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Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 9:02 p.m. by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Checkin with Captain

Posted by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) in Checkin with Captain

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Checkin with Captain
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As the Lt came onto deck two she then decided to check in with the captain before going to duty. She then knocked on the door. She has actually started liking the ship a lot more then anything. She is very happy. As soon as she knocks on the door she then waits for an answer from the captain.

Lt. Alyssa Williams

The doors slid open silently and the Ready Room could be seen from the doorway. The office was organized, but had the feel of both authority… and peace. Two bookcases on one wall stood with shelves lined with actual books behind their glass doors. Pictures had been mounted around the room showing both places and people, many of them featuring the same person. Various odds and ends graced places here and there. Displayed prominently, however, alone on a shelf high up on the wall directly behind the desk that sat opposite the door, was the lone figure of a gold Ox. Lighting had been directed so that it drew the eye of anyone who came through the door almost immediately.

Seated behind the desk was a human male in the red uniform of Command officers. He looked up as the doors opened. His hair was black, making the bright blue eyes beneath the well-groomed hair even more intense. He had a youthful appearance, somewhat more so than the Captain’s pips at his collar would seem to indicate.

“Yes, Ensign? What can I do for you?” he asked

Cochrane, CO

“Sir I was told you wanted to see me before I go onto duty sir.” As she said that she look like a very happy person to be on a mission. Alyssa was also someone who knows what she should do when she gets on board. She also knows that she’s going to be well liked.

Lt Alyssa Williams

Cochrane had a look of slight confusion on his face when he said “I’m sorry? My apologies, Ensign, but I did not request to see you. In fact, I don’t believe I know who you are. Are you new to the Manhattan?”

Cochrane, CO

Alyssa then responded back to the captain “Sir you have never met me. But yes I am new sir. Ensign Alyssa Williams, Security Officer sir.” As she handed the captain her record that is written in a PADD and said “Sir here’s my service record sir.” She then handed him the PADD and waited to sit down in front of him.

Ensign Alyssa Williams

Cochrane looked at her a moment and then sighed softly. “Very well, have a seat Ensign.” He spent the next minute or two in silence and then looked up at Williams. “Well, everything seems to be in order here. From your duty status in the computer, you haven’t been cleared for duty yet. So, as is standard, you need to go check 8n with Medical, the Counselor, and your Department Head. I can tell you one thing… Lieutenant Wyatt will not be pleased he wasn’t your first stop. I strongly suggest doing that now, Ensign.”

Cochrane, CO

“Yes sir. I’ll do that right now sir.” As she responded. Alyssa then goes and does the captain has said cause if I didn’t do it she knew that the Lieutenant would be very unhappy.

Ensign Alyssa Williams

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