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The sound of a Boatswain whistle sounded throughout the Manhattan, followed by the Captain’s voice.

=/\= Crew and residents of the USS Manhattan, this is your Captain speaking.=/\= There was a pause for a moment, and then Cochrane continued. =/\= Well… we’ve certainly had a time of it over the past few weeks. But I am happy to report that we all made it through with flying colors. I want to thank all you for your diligence and professionalism while we sorted out some… well… let’s just say that the Manhattan will be doing its own dirty laundry from now on, not anyone else’s. So, to celebrate and commemorate that fact, we will be having a party. Ship wide. That will follow a very special awards ceremony in the new arboretum at 1900 hours this evening. Dress uniforms for all officers and enlisted. Civilian dress is formal black tie. As we cannot fit everyone on board in such a space, the ceremony will be broadcast throughout the ship. The after-party will be held in the lounge, Officer’s Mess, and Cargo bay. Attendance at the awards ceremony is mandatory for all Department Heads and Officers. Viewing is mandatory for all others. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone dressed up tonight. Cochrane out. =/\=

At 1830, Cochrane arrived in the arboretum. It had been staged according to his directions. A stage had been set up in the center of the space, on which stood a single podium. He inspected the risers and then he looked around for any of his crew.

Cochrane, CO

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Cochrane smiled. He knew he had chosen the perfect location. “There will time enough for sight seeing after the ceremony. Now, if you all will excuse me, I have to make sure I have my speech ready.” and he lifted his glass and turned and walked towards the stage, pulling a mini-PaDD from his pocket.

Cochrane, CO

Luke couldn’t help but notice that Faye was still wearing the hair pin he had given to her for protection, trying not to over think it he allowed himself a small victory. “Maybe you’d give me a tour sometime, it’s different to see you so interested in something that doesn’t have an electronic signature.” He sipped his drink and chuckled, “A relief almost.” He had a few questions, damn he always had a few questions for her and yet she provided very few answers and when she did… more questions. He gave her a smile before turning to the other Lieutenant but she seemed to be reading the groups conversation different.

“I’ll get us all drinks. Wyatt, can you help me?” She wasn’t sure why, but she had a gut feeling that leaving the other two alone a moment was the right thing to do. She winked at Faye and headed for the refreshments set up.


“Sure” Luke looked to the Captain and then to Faye feeling as if he had interupted something, he’d have to ask Faye about that another time. “So Lieutenant, we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and meet formally, your CRIT reports show promising results.” He asked following her.

Lt Luke Wyatt

As she stepped away with Wyatt, she realized the departure of the Captain left Faye by herself. Just then she caught sight of Faye’s mom. She paused half step, wondering about going back. But she had faith in her friend to seek her out if she needed.

Looking at Wyatt, she nodded and smiled. “Yes, we really do need to catch up. And I’m glad you approve of the reports. It hasn’t been long, but I think we’ve got a good team started. I’ll be started simulations very soon. We’ll be running different simulations with different departments. I’m hopeful when a crisis comes, the whole ship will be ready. Not just the CRIT teams.”

“That sounds like a good forecast of events, please send me any training I will happily have security attend, I think working together will only benefit us all in the long run” He continued to follow smiling at some officer he knew. There was a good turn out. Well, who was really going to turn down the Captains invite. Only he wouldn’t turn up in the correct dress and have to get changed, he was glad he did.

She reached the refreshment table and got a fruit juice. She certainly wanted something stronger, but now didn’t seem the time.


“You arrived with Lieutenant Calloway, do you know her well?” Luke asked picking up a fruity cocktail looking drink. He hadn’t planned on getting any information on Faye but having a friend who could let him know of her likes and dislikes was always handy, besides she apparently liked the hairpiece he had given.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

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Zef had vacillated back and forth about what to wear—a uniform or a gown? Since she was a counselor, there was always the option for either and although it would have been fun to get ‘dressed up’ in chiffon and sequins, she decided to go with the dress whites.

She entered the arboretum curiously. She hadn’t seen the work Faye had done but knew how much time and effort the woman had put into it. As she passed other officers, Zef smiled or nodded while making her way to the bar.

