Side-sim: Inner Demons

Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 6:17 a.m. by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Side-sim: Inner Demons

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Side-sim: Inner Demons
Luke had in his hand the deal which would seal his fate, or in this case, set him free. He’d drafted it when everything first had started but now he was certain this was the right thing to do and after leaving Faye in the arboretum he didn’t see a situation where him staying was a good idea. The PaDD in his right hand feel heavy, but he knew it would take the weight off his shoulders, he’d requested a transfer to the USS Sante Faye… how convenient he had thought but it was the only ship that was looking for a Security Chief.

Standing outside the Captain’s ready room he took in a deep breath and pressed the door chime. All of this would soon be behind, Faye, Cochrane and the Manhattan.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

The Watch Officer looked back and said “Sorry, Lieutenant. Skipper isn’t in there. Just went to his quarters. Bet you can find him there, if its important.” and he turned back to the reports coming from around the ship.

Bridge Officer

A little deflated he thanked the watch officer, Cochran’s quarters wasn’t far so it didn’t take long to be standing outside them. Luke wondered whether disturbing the Captain in his quarters was the right thing to do but he also knew if he delayed this any longer he may actually just snap and nobody especially Luke wanted that. He closed his eyes took in a breath pressing the door chime and waited for the call.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

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