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Posted by Civilian Char’les Harv (Officer’s Mess Chef) in Officers Mess - Change of Scenery [Open]

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Officers Mess - Change of Scenery [Open]
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Sitting at one of the tables in the officer’s mess Luke sipped at his iced Coffee, a drink which he found to be extremely rewarding since his academy days both for its caffinated properties and its taste, he never liked hot coffee either. Today Luke has sat alone, at least for now, he didn’t discourage company but he was working on the latest security reports both ones he needed to fill and ones that came in from Starfleet Security, he liked to keep up to date with the latest.

Though Luke had his own office he usually felt the need to roam the halls or just change his location, he found alongside the coffee that it kept him focused and stopped his mind from wandering into oblivion if procrastination was a sport he’d be the Federations number one. The second reason he decided to come to the officer’s mess was that he was hungry, indicated by the rumbling stomach and again he could have just replicated something in his office, but who wanted to sit in an office all day?

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

A bowl of something creamy, hot, and very aromatic was dropped in front of him; followed immediately by a small loaf of dark bread and a ramekin of butter. “You looked hungry, and I could hear your stomach all the way in the kitchen.”

Luke was only somewhat startled by the sudden appearance of food in front of him but it was quickly replaced with joy, his stomach grumbled in response. “Thanks, this looks and smells great” He looked up to the man who had delivered him his food. The food itself looked like a soup of some kind, Luke wasn’t the best chef but he knew how to cook.

A Bajoran man stood next to the table. He wore blue jeans and a white chef’s coat that looked surprisingly clean and starched for someone working in the kitchen. On the left breast was a pocket, on which was embroidered ‘Executive Chef’ and a pair of crossed chef’s knives. “So whatcha workin’ on there, L-T?” he asked informally.


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“Oh nothing exciting, fleet reports came in from the Alpha Quadrant so I’m just keeping up to date certainly nothing that’s going to affect us here at least.” He turned of the PaDD deciding to fully immerse himself into his food and the conversation.” I think I overheard some of my junior officer talk about your cooking, can’t believe I waited this long to come down here. This looks great, it” Luke clicked his fingers trying to remember the name he had heard. “Marv or damn It… Harv that’s it, I knew I was in the right area. Your cooking lives up to its expectations.”

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Harv nodded when he got the name right and then plopped down in the seat across from Wyatt uninvited. “Risian seafood chowder, my own recipe. The bread is a recipe a good friend came up with. I recommend dunking the bread.” and the chef leaned back and stretched his legs out to the side of the table. “And you’d be surprised how things from that far away can ripple. Good looking out.” and he sat his hands in his lap and then looked intently at the Security Chief. With a slight grin, he said “So I hear you and the Skipper butted heads, huh?” and he laughed. “That guy is way protective of his crew, let me tell ya…”

Harv, Chef

Luke did what Harv suggested and dipped his bread taking a mouthful and groaning happily before reflecting on his question and comment. “Its his job to care, I haven’t been here long enough and haven’t earned that respect yet, I made some questionable decisions and bit rough around the edges, but I’m learning, no bad blood from me atleast. I am curious to know just what they are saying though” He had another mouthful. This man wasn’t a chef he was a magician.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Harv shrugged and said “Aw, you know how people get when they’re stuck on a ship for a long time…”, and mimicked a mouth opening and closing with his fingers above his thumb. “Blah blah rumor rumor rumor blah blah… boredom is the mother of all gossip.” He dropped his hand to his lap and said “But one of the bridge crew said you came out of the Old Man’s office with about a quarter less ass than you went in with.” and he chuckled.

“Dont read into it much. Cochrane can be a right royal jerk, but he has always meant well… long as Ive known him, anyway…”


“I suppose, he did have a point I’m overworking myself and not delegating properly which is leaving me in a world of hurt and making mistakes.” He had a few mouthals and then asked, “Is that the only rumour about me?” His curiosity getting the better of him.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Harv looked at him for a minute in silence and then said “Could be. Most of what I hear is that you are too inflexible for your own good. Stickler for the rules no matter what. But your officers don’t seem too put off by you… they just don’t enjoy their jobs quite as much as they have on other ships. But they say you’re fair, and you don’t ask more of them than you give yourself, so they respect that. A few outside of your department hate Marines, so their opinion is skewed more than a little, probably. Other than that… there is discussion around you and one problematic Lieutenant.” and he grinned slightly.

Harv, Chef

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