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Harv looked at him for a minute in silence and then said “Could be. Most of what I hear is that you are too inflexible for your own good. Stickler for the rules no matter what. But your officers don’t seem too put off by you… they just don’t enjoy their jobs quite as much as they have on other ships. But they say you’re fair, and you don’t ask more of them than you give yourself, so they respect that. A few outside of your department hate Marines, so their opinion is skewed more than a little, probably. Other than that… there is discussion around you and one problematic Lieutenant.” and he grinned slightly.

Harv, Chef

Luke considered his words and thought that most of what he said was fair, he was stuck in his ways and he found it difficult to ‘be flexible’ as he said. He just knew how things worked so why change them? So what, maybe he was a stickler for the rules but what were they without rules, pirates with powerful weapons that’s who. Then finally there was his final comment which caught most of his attention. “Shes not problematic, just misunderstood” he argued defensively.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Harv laughed. “I’ve had more interactions with Calloway than you have. Problematic is the right word, trust me.” A Bolian came out of the kitchen and sat a bottle of wine on the table. Harv nodded and poured two glasses. “Dry white with a hint of sweetness. Pairs perfectly with the chowder.”

Harv, Chef

He looked at the wine and pinched his lips as if to agree that it would be perfect. Picking it up he swirled it around before trying some, swallowing slowly. “You’re right it does, I always just saw wine as wine never have I really thought certain wines went well with certain foods. Ive been doing it wrong!”

Stepping into the quieter space, Shara understood the appeal of smaller messes like this. On a ship so large, sometimes it was nice to have a place you could go that wasn’t jam packed, even during the day. While she wasn’t assigned to the Manhattan or even technically on duty, Shara felt there was no reason why she shouldn’t be able to make use of the Officer’s Mess. She was a senior officer… just not strictly here.

Moving to the replicator, she was keenly aware of the current occupants, with one in particular on her radar. “Coffee, black,” she said, waiting for her drink to materialize.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Walker made his way into the Officers Mess and nodded to the chef. He only had a few minutes between shifts, but he wanted to grab a cup of coffee, and see if maybe there was something good out.

Making his way over to the replicator he nodded to the Commander. “Coffee, extra strong.”

WO Darach - COO

Shara had lifted her mug from the replicator and after Walker’s materialized, she handed it to him with a small but searching smile. “Thank you,” she said ever so softly to him.

Luke noticed as the two new occupants entered the room and was close enough to hear them order some coffee, he turned back to his chowder which was almost finished and hoped that the older of the two Calloways hadn’t noticed him. The last thing he needed was a grilling from the mother of the person he apprehended in a not so conventional way. Besides Faye was over it, Faye. the thought of her flashed the few memories he had of her from meeting her to the other night. This was a mess.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Taking a sip of her coffee, Shara moved into the mess and debated. It wasn’t necessary, was it? Well, maybe not necessary, but sometimes it was just a good idea to let people know where they stood.

Coming to Wyatt’s table, she pulled out a chair and sat. Shara didn’t say anything but she simply gazed deeply at the COS, though her expression was not a kind one.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

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