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With everything she had ordered for herself and the coffee for Faye on the tray, Kiama made her way back to their table. After handing the coffee to Fay, she settled back down on her chair and gave a small shrug. “We do,” she grinned, “And I’m not gong to eat the ice cream at the same time as the soup. But it’s a perfect dessert and I like a slightly sweet drink with hearty and or savoury food.” She then looked from Shon to Faye and said, “Enjoy your lunch!” Breaking of a small piece of the biscuit, she popped it into her mouth before starting on the soup.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

Shon had barely eaten since the incident the day before. Ordering the lemon squares had largely been a symbolic gesture. But now, watching Kiama dig in… well, his empty stomach started to catch up with him. Shon rose from his seat and returned a moment later with a large bowl of clam chowder (his personal favorite).

“Soup seemed like a good idea,” he said as he sat back down. He took a bite and chewed it slowly before swallowing. Then, having lost his patience for manners, he began scooping the thick liquid into his mouth by the spoonful, obviously attempting to sate his starvation.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Soup is always good,” Faye said with a nod. “Nothing better than a well-made one, in my opinion.” She lifted her hasperat. “Unless it proper hasperat. This one will undoubtedly be a poor substitute, but I’m used to the replicator being just okay,” she said with a brief grin before taking a bite. And as expected it was just that little bit off and there was no help for it unless she opted to make it herself.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Kaia traipsed into the Lounge and clambered onto a chair with the small group that had formed. “Hey,” she said with a small smile to the group. She cradled her formerly broken arm, treating it with caution. She was still amazed that her arm had healed up so nicely. Of course, this kind of technology existed all over, but she’d never had a broken bone to have it work on. “Hey, Shon. Hi, Faye. Good to see you, Kaiama.”

Kaia, ENG

Her mouth full of soup, Kiama merely smiled warmly at her friend instead of greeting her verbally. It was good to see her and she was really enjoying their gathering here in the lounge and hoped that everyone else felt the same way.

Shon nodded and smiled at Kaia, then pushed the plate of lemon squares in her direction. “Wow, look at us. Quite a few bumps and bruises split between us. I gotta admit, I kinda expected my first service-related injury to be on an away mission. I’m not sure if ‘holo-deck accident’ is better or worse.” He gulped down another spoonful of chowder. “How’s your arm Kaia? I saw you came into sick bay for it, but I never got the story of what happened.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Ah, engineering accident,” Kaia smiled sheepishly, reaching for a lemon square and considering it carefully. She didn’t know what had happened to the others, although clearly it involved a holodeck. “While you guys were…” she paused, giving a questioning glance. “Fooling around in the Holodeck, I was scrambling around in the Jeffries Tubes. Got a little to eager crossing a gap and lost my grip,” she didn’t mention the fact that her fall had been caused by a slight malfunction of her prosthetic arm. It hadn’t expressed proper grip strength and she’d been sent tumbling down. “All I did was break the arm, but it still sucks. What did you guys do in the Holodeck?”

Faye snorted. “Inter-dimensional spatial anomaly wrecked havoc on the holodeck systems, including the safety protocols. Apparently the lesson of the day was to never leave home without your computer coder,” she said with a weary grin.

She put the lemon square on the table and quietly flexed her artificial fingers, giving Kiama a short glance. “How much fiber is in this thing?” The small officer asked, once again considering the treat.

  • Kaia, Engineer

“Almost none, sadly. But they’ll be tart and sweet at the same time,” Calloway chimed in before she took another bite of her hasperat.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Low Fiber is good for me,” Kaia said with a small grin, taking a bite of the lemon square. “My system can’t handle much fiber, it makes me really ill.”

  • Kaia, Engineer

Shon frowned into his bowl and muttered, “We weren’t fooling around” in a dejected tone. But at the mention of the fiber content of the lemon squares, he pulled out his PaDD and set it on his lap to frantically search for the recipe for the dessert. Upon finding the fiber content, Shon wasn’t sure if it was high or low by Galdori standards. Pulling up Kaia’s medical file in a public place was obviously a no-no, so he figured it might just be for the best to let Faye’s assessment go unopposed.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)


“No definitely not,” Kiama agreed with a wry smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever hit my head that hard. So I also learned to wear a helmet and something other than a dress the next time I mount a scooter,” she added with a chuckle and winked at Shon. She wasn’t sure why, but she suddenly had a really hard time to keep herself from laughing. Well, that wasn’t true, as a neuroscientist she did have an idea why she was feeling like laughing. Yet while it made sense to her in theory, she had never experienced such a reaction in herself before. Not to this extent anyway. And not with such a delay. After all, any reaction to the shock and adrenaline should have come much earlier. So she took a deep breath and tried to keep a straight face while helping herself to another bite of biscuit; not trusting herself enough to eat more soup just now in case she really did burst out laughing.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

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