Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

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Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Deck 4 Garden- Much Later During the Party
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Faye pulled her hand back so he couldn’t touch her but she did stop and spin back in his direction. The familiar storm in her grey-green eyes had returned. “How am I supposed to take that? Sure, funny joke, haha. Don’t you get it?!? I just found out a couple days ago that my handler is alive, Wyatt. Alive! You don’t even want to know what they did to him. I read the report. It’ll make whatever nightmares your PTSD gives you look like child’s play. But he’s alive and so am I! Don’t you get that? I shouldn’t be. I should be dead, many times over. But I’m not. I’m here and tonight of all times, I’ve been happy!” At this point, she could feel the tears falling and it actually made her more angry. “I’m not your f**ing enemy. When will you get that through your thick skull?”

He stood rejected, his face mimicking her own rejection from nights before. “I…”

She shook her head her head and moved away. “Damn you for ruining this for me! Don’t follow me.”

~Faye Calloway

Anger boiled through his own bones, “No you don’t get to run away, I did that a few nights ago and regret it! and how dare you tell me how bad my experiences are, WERE! You are not the only one with problems and troubles so stop acting like you are!” His nostrils were flaring, he wasn’t even entirely sure why he was so angry.

She had never said she was, but she just didn’t want to argue with him! She wanted space and distance to calm down on the slim chance she might be able to find that moment of joy again. Alex had been right, her instincts were one of her biggest strengths. The shift from flurry of information to plan of action might not always be straight forward, but she trusted her gut to keep herself and those she cared about safe. Her instincts said that anywhere but here with him was probably safer for them both.

And yet… his inaccurate assumption about her words made her turn her head back at him. “You know nothing about me…” she said darkly.

Calming slightly “I’m sorry for ruining this for you, for whats happened to you and if I could I’d do anything to help him, I’d take back what I did to you but we wouldn’t be here now would we? I want help you, no-one should go through any amount of pain. I’ve been through pain, I’ve seen the pain it’s not nice.” He paused stepping toward her again, “I am trying to understand, I am trying to help and sometimes I don’t even know why! But you know what its because I like you, its because you’re strong and you grind my bones yet every time I find myself levitate towards you. I wish I hadn’t had left you that night, I don’t regret saying no but I should have at the very least stayed.” he attempted again to take her hand, having moved faster than she was. “Don’t leave, stop running”

  • Luke Wyatt

He caught her hand, and Faye glared at him, shaking her head. “This has nothing to do with that night. This has to do with that fact that you don’t see me, Luke. You don’t see me as I am, and I don’t know if you can.” The tenor of her voice dropped but she was still angry. But more than that she was suddenly exhausted. Yet another fight she didn’t want to fight. Would it ever end? “Walking away because it’s the best thing to do is not running away.”

~Faye Calloway

He felt an array of emotions, anger and sadness being the most prominent, he finally sighed. Luke continued to hold her hand but only held her at her finger tips, if she really wanted to leave she could. “I want to see you, that’s all I’ve been trying to do before it was professional but now…” He scanned her face, she was right he didn’t know anything about her but not through lack of trying. “Its personal” he hoped she wouldn’t leave. The odds seemed against him.

  • Luke Wyatt

In every other similar scenario, Faye would have had a biting retort, probably a curse word or two and stormed off. Her anger had always burned so damn hot and when it finally dissipated it left her exhausted. Her options were the same in this moment but most of them seemed untenable. She didn’t want to be angry. It didn’t serve her right now. And therein lay the realization: she really had changed. Another point for Alex. “Might I suggest corrective eyewear then,” she said dryly.

That bit of sarcasm gave her brain a chance to flip the switch and she exhaled, pulling her hand out of his. Thoughts were still racing through her head but she was actively trying to find a way through this situation. And then it came to her. What would Captain Calloway do in this instance? And the answer was simple. Compromise and perspective. After all, context was king.

“If you want to try to see me, perhaps I can offer a different perspective. But in order for that to happen I need a few minutes of space to clear my head and be out of the place that’s supposed to be my safe space,” she said in a calmer voice, gesturing to the garden at large. “You have a choice. You can meet me in my lab in thirty minutes or not. I don’t care either way. But I’m going to go change first.” She started to walk backwards, knowing the path and her footing well enough to know she wasn’t going to trip into anything. She pointed back up to the place on the third level where everything had suddenly gone so disastrously wrong. “You should go back up there and check out the goddamn view I was trying to show you.”

Schooling her features so that remaining crew members she ran across wouldn’t know there was anything wrong, Faye walked away.

~Faye Calloway

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