Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life

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He played through the piece and finished with a flourish. He looked at Kiama and laughed. “See? You Can’t force it. Music just comes as it comes. Its a pity you had such a negative experience with it prior. You strike me as a harpist. Or maybe....” and he waggled the bow at her like a divining wand, “… yeah. Violin.” and he chuckled.


“It is. Especially since I love music a lot,“ Kiama nodded a little ruefully. As she looked at Alex and the bow in his hand, a thought suddenly crossed her mind. “Maybe…“ she started a little hesitantly. “Maybe along with all the other firsts and new beginnings for me since coming here I could give it a try again,“ she mused as she let her gaze travel towards the mountains on the opposite shore.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex inclined his head and said “Maybe so. If you want, I can give you sone good programs for the holodeck that will help you learn. Or I can teach you. I’m not very good at the non-strings, but I can help you get the basics down.”


For what felt like an eternity to her, but most likely were only a few seconds at most, Kiama found herself staring at Alex. Finally she asked a little uncertainly, “Would you really? I mean, would it be okay? You are my commanding officer after all. I would like to learn form you and at the same time I don’t want to do anything that might cause difficulties for you, Sir. Alex, I mean.” Feeling blood rush to her cheeks, Kiama was once again grateful for her dark complexion that hid blushes so well.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex chuckled and said “Why would music lessons cause difficulties, Ms. Naim? No, I find no issue. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I can simply send you the programs. In this, I am flexible. The choice is up to you.”


“No, it doesn’t. I’m sorry,” Kiama replied with a slightly embarrassed laugh. “Despite my rank and position, thank you again for your faith in me, I’m still very new to being a Starfleet officer. This is my first posting after all. And between that and my upbringing … let’s say I have been taught very clear rules how one does and doesn’t behave and what is and isn’t appropriate when interacting with superiors, equals and …” She hesitate and then sighed softly before finishing, “Everyone else. And … well, the rules my family put in place and find so important don’t always apply in the rest of the galaxy. I never agreed with my mother on most of her views and yet I’m finding that a lot of them are deeply ingrained within me. It makes for an … interesting situation inside my head.” She laughed softly and then apologised, “I’m sorry. I’m talking too much again.”

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex looked at Kiama and listened as she spoke. When she was done, he smiled softly and said “Sounds like your mum and my mum should get together and go bowling.” and he chuckled. He lay the bow against the cello strings and played softly.

“Maybe,” Kiama said hesitantly. She had a feeling that those two women would not get along well.

“The thing with parents is that no matter where you go, they are always right there in you. Its hard to break fee… especially if the relationship was or is… problematic.” and he fell silent and played for a bit.

“You can say that again,” Kiama replied with a humourless laugh.

“So did you hear any rumors about me before you came to the Manhattan? Rumors about my mother, maybe?” he asked with a slight smile.


“Yes and no. Coming from one of the leading houses of Betazed, and being the only heir of ours, meant that next to my regular education I had to follow the goings on not only on Betazed, but in Starfleet and the Federation since the end of the Dominion war. So yes, I know at least the public side of the whole incident involving your mother. But I didn’t start putting two and two together and realised that you are her son till after I had been on the Manhattan for a few weeks.” Looking at him closely out of those black eyes of hers, she continued, “It must have been really hard for you and your family.”

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Cochrane simply smiled. The emotions coming from him were surprisingly calm. Sure there was an undercurrent of anger, but mostly it was… acceptance.

“It was for a long time, yes. But we made it through.” and he stopped playing and set the bow aside and looked at her, turning to face her fully.

“Ms. Naim… Kiama… I want to give you some advice. And since you know some of my story, you will know where this advice comes from. Amongst all the choices a being faces in their life, one is of paramount importance… ‘Am I going to be me or am I going to be my parent?’. The advice is this: Never forget that you have to make that choice every single day. So… you need to decide if you want to be Kiama Naim, Chief Science Officer of the single largest science vessel in Starfleet and the only Federation vessel stationed in the Delta Quadrant and a lover of music… or skating… or crocheting… or whatever. Or are you going to be Jeanoya Naim’s daughter?” and he reached back and grabbed the bow and adjusted the cello and began to play.

“The choice is yours.”

Cochrane, CO

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