Arberteum - Informal Introductios (Ens Alyssa Williams Tag)

Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 8:02 p.m. by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Arberteum - Informal Introductios (Ens Alyssa Williams Tag)

Posted by Ensign Alyssa Williams (Security Officer) in Arberteum - Informal Introductios (Ens Alyssa Williams Tag)

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Arberteum - Informal Introductios (Ens Alyssa Williams Tag)
It wasn’t everyday his department received new crew, hell it wasn’t every day the ship received new crew so today was a good day for today he was getting a fresh faced ensign. He had decided not to meet her as soon as she shipped in, he knew she’d want some time to adjust to her new surroundings and having the boss pounce you was certainly no ideal. Instead he sent her an in Invitation to meet her in the arboretum for an informal chat, it would be her decision to meet him and he made it clear that not showing up wouldn’t affect his opinion of her, he had turned new leaf and was taking a new approach to being chief of Security, if she decided not to come he’d appreciate the time walking around the garden instead.

He was just taking a moment to admire a particularly bright plant when the notification that someone, being Ens Williams was waiting for him at his office. She hadn’t received his message to meet him here, which he expected might have been the case. =^=Ens Williams, I am currently at the Arbertum please report to me here =^= He turned back to the plant while he waited a bit longer.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

=^= Yes sir. I’m on my way sir =^=. As she went to the Arbertum since the Lt. wasn’t at his office she knew that he would’ve actually let her get used to her new surroundings. As soon as she gets there she then decided to knock on the door. She then waited for an answer.

She thought that he was going to be upset with her but with his consideration of her getting to know her surroundings helped a little bit since the captain did pounce on her a little bit about it. She then actually decided to actually ease her emotions down a bit because there was no point of being terrified about anything. Also, she was very grateful that she’s on board and willing to check in with her department head. She was going to see him first thing but, she didn’t know where he was so she went to the office.

Ensign Williams

Luke had to admire her formal way of knocking to come into a public area, it showd she had respect for rank and the self discipline. Walking over to the door to the arboretum they opened revealing the woman he had been waiting for, “Ah Ensign I’m glad you found me, how are you doing? I hope the journey to us didn’t sap you of your enthusiasm?”

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“Hello sir. I’m doing alright sir. I’m having a great time adjusting. And no the journey to the ship didn’t sap me of my enthusiasm sir. I still have that.” She said. She smiles at the Lt and steps inside. “Permission to speak freely sir. It is an honor to be with the ship and the crew. I’m also honored to be under your command. And yes I know how to be polite when I don’t want to walk in to things right away.”

Ensign Williams

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