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Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 4:59 p.m. by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

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Posted by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) in Checking in with doctor
She then also went walking through the corridor and noticing that she was standing in front of the med bay. When she found out about that she walks in sickbay and sat on a bio bed and then said, “Hello Ensign Alyssa Williams reporting in for check in” she then announced to the doctor as she sat on the bio bed. Announcing herself the way she did and got the doctors attention. She then realized by being her would’ve brought a happy look on the doctors face and to show that she is being very responsible for herself. Realizing that she’s being responsible would make her someone good for the ship.

Ensign Alyssa Williams

Lavronne Washington raised an eyebrow as she looked at the new officer of the Manhattan. “Why they always gotta get up in my sickbay during Criminal Hive: Officer Luca McNabb on Duty,” she mumbled grabbing a PaDD. Looking at the screen of the small holovision she had on the corner of her desk, Lavonne watched Luca McNabb stroll up to the loitering group of Orions on the screen with his characteristic swagger and lopsided smile. Pressing the pause button, she let her finger hover over the control with a sultry smile crossing her lips. “Honey you just wait right there. Momma is coming back and don’t want to miss a moment of the action. Mhmmmm,” she growled out to the image frozen on the screen. Lavonne didn’t need to know that the new ensign was new. No one unless their life was on the line showed up during her weekly episode of Criminal Hive. The joke on the ship was you could survive anything for an hour.

As Lavonne sauntered over to the biobed a smile curled on her face as she thought about the time the Greek Adonis of an XO thought he could just pop in for a stiff muscle. That man could have ended her career with a snap of a finger but Creed had only a boo boo and it was the season finale where McNabb and his love interest Jubliee Rapture were kidnaped by the Augments who were trying to inject them with a deadly toxins they were testing to release on the galaxy. After a few heated words, she and the XO had come to an agreement…she got to finish the episode and Creed agreed to not strain anything between the hours of the show. People had to have priorities. Secretly she always thought Creed after then became a fan of the show. His girlfriend was all up into those telenovelas which wasn’t a far cry from McNabb. Commander Adonis however would never admit it.

“You new? I know you are new because no one but no one comes up in here during my show.” Lavonne pulled a stylus out of her pocket with an expression that was hard to read. Her eyes looked like she was highly annoyed but her mouth held a neutral position of neither smiling or frowning. The tone of her voice was professional yet held the slight song like lithe she acquired from growing up in Chicago. “I’m nurse Washington. I can start to check you in for now. Jaz at some meeting. She always seemed to be at meetings when my show is on recently. Gonna have to talk to her ‘bout that.” A slightly irritated tone now seeped into her voice as she spoke about the CMO. “Personally,” Lavonne leaned in as if parting some form of wisdom, “I think she is off watching the show without disruptions but I ain’t accusing no one of nothing.” Spreading her heads out to the side, Lavonne shook her head as if deflecting imaginary criticism. “I just do my job and keep my head down.” If the new officer knew anything about the nurse he would probably break out in laughter. Lavonne Washington and her sister Sharonne Washington had an opinion about everything and were never afraid to share it. They were quick to chime in and give their thoughts or advice on any topic within earshot, however, in a crisis, the snappy and sassy nurses were two of the most talented and caring professionals on the medical staff.

“What’s your name,” she asked in a more gentle tone now that she was slowly getting over the idea she wasn’t going to see her show within the next hour.

Lavonne Washington (Check in nurse on the Manny)

As she sat there listening to the nurse taking about a lot of stuff she then told the nurse “I’m Alyssa Williams and yes I’m new. How’d you know?” As she told the nurse about herself. “I’m surprised that you knew I was a new member. And if I did interrupt something I’m really sorry. The captain told me to come and check in with the doctor or nurse of the ship. I kinda wanted to get all my check-ins done before going on duty. As of all people would when they come aboard a starship correct.”

Ensign Alyssa Williams

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