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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Side Sim - TIme after time

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - TIme after time

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Side Sim - TIme after time
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One step was all it took to close the distance and she slipped a hand onto his arm. “You should know by now that if I didn’ want you here, you wouldn’ be.” Faye pressed herself against him ever so slightly. “‘Sides, I though’ you were a Marine type. Take charge an’ all. I’m no’ askin’ you to marry me or any’ting. Just… keep the bad dreams away for a little while.”

~Faye Calloway

From where her hand rested on his arm he could feel the tingling sensation fo static electricity, it took all he could to not lean down and take the chance to kiss her. “I was a marine” He whispered, the idea of sealing the deal still bobbing around his head. “But not like this, drunk to regret our decisions in the morning.” It oddly hurt for him to say those words, he was drunk but hadn’t lost his sense’s, it would have been easy to give in to temptation and to kiss her but what would that make him? To take an opportunity. of someone who clearly was drunk, no, not like this.

Dammit! Didn’t he get it? It didn’t matter.

“I like you Faye, you’re different and you drive me insane but not like this, fuelled with drink. It wouldn’t be fair.” Their ‘relationship’ had certainly been a rocky one from their heated discussions and his constant questioning of her motives, apprehending her in a potentially life-threatening way, their brig conversations and their reconciliation to now. It seemed like forever since Luke joined the ship and he had only ever seen Faye as the enemy, until recently. Now he didn’t know what she was, friend? Foe?

  • Luke Wyatt

It like someone had dumped a bucket of icy water on her. She looked down, so he couldn’t see the hurt pass through her eyes, her hand dropping away. Moving back from him, she stepped away from the coffee table and gestured to the door with her head. “Go…” she said quietly, her tone suddenly indecipherable.

~Faye Calloway

He didn’t need to see her face, he knew that then and the body language he felt terrible but knew he had done the right thing, “Im sorry, I..” He sighed and moved towards the door but before he left, “It doesn’t mean I don’t want to, just… not like this. Goodnight Faye.” And he left, he just hoped that she’d either not remember or be thankful he decided to not take advantage of the situation, he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself.

  • Luke Wyatt

If it was possible to feel more hollow, Faye wasn’t sure how. Standing there, she felt his sudden absence so keenly and it was like the deck had been ripped out from under her. For several minutes she just stared down, her eyes cast towards the coffee table but unseeing. Later, she wouldn’t be able to recall where her mind went but that was par for the course. She could recognize the ‘distance’ as she called it, but right now it was a safe place, where she didn’t have to think and things didn’t hurt so much.

When her mind returned to the present, her room instantly felt suffocating. She fled.

~Faye Calloway

Luke, having gone in the direction to his quarters and the opposite direction of where Faye fled stopped in the corridor. He didn’t feel like he had done the right thing, did he just make everything worst? He considered going back apologising but he knew the damage was done, what if she knew exactly what she wanted and he had just delivered the final blow.

He wasn’t even sure what he * wanted but he now wanted to explore it. No, he couldn’t afford to think like that, he set of again in the direction of his quarters making a mental note to speak to her, maybe somewhere public incase she followed out one of her threats. If that thing* still happened to be there, well maybe they could become more than something he imagined. Baby steps.

  • Luke Wyatt

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