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Zef listened quietly, absorbing what the Cmdr said about Faye. In her mind, certain things fell into place more definitely, like a key sliding into a lock. Aside from being responsible for the mental well being of Calloway, she genuinely liked the woman, so she was certainly on board with whatever it took to keep her well adjusted.

“Cmdr, I’ll do everything I can to help your daughter. Is there a chance she might hurt herself or someone else in an attempt to find out where her handler is?”

—Rollo, CNS

Shara pressed her lips together for a moment as she considered the likelihood. Was she worried about it? “Yes. But not because I think she’ll take off after Strickland. Or rather, she was going to, and I managed to convince her it wouldn’t help him and that staying put was best.” She leaned forward slightly, gazing at Cochrane and Rollo in turn. “I’m more concerned for the opposite. That when she feels that everything is out of her control, which much of it already is, she might take risks that could harm her. Or… she will get to her tipping point of being able to cope and not know how to ask for help. I mean, she’s currently isolated and the rest of this crew still thinks she’s a traitor. And while I think I can help her with a lot of it, right now I’m still a stranger. Our relationship has been entirely one-sided. I want to help, and she and I need to work through a lot together, but I may not be the best person in this moment. But I do want to stress that Faye isn’t a risk to others. If there is any harm it would be to herself.” She just wanted a plan they could agree on and put things into action. Then she felt like she could catch her own breath.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Cochrane spoke up. “As far as the crew’s opinion of her goes, I already have that under control and it will be addressed in the next couple of days; I’m just waiting on approval from Command. As far as the rest goes…” and he put his fingers together and leaned forward, his forearms on the desk. “I’m going to take Faye off the duty rotation for a bit. Counselor, I want you to let me know when Faye is ready to return to duty. In the interim, I believe some family counseling may be in order… at least until Faye returns to duty. Commander, I will ensure you have semi-permanent quarters available to you since you will be with us a while. I would recommend having a sit-down with Mr. Creed and discuss anything you and he may be able to work on… unofficially of course. Counselor, I want a twice a week report on Faye’s mental and emotional health.” and he leaned back and looked at both women.

Shara had snorted at the family counselling. That was an inevitability and very much necessary- not two ways about it. But she was glad he was at least on the same page as her. Shara already knew Rollo would do whatever she could to help Faye, but other people could accidentally do more harm than good. She nodded at Cochrane. “I’ll be handing my investigation over once we have word about Strickland and we can bring my superiors back into the fray. But yes, Creed and and I can do a bit more work and compare notes. I’m a little worried about how much this… group was involved in Faye’s actual work, but it’s a bit late for that now. Faye has a functioning system and the Manhattan is reliant on that now. Ripping it out, after everything, would be a mistake.”

“I want to stress to you both, and you are free to convey this to Faye… the matter of Leroy Strickland is being handled by parties outside this ship and with no vested interest in any of this business; at least for now. That will likely change after we discover the fate of the wayward Strickland, but for now it is wholly and completely out of our hands. Anyone trying to dig will be in violation of a standing order to leave it alone. I promise to let all parties know anything as soon as I hear. Are we understood, Ladies?”

Cochrane, CO

Calloway nodded and looked to Rollo. She had a feeling they would be getting to know each other very well, not just because of Faye.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

“Captain, if I may.” Zef’s eyes sought out the Cmdr’s. “I agree with the CO—family counseling might be necessary a little farther down the line. However, I believe both you and Faye would benefit from some one on one with me.” She sensed the woman’s hesitation so she kept going. “We all know that Faye has been through some traumatic events, not the least being the last few days. But, Cmdr, you’ve had to deal with trauma of your own and with a life in Intel, its doubtful you’ve had the opportunity to speak freely to a trained listener about any of it. You will also need guidance on dealing with Faye.” Zef blinked curiously. “As a matter of fact, so will I. We can help each other with that.”

—Rollo, CNS

Cochrane nodded. “I think that is a simply smashing idea. Whatever can be done to get us all through this intact, is a plan I will support wholeheartedly.”

Cochrane, CO

Shara understood the way they had just approached that delicate little shift but she couldn’t help but sit back and smile. “I do have my own therapist. Intelligence takes the mental health of those under its purview very seriously, for obvious reasons. But he is unfortunately not here and subspace isn’t aways ideal. That being said…”-she looked over at Zef-“you beat me to it. Since I’m staying for a little while I not only have to make sure I’m okay, so that I can be here for Faye, but as I told the captain before you arrived, being in the Delta Quadrant is… unsettling, even if technically I’m no where near the part where we on Voyager were travelling. Once the dust settles, I’ll have to get special clearance for you, Counsellor, but for the moment if there’s something restricted, I’ll just say so.” She understood the stereotypes of a Intelligence officer like herself who had done mostly covert work, but in the aftermath of Faye’s imprisonment by the Tal Shiar she had found a lot had changed. Disclosure was more than just necessary. That and she had a strong reason to learn to be open. After all, how could her and Faye reconnect and navigate their way through all of this if they were closed off to each other. She hadn’t been exaggerating, she hadn’t been ready for a reunion right after Faye (and her) escaped. But she had worked hard to pt herself in a position to be ready. And here it was.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

The Counselor nodded. “I’m sure we can work with that. I will respect the boundaries you set as far as classified information, Cmdr. For today’s plan, I will let Faye get some rest because she certainly needs it, but I will make her my number one priority tomorrow.”

—Rollo, CNS

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