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Alex mirrored her movements and looked at her. “Could not agree more. And another advantage of neither of us being ones to… divide our affections… is that we only have one person to take that time from.” and he leaned forward and kissed her, long and lingering, pulling away with a slight tug of her bottom lip gently between his teeth before he released it.

“Now… I dont know about you, you gorgeous and surprisingly flexible minx you, but I am absolutely famished.” and he looked at the chronometer on the wall. Ship’s time was 0217. “Well, we can either replicate something here… or we sneak down to the Mess and raid Chef Harv’s kitchen.” and he looked at Zef and grinned. “I do happen to know where he keeps his Andorian chocolate ice cream and the leftover chowder.”


Zef pushed herself up on a hip. “Did you say chocolate ice cream? Ohhhh I vote for that!” A dreamy look crossed her face. Laughing, she jumped to her feet and raced around trying to find her dress, which was still soaking we and in the kitchen sink. She remembered that as she held her hands down to help Alex up. “Oh no! My dress—I don’t have anything to wear!” Filled with desolation that she was going to miss out on Harv’s dessert, Zef sighed, her lips slightly pouty.

“You have to have something in your closet that I can slip into, don’t you…a long sweater? Something?”


Alex took her hands and stood up and kissed the pouty lip with a smile and soft nibble. “Never fear, lady fair, your knight will accept your quest and return momentarily.” He smacked her on her bare buttocks and went to the bedroom. A short few moments later he appeared in Navy blue sweat pants and a faded gray t-shirt. In his hands he held neatly folded light blue workout shorts and a long sleeved white button down shirt. “Here, you put these on and I’ll deal with your dress.” He went to the sink and pulled the soaking wet dress out and wrung it gently. He then went to the bathroom and hung it on a hanger from the mirror.

Returning, he looked at her and said “Ready, darling?”, his slight accent lending an affectionate formality to the words; and he smiled and offered her his arm.


The clothes were obviously not her own. She had to roll up the sleeves on the shirt several times before they landed just below her elbows, and the shorts…Alex was a tall man, so they hit her just above her knees. With a practiced motion, she smoothed her hair back and twisted it into a knot. Sliding her feet into the sandals she’d worn over, she was raring to go. “I am sooo ready.” Just as they hit the doors, she stopped and looked at Alex. “You aren’t fibbing about the ice cream, are you? If I’m going to walk the corridors of the ship looking like this, there better be some chocolate in the very near future.”


Alex’s face was simultaneously affectionate and serious.

“Zef… there will never be a time I lie to you.” and he leaned in and kissed her. “Especially about chocolate ice cream.” he said softly and with a grin after he pulled back. “Now come. Sustenance awaits and none shall delay our stalwart adventure.” and he stepped to the door allowing it to slide open.


The two of them entered the corridor and began making their way up one deck to the officer’s mess. They didn’t pass anyone until they were just outside its doors and then NLt Banks came dashing out with a sandwich in one hand. He came to a sudden stop right before he would have collided with Cochrane. “Sir! Excuse me, Sir! I was just…”

The NLt took in the lack of uniform and the Counselor standing next to him, then caught sight of their joined hands. “Counselor, Captain…I’m late for my shift…”

His eyes strayed once again to their hands.

—Rollo, CNS

Cochrane smiled and said “If you’re late, then you better get moving, Lieutenant.” without letting go of Zef’s hand. Banks tore his eyes from their hands and just said “Yes, sir. Ma’am.” and half-ran down the corridor, only looking back as he rounded the bend.

Alex looked at Zef and said “So… ice cream?” and led her into the vacant mess. The room was completely empty, and there were no sounds from the kitchen. Alex led her in and then said “You get bowls and spoons from the replicator, I’ll get the ice cream.” and went to the walk-in freezer and through the door. He came out thirty seconds later, obviously very cold but holding a clear container with a brown mass inside.

“H-h-here we go. Balls, its cold in there!”


Zef had a spoon and bowl in each hand. When she saw him, she laughed. “Well, I could try and warm you up, but if Harv ever found out we might be banned from the officer’s mess for life.”

It wasn’t worth the risk. The chef’s food was far too exquisite to chance, especially when the two of them only had to return to Alex’ quarters to incite each other’s passions again. Laughing softly, Zef went to the table they’d had their first dinner at and took a seat, placing a bowl and utensil in front of each place.


“Well, I thought it felt right. You and I have only used this table when dining here.” Excited to taste the alien ice cream, Zef dipped her spoon into the bowl and came up with a bite. Sliding it into her mouth, her face took on the look of absolute bliss. “By the Gods…this is magnificent.” There was no other word. it was one of the best things she’d ever tasted in her entire life. “Where did you find Harv? And how does he get his hands on such wonderful ingredients?”


Cochrane smiled a half-smile and said “I don’t ask where he gets them. Sometimes, its a good thing the Captain doesn’t know how things get done.” and he chuckled and took a bite. After savoring it for a moment, he then said “And as far as where I found him, well… that is a story for another time. Suffice to say, that is another reason I don’t question his… logistical capabilities.” and he ate another bite and then looked at her. “I’m hoping I’m not overstepping here, but I’m curious… have you had any messages from home? No outrage about your former brother-in-law?”


Zef finished the bite in her mouth and licked the spoon thoughtfully. “You aren’t overstepping, Alex. I try not to think about what might be going on back home most of the time. As for messages? Yes, there have been a few. Two from Kalig…he still thinks he has a right to me—which is strange, because I don’t think that’s how it all started. Somehow things got turned around in his mind after you sent him on his way. I believe he was going to sell me to the highest bidder, but now…his communications have been a combination of cajoling and threats.”

Over my dead body. was the thought that had come forth in his mind until she said ‘threats’. That made his jaw set.

She sighed. “So, I guess when I eventually get back to Baj I’ll have to take certain steps to make sure he gives me a wide berth.” Now she just moved the spoon around in the ice cream, giving a false impression of eating it. “Something else…I heard from his father.”


Alex was listening, his ice cream half forgotten. “His… father? Does the father share the same beliefs as the son? Or is your former father-in-law actually reasonable?” Alex asked her, some small humor 8n his voice, but a definite edge of concern.


“The communication was rather strange. He’s never felt kindly to me before. He tolerated me while I was mated to Broggs, but I was never of the opinion that he liked me.” She absentmindedly toyed with the ice cream. “This time it was like he was warning me that Kalig might be losing his grip on reality.” She shrugged. “I don’t know…I’m just telling you how it struck me.”


Alex reached across and took her hand. “I’m sorry, Zef. If there is anything I can do, you just have to ask. Whatever I can do, I will.” and he gave her hand a squeeze.


She returned the squeeze. “Thank you, but at this point its just weird, not dangerous.” With a tiny smile, Zef winked at Alex. “I’ll let you know if things change. Now, let’s change the subject. If you and I took a vacation together, where would you want to go?”


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