—Rollo, CNS

Meanwhile, Faye spotted her mother gazing about the space dressed in her own dress uniform. It was bizarre and yet somehow seemed perfectly normal. If anything was true, the woman over there was very different than the one she remembered from her childhood. At least in some key ways. And so, Faye walked over. Shara turned as she caught movement o the periphery of her vision and smiled at Faye.

“Hey,” Faye said, feeling slightly awkward. There was no crisis at the moment and it was about as innocuous setting as one could find, and strangely felt more difficult to know what to say.

Shara gestured to their surroundings. “This is… amazing, Faye. A lovely homage,” she said softly, her eyes lit up.

Faye gazed at her curious. “Homage?”

Her expression shifted and the elder Calloway seemed almost amused at her daughter’s unawareness. “Well, it’s a garden contained within 4 metallic walls, in space, but it feels like Tracken.”

Faye blinked. She hadn’t set out to recreate her childhood home, but maybe she was just lying to herself. Sure, many of the details were different, the overall feelings… okay. Maybe. “Well, we never had a tropical glass house on the colony.”

Shara just laughed.

~The Calloways

As the Officers and a few guests came in and looked around at the space, many were stunned and excited. A low murmur of conversation floated through the space until a whistle came over the ship-wide comms. “Attention, USS Manhattan. This is the Captain speaking.” People turned and looked to see Cochrane on the stage behind the podium, above him floating two cameras relaying a live feed to the rest of the ship.

“This evening we are coming together to celebrate… and to put to rest some bitter feelings to one of our own.” He paused and looked out over the crowd. “I am deeply honored to serve on such a fine vessel. But I am even more deeply honored to serve with such a fine and dedicated crew such as you. You are the most impressive group of individuals I have ever known… and you are an even more impressive as a singular crew. Together we have explored and visited previously unknown worlds, documented new life, and established relationships with new civilizations and species. We have spent a long time from home… and will spend longer still in order to continue our mission of exploration, discovery, and diplomacy.” His hands grasped the side of the podium and his his eyes scanned back and forth across the crowd as he continued.

“But our mission is not without its difficulties. Some of those are a result of our newness within this quadrant, our inexperience with these new cultures and environments. Some are due to circumstances and situations wholly unknown to us before. And some…” and his voice took on a slight edge, “… some are because of who we are and what we represent. Throughout our history, our United Federation of Planets has seen it’s share of hostility. Some want our resources. Some our territory. And some, perhaps the most dangerous, want our extinction. Our ideals of freedom, self-determination, and community are an anathema to some. And they seek ways to undermine us, to usurp our member species and civilizations to suit their own desires… to rip us apart.” Alex took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“Someone tried to do that to us here on the Manhattan. A covert plan was put in place by unknown forces to try and compromise us and drive us apart. To isolate us from the rest of Star Fleet, and ensure that we would not have the ability to defend ourselves. This plan was discovered… and I am very proud to say it was foiled. But that would not be the case except for one member of this crew. One person, acting to put themselves in harm’s way to protect all of us from an unknown enemy. Now… many of you know this person. You have seen their work and their dedication first hand. But many of you do not know them, but you are indebted to them every time you call home, or get a message from a loved one so far from here. And we are all in their debt for their selfless actions to protect this ship and her crew. That being said, all of us will now know this person, and appreciate their sacrifice on our behalf.” He released the sides of the podium and took a step back.

“Lieutenant Faye Calloway. Front and center, if you please.” and he looked down and gave Faye a small smile.

Cochrane, CO

Faye wasn’t exactly sure what would happen here, but she had assumed that there would be at least some sort of explanation for what happened, if not any of the details. Enough to make it possible to exist on this ship without as much awkwardness. She knew that her orders had forced her to lie to those around her and that it might take some time to make amends and make some thing right, but she could only do that if people were willing to meet her halfway.

And of course he would force her to be up front, despite her anxiety about large groups. Though mostly it was the mingling that was problematic, in a situation like this she just hated being the focus of attention. Any attention. So, rather reluctantly, the data specialist made her way forward giving Alex a ‘really?’ sort of look.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

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