Side Sim: Friends and good food -what else does one need?

Posted Jan. 21, 2021, 4:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Looking up from her PaDD, Kiama’s gaze landed on the antique clock on her bookshelf and she let out a soft curse. She had lost track of time while reading through the latest reports, leaving her with less than half an hour till Faye was supposed to arrive for dinner. Of course she could just replicate something, but she had promised to cook and she didn’t want to go back on her promise. Rising to her feet, she place the PaDD on her desk and then hurried off into her bedroom to change out of her uniform. Without hesitation she picked one of her favourite dresses: a pale pink tea dress with white flowers on the skirt. Close to the hem the flowers were plenty and of various sizes. but they became fewer and smaller the closer they were to the waist. Her curls were still pulled back in a neat braided up-do from her shift and her feet clad in black ballerina slippers.

Back in the main room, Kiama grabbed the small basket she had prepared earlier and tapped her combadge, =/\= Kiama to Faye Calloway. I lost track of time. I’m sorry. Would you like to help cook or meet a little bit later? I’m heading towards the kitchen in the Officer’s Mess right now. =/\= That said, she stepped out of her quarters and made her way towards the mess. It would be easier if quarters came with kitchens, but thankfully Chef Harv had given her permission to use his tonight.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

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