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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Posted by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life
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Alex smiled and said “Never apologize for laughing at something, Lieutenant. Laughing at someone, maybe… but if something makes you laugh, enjoy it.” he said with a smile. He then looked at her and said “It’s a big lake. You want to skate while I play? Then we both get some downtime? I was just about to bust out that big boy.” and he jerked his head towards the much larger unopened case.


Kiama nodded thoughtfully and then shook her head rather suddenly. “Since I’m trying to figure out what I might actually like to do and not feel guilty or selfish for doing something just for myself, maybe I could just sit here and listen, if you don’t mind?” she asked a little hesitantly. Sitting here next to the Captain felt a little strange. He was her Commanding Officer after all and it was deeply ingrained in her that you treated superiors with respect and there was always supposed to be certain professional distance. And yet she knew a little about him through Faye. Not much really, but just enough to tell her that he was not only a good captain, but also a good person. And getting to know him a little better would be nice and probably good for their professional relationship as well. Yet she didn’t want to impose herself on him.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Cochrane smiled and said “I’d enjoy the company, actually.” and he let the last notes of the guitar fade away across the deck before putting it away. He then stood up and went to the big case and laid it flat. Popping the latches open, he swung open the lid to reveal a deep, rich, beautifully crafted cello. He sat it up in a stand, drew out the bow and some resin, and began to prepare to play. As he did he looked at Kiama.

“Then I’ll stay right here. Thank you, Sir,” Kiama smiled and shifted her position slightly so that looked Alex while also being able to still see part of the lake. As always her back was perfectly straight, her hands folded neatly in her lap, and her feet, crossed at the ankle, rested next to her chair.

“It’s easy to think you are being selfish when you do things for yourself. But self-care is a vital to our well-being. And having an outlet to channel some of that self-care into can really help make life more enjoyable.” He slid the resin up and down the bowstrings and then set it aside and lifted the cello in place. Before he played though, he looked out over the lake.

Kiama nodded thoughtfully. She knew that he was right. But as with so many things she found that knowing something, could be very different from what you felt about the same thing. And in this case her knowledge and emotions certainly didn’t align.

“I knew a Klingon Admiral when I attended their War College. Brutal individual. More medals than his armor would ever hope to hold, and one of the greatest tactical minds I have ever encountered.” and he smiled and chuckled. He looked at Kiama and said “He crocheted in his quarters. Made the cutest little crochet targs. I gave one to my niece.”


“You are kidding, right?” Kiama asked in disbelief even though she could tell that he wasn’t. “A crocheting Klingon Admiral … that is one mental image I’ll never get out of my head again,” she laughed softly.

Becoming more serious again, Kiama asked, “Do you ever perform in public?” Her eyes lingered on the cello and allowed her mind to wander down memory lane while still paying close attention to Alex.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex looked at her and smiled. “Oh yeah… for a while I was considering a career in music, actually.” and he set the bow against the strings of the cello and began to play. It was a classical piece from Earth, and even with the complexity of the music; Alex played as if were second nature. Every now and then, he would look at Kiama and smile, and the sheer joy that playing brought almost radiated from him.

With her eyes closed, Kiama listened to Alex playing; soaking up the music and the joy radiating from him. In return her own face seemed to be alight with happiness and she seemed to relax.

After a couple of minutes, he stopped and said “What’d you think? And be honest. I don’t have my Captain hat on right now.” and he chuckled.

Cochrane, CO

Opening her eyes again, Kiama smiled widely while her black eyes glistened slightly with tears. “You have nothing to worry about,” she replied sincerely and then took a deep breath. “I could sit here and listen to you play for hours. You are a fantastic musician, Sir. And not only did you play that beautiful piece perfectly in my opinion, I can tell how much joy it brings you.” Placing her right hand over her heart, she continued, “As I’m sure you know I’m Betazoid. But I’m not sure if you also know that I come from a line of very powerful telepaths and empaths. Both my mother and my grandmother were among those of my people who fought the Jem’Hadar with a mental attack that ended the Occupation of my homeworld. I have inherited those powerful talents and it’s both a curse and a blessing. It also means that being around people isn’t always easy. Especially people without any mental shields. And I tend to physically gravitate towards people who are happy. The joy you just radiated while playing, that is a very strong pull,” she admitted unashamedly.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alwx bowed his head. “High praise, indeed. Thank you. And you don’t have to keep calling me sir, you know. In here like this I’m either Cochrane or Alex… your pick.” and he smiled.

“Okay,“ Kiama nodded. Calling anyone by just their last name, especially to their face, had always felt strange to her. Yet addressing her Commanding Officer by his first name would certainly tale some getting use to as well. Bust as that was what he preferred while they were here she would do her best.

“So now that the strings are warmed up, try this one.” and he chuckled mischievously.

He put the bow against the strings but this time the music wasn’t as technical, but it carried with it a sense of joyous irreverence.

Cochrane, CO

A delighted laugh bubbled up from her chest as Alex started to play again. “I know that one!“ Kiama exclaimed with enthusiasm; bringing her posture at even greater odds with her words and the emotions that seemed to bubble out of her. If she hadn’t been told all her life to always sit prim and proper, she would be moving slightly in the rhythm of the music. But instead she merely moved one foot ever so slightly.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

He played through the piece and finished with a flourish. He looked at Kiama and laughed. “See? You Can’t force it. Music just comes as it comes. Its a pity you had such a negative experience with it prior. You strike me as a harpist. Or maybe....” and he waggled the bow at her like a divining wand, “… yeah. Violin.” and he chuckled.


“It is. Especially since I love music a lot,“ Kiama nodded a little ruefully. As she looked at Alex and the bow in his hand, a thought suddenly crossed her mind. “Maybe…“ she started a little hesitantly. “Maybe along with all the other firsts and new beginnings for me since coming here I could give it a try again,“ she mused as she let her gaze travel towards the mountains on the opposite shore.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex inclined his head and said “Maybe so. If you want, I can give you sone good programs for the holodeck that will help you learn. Or I can teach you. I’m not very good at the non-strings, but I can help you get the basics down.”


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