Holodeck 3- A Long Way Down (and Up)

Posted Feb. 20, 2021, 3:52 p.m. by Shara Calloway (Intel Liason) (Lindsay Bayes)

The only holodeck immediately available was all the way down on Deck 23, which suited Shara just fine, but it was a bit more difficult with Faye out of sorts. Such as it was. As Shara rambled on about nothing in particular, Faye didn’t respond but she also didn’t resist. If she had, Shara would have stopped immediately and redirected them to her quarters. At least it seemed that Faye was somewhat okay with this, even if she wasn’t going to say so.

As she stepped into the turbolift she called out the deck and they were on their way. “Computer, send voice-to-text message to Captain Cochrane. Mark it urgent. Start message… Faye period It’s urgent Period Holodeck three Period Come if able if not I will update you as I can Period Shara End message.” The computer chirped in response and told her the message was sent.

When Shara and Faye arrived at the holodeck, she immediately knew what program to bring up: Faye’s Muir Beach program. Though she had never visited the place, it was the one program Faye had used many times over the years, despite not liking the holodeck. A detail that hadn’t gotten past Shara. She hoped the familiar place would be comforting. If not, they were in trouble.

When the program began they found themselves standing on a sandy beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, whose strong waves pounded onto the shore about 20 metres in front of them. The coast curved to the right into a semi sheltered cove, but the rest was open to the water. Behind them, the land rise up in a large sweeping cliff that had a trail winding down to the beach. Large rocks dotted the base of the beach and sea grasses covered that area too. The air was warm but the wind coming in was slightly cool as the sun sank before them.

“Computer generate a campfire with driftwood seating around it, a large picnic blanket on the sand near the fire, as well as a picnic table. Also generate a thick additional blanket folded on the picnic blanket. and a folk guitar.” A few moments later the items shimmered into being and Shara coaxed Faye into a seated position on the blanket and draped the other blanket over her shoulders. Seating perpendicular to Faye so she could see her face as her daughter stared out into the water, Shara began to pick at the strings, playing old songs that might help bring Faye back to the surface.

~Sahra Calloway

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