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Ray had been watching and listening and sighed mentally. She had trouble following the ‘there is not two’ conversation just like Rollo. If they weren’t two, and they were one, then perhaps whoever, or whatever, was coming from the bodies when they slept was merely a sleep walking soul of their own. “Zef, does she maybe mean there aren’t two people? One waking, one sleeping. I mean, aren’t there cultures capable of dream walking or even out of body experiences? Perhaps that’s what she means. That those who wander at night are, in essence, the people they are when asleep. They maybe just lost that knowledge on how to keep connected in the mind when they are separated?” It was a long shot, and probably ludicrous, but they were stumped. Maybe it would lead to some other conclusion, even if she was wrong.


Creed, XO/CIO

Dia tipped her head toward Raye, then back to the Counselor. “You too are one but so much of you sleeps. It is as though you are unaware of your own potential. How could you be so .. asleep? Do you not know that you are spirit? Mother, you too have forgotten.” She looked at the Counselor again. “I know not how to explain it simpler, as a child, for you to understand. But some do.” She glanced to Raye.

Rollo chewed her bottom lip. “Yes, there are stories in many cultures that talk about dream walkers but does anyone have a personal experience with them? Its always ‘…a friend of a friend of a friend told me…’ The psychological community usually chalks the tales up to misinterpreted phenomena because of biological variations like hormones, health and depression.”

—Rollo, CNS

As he waited for the scan results to come back, Walker opened a data link to the science console, so they could share the results as they came back. Hopefully they would be able to figure out something from what they got.

WO Darach - COO

Scans illuminated more. A great deal more. Percentage confirmations inched up that it was similar in nature to, but different from, that of past Metrons scans in decades past. There also was no ‘physicality’ to Dia. She appeared solid and like a small girl, but there was only a tiny bit of mass that registered. However the energy level was particularly high.
- Wookiee

While the comparison percentage, Walker thought he should be surprised, but he was not. Even before he started, he knew they were going to be very similar.

Focusing on the differences, he had the computer list out what the differences in the previous scans were, compared to the current day scans.

WO Darach - COO

The differences were subtle. There wasn’t much in the way of ‘modern’ scans of the Metrons as there had not been discourse with them since their encounter a century earlier. Thus the scan detail was lacking in modern improvements for greater range and detail. However, the sense was that there was a similarity - not unlike, say, the DNA similarity between many of the humanoid species in the quadrant, well, in the Alpha Quadrant anyway. The principle curiosity was that the Metrons had no physical body per se while the Gravenians did.
- Wookiee

Standing at the Security and Tactical station Luke remained observant, waiting to hear about the results from any scans the science department were conducting, he tapped his badge deciding to speak to Prethra. =^= Lieutenant Pretha, can you provide a dynamic risk assessment for the away team and the situation on the ground please and send it to this station, Wyatt.=^= Dynamic risk assessments were something Luke encouraged, it allowed them to reduce risk and have measure put in place if any were needed to be taken, something he had looked into since the event with Faye a while ago.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Walker looked over the data as it came back and it was starting to go over his head. He had learned a fair amount over his years, but this was diving way deeper into the scientific realm then he had ever made it. He stopped and rubbed his eyes before he gave himself a headache.

“Captain, I’m looking over the sensor data we are getting. There are a fair amount of similarities with the Metron race. But this is quickly going over my head. We need someone from science to take a look at these scans to really get some good detail out of them.”

WO Darach - COO

Pretha’s voice came over the comms a moment later. . =^=Assessment Low. Incline to base of wall was moderate with easy maneuvering. Assent will require climbing gear. Geographically stable on both walls and floor, so far. About to enter opening into next chamber. Possible man made opening. Will proceed with caution but see no imminent danger or reason to consider more than low to moderate listing of risk at this moment.=^=


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