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Vari smiled widely. “That is a given!” Her laugh was genuine as was it’s sudden cut off and puzzled look. “Hello,” she said. “Where did you come from little one?”

The night shift helm stood up at the same time. “I swear she was not there a second ago. I was looking right at the spot.”

What Pretha would see would be a young Gravenian girl, in earth years perhaps about 10, slim and gangly with deep purple hair straight past her shoulders and bangs tickling at her eyebrows, eyes wide with light violet irises. She would appear to be entirely benign if not for the crackling lightning about her fingers ..
- wookiee

One moment they were laughing about chocolate, the next there was an intruder on board. “Hey, there.” Pretha’s voice was kind as she smiled and moved herself between the Commanding Officer and the child. “What’s your name?” She glanced over her shoulder to the officer, “Silent alarm, intruder alert, and I think it’s time the Captain was wakened if not already coming.”

The girl did focus on Pretha ..

Glancing back at the girl, she moved to slightly crouch and put herself on level with the beautiful eyes. “What are you searching for?” She knew better than to reach out. But she was going to try her damnedest to see to it the little one stayed focused on her.


“I am called Dia. I have a message,” the girl said. “Where is the One with the Sight? We speak with that one.”

Behind, Vari could be heard to act and speak quietly. =^= Bridge to Captain. Intruder alert. We have a young Gravenian girl who has just appeared. =^=
- Vari

The Captains voice came though immediately. =/\= Bridge, Cochrane. Where is she, and are you able to communicate with her? =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Vari replied quietly =^= Lt Pretha is here and said hello. The girl said her name is Dia and would speak with the one with the Sight. Whatever that is. =^=

Pretha smiled at the others then back at the little girl. “Do you hear that? They have called for my Captain. He will help you find this one with The Sight as you say. Can I ask if there is something I can help with till they get here? I want to make sure no one is in danger,” she smiled and winked treating the girl like a normal child which she knew to be as far from the truth as a Q being a man. “Can you help me do that?” It didn’t occur to her it was a bad idea as a hand absently rose to touch the girl’s hand like she would any other child. She knew it was a risk, but not necessarily a bad thing.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

There was an insubstantial nature to the touch, as though the girl was there but yet wasn’t. The touch made Pretha’s fingers tingle. “I wait,” was all she said.

The turbolift doors opened and the assembled crew and guests from the Mess stepped onto the bridge. The Captain’s voice cut through the tense atmosphere. “Lieutenant, step away from… our new guest.” He moved towards Dia and stopped some distance away. “I am Captain Alexander Cochrane. Welcome, Dia. You have asked to speak with the one with the ‘sight’… I am guessing that you meant our ship’s Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Rollo. There may be some others you wish to speak to, as well. If you would like, we can talk in the Conference room.” and he gestured t o the door.

Cochrane, CO

When Pretha moved her hand away there were, for a few moments, trickles of electrical energy that swirled about her own fingers before disappearing. After that her fingers felt as though they had ‘gone asleep’ and were waking up with pins and needles and a vague numbness. It would disappear fully after a couple of minutes.

Hone had arrived before them by a matter of a minute. He only looked curiously at the girl who didn’t appear to really care that he was there. Maree let out another gasp and her fingers shot up to her mouth in what seemed to be a universal show of shock. “My daughter ..” she whispered behind her fingers. “It can’t be. She’s dead.”

The Captain’s words didn’t really register to the girl who simply looked around Pretha at the newcomers. If she recognized Maree she didn’t show it, but did look at the Counselor. “You,” the girl said to Rollo. “You see. You know.”
- Wookiee

OOC: I don’t know if Dia went to the conference room or not, so I’m assuming we are all still on the bridge.
OOC: She didn’t move so you’re right on that score .. and while Dia is focused on Rollo, it doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t speak and such.

Zef took a few steps forward so she was closer to the girl. “I am Zef—and yes, I can see you, the people from the planet, and the night entities. We are trying to understand the situation with the deaths and those that are referred to as ‘blanks’, but there isn’t enough time. We know there is a celestial event about to happen here that is very rare. The three moons will produce an eclipse and something paramount will take place because of it.” She maintained direct eye contact with Dia and focused solely on the girl. “Can we help in some way?”

—Rollo, CNS

Dia did focus on Rollo to the exclusion of nearly everyone else. And did so for some time without speaking. Now and again her glance moved to one or the other on the Bridge. In the end, however, she focused fully on Rollo and spoke. “You are a danger. And are in danger. The Reckoning cannot be stopped. The seeds were planted long ago. The harvest has come.”

“There have been no deaths,” she said, then looked toward Maree. “Mother, nobody dies. Nobody ever dies.” Maree only looked pale and shocked.

Helm spoke up after the ship shuddered ever so slightly. “Increased power to engines, Captain. It’s like we’re being drawn into the atmosphere.”
- Wookiee

Cochrane moved immediately to the center chair. “Yellow alert. Helm, full reverse, break orbit. Science, find out what is pulling us.” He looked up at Dia and said “Do you know what is happening?”

Cochrane, CO

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