Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

Posted Jan. 20, 2021, 11:35 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party


There was no simple answer, but there was a true one at the moment. “Well, right now, I am great!” she said honestly as she gestured to the medal on her open jacket. “Certainly didn’t expect that. All told, it’s bene a pretty great night. Haven’t had one of those in awhile, so… I’ll take it.”

Faye gestured to the garden at large. “Have you had a chance to look around much?”

~Faye Calloway

“You deserved it, putting a lot on the line to catch the guy.” He was glad to see her in much higher spirits, it was refreshing. “To answer your question, no not really. Until today I hadn’t any reason to come here and then most of it was spent talking to people and enjoying the buffet food.” Luke looked around “I wouldn’t even know what I was looking at anyway. It’s like I said, Flowers are nice to look at but they’re kinda not in my skill set, I’ve never been a gree thumb. Unless its something like hemlock in a murder investigation” he shrugged, “What about you, you seem at peace here.”

  • Luke Wyatt

She looked around, taking in the details of the orchard behind them and then gazed back at Wyatt. “I grew up like this. Tracken Two was a self-sufficient colony. We hunted, fished, gathered or grew most of the stuff we ate, and I spent a lot of time in the communal gardens. And when I was recovering from… before, I decided to take up a hobby.” She shrugged. “The space was set up to be a possible garden and it just seemed like something we needed. Though I can’t say it was entirely selfless. I get a lot of enjoyment from being in here.” She gestured to the whole space around them. “I designed this. Had a lot of help to get it all put together though. Couldn’t have done it without their help,” she said with no small measure of pride.

~Faye Calloway

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