what was showing up and her brows rose. Faye either was tuning people out or not able to focus on them and just kept scribbling.

Several minutes of this and Faye suddenly dropped the stylus. Her eyes flew open and she was breathing heavily.

Shara turned the PaDD so both her and Cochrane could see it and it was absolutely covered in exceptionally complicated mathematical equations. Rows upon rows of them. “Hot damn,” she said before glancing at Faye, who for her part looked like she might faint. “I’m really good at math and I can parse like… a quarter of this,” she said, looking over at Cochrane.

~The Calloways

Cochrane spun the PaDD and took a look at it. It was far beyond his capacity to grasp it, but he knew who… or more importantly what could. But that was not something he would let happen just now. Tapping the comms, he said =/\= Captain to Engineering. I need a segment of the main computer isolated and air-gapped from the main system to run some mathematical equations from an unknown but potentially hostile outside source. Set it up with the peripheral computer lab and coordinate with Commander Calloway. She will direct you on where to get set up. =/\= He looked at Faye and then Shara. “Looks like we have a step. But as you -” and he looked at the older Calloway, “- have work to do and you- ” and he looked at Faye “- have an appointment with your bed, we are going to table this until all three of us are sufficiently ready to delve into it.”

Cochrane, CO

Shara nodded. “Once I’ve got things set up, I’ll be by to hang out before the CMO comes by,” she said with an emphatic look at her daughter.

Faye was far too tired to even object, not that she would have. In this moment she had almost forgotten about Leroy, but it didn’t take long for him to surface in her thoughts. Pushing herself tiredly to her feet, Faye stepped around the chair, surprised she was as steady as she was. “Permission to be dismissed?”

~The Calloways

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