Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party
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Faye shook her head. “I haven’t had a chance to start mine yet, but I have seeds I’ve started that I’ll transplanting. I’ll let you know when I’m planing to do that and you can help?”

He nodded only a little disappointed not to be able to see her work first hand, beyond what he had already seen at least. “I’d like that, it’ll give me some practice before starting my own. I don’t even know where to start.” Luke once again met her stride as they continue to pass the different plots some empty, some full of life and others just starting their cycle. It was amazing how this was on a starship.

As they walked long the side past the rest of the raised beds, that came to the corner where a large tessellated glass structure stood. It was obviously hot and humid inside, based on the visible condensation, and through the glass it was a riot of greens with splashes of other colours. “That’s the tropical glass house. The garden space is set to one climate for ease of growing, but having this structure allows the botany staff to have more options for ecological study. I can show you that or we can go right to The Hill.”

~Faye Calloway

He looked at the misty dome, the warmth inviting as it was the humidity would ruin his uniform, his dress uniform for that fact too. “How about we skip to the hill? We can come back and visit the tropical dome when I’m not in synthetic cotton and it cuts off my breathing so much we end up in medical” He chuckled, the tropical dome looked as exciting as any location he had seen so far but he also wanted to see what Faye would consider her favourite tree and a unique tree. “lead on mystro” He held out his hand in a ‘lead on’ gesture.

  • Luke Wyatt

She laughed. “The Hill it is.” Turning the corner, the ‘back’ corner of the main garden showed more green space and large trees, but was more open and you could see loop path that led to a special little secret bench tucked amongst throngs of flowers and shrubs. A moment later the crossed over a stream which ran down the terraced hill, under the main path and into the main garden to the pond. The sound of trickling and falling water was serene, or so Faye thought. Reachign the other side, she carefully moved up a few steps on the the first terrace.

It was amazing how in such a space so many different biomes and areas they had managed to work into what was conceivably a boring space, he was impressed. As they walked and Luke was led around the winding paths, past the different ornaments and key locations. The river was so far his favourite, the water for Luke was where he enjoyed most of his time, which is why scuba diving worked well for relaxing but he found the more he spent in the garden the more he felt at ease.

The Hill was basically a winding soft path that had steps to access each level. The plantings were thick and geared towards shade plants, creating a cozy sense of being in the middle of a lush oasis. She didn’t have much to say as they wound their way up and she carried up right up to the third level. It was here she stopped her meandering. Above them was the fourth level and the the upper ‘pond’ that served as the reservoir and beginning of the water feature. “Okay, close your eyes.”

~Faye Calloway

He looked at Faye a little perplexed, “Close my eyes? Why?” Luke looked around and then back to Faye she was in front of him and he questioned her motives. Luke had noticed too the party had gotten either further away or quieter as it began to wind down for the night. “This isn’t how you get rid of me is it?” He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, but only for a few moments before opening his right slightly before closing them again.

  • Luke Wyatt

His eyes were now closed, so he couldn’t see the hurt sweep across her face. For a moment she just stood there, trying to figure out what to say. After everything that had gone down, and at least some of the truth revealed, he still couldn’t trust her. His instant reaction was that she was the enemy. She had a F***ing medal on her chest! All she had asked was for a little bit of trust. Hell, she expected some confusion and maybe some hesitation. But it was the quip.

it was like that night in her quarters all over again. Except they were both sober and in complete control of their faculties. “Forget it…” she muttered and moved swiftly back towards the steps to go down the hill.

“Besides, I’d never sully my garden with bloodshed!” she tossed back at him, hoping to create as much space between them as possible.

Where he stood, if he had turned ninety degree to look out was a view of the entire garden. From up here you could see almost everything, except under the larger trees or where the larger shrubs were blocking the view. Maybe in a few years the tops of trees would obscure the view, but for now it was pretty amazing.

~Faye Calloway

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