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Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 1:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

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Posted by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) in Getting to know you (CMO TAG)

Posted by Lieutenant Luke Wyatt (Chief of Security) in Getting to know you (CMO TAG)
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Lukes new daily routine saw him make time for walking around the ship and simply talking to people as he passed, providing they weren’t busy or otherwise engaged in conversation. Today’s walk had him hiking up and around the medical decks, he had of course done his initial medical check-up but that’s all it was, he never really asked questions or tried getting to know the medical staff and since his conversation with Cochrane and trying to become part of the ship he was indeed going the extra mile. This meant meeting or at least trying to meet the chief medical officer who for all intense and purposes was a slippery fish, she never seemed to stay in one place for long and Luke spent most of his morning following her path around the ship till now where she seemed to be taking a break in the main sickbay, either that or she was conducting surgery and he’d walk out with a scalpel lodged into his thigh.

“Dr Wynter?” He called out, the sickbay wasn’t entirely empty as there was a couple of nurses and patients floating about.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“What,” Jasmine yelled out turning around abruptly from her conversation with Lavonne Washington. Seeing it was not who she expected, Jasmine rubbed her forehead with her hand as she debated how to crawl out of this hole. Taking a few steps towards Luke, Jasmine shook her head and rolled her eyes clearly embarrassed. “What I owe you is an apology. What can I do for you?” Jasmine hoped it was not the flu or something but the way he did great him, if Luke threw up all over her it would serve her right.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

He smiled and waved away the comment, “Its ok, bad day?” He asked before then saying, “Actually I haven’t been for my latest immunisations but mainly I just wanted to come see you. It struck me that I’ve been on the ship a while and haven’t even met all the department heads yet and well, its pretty rude of me not to at least come say Hi and make sure im protected from all the latest viruses.” Luke wondered what or who the CMO was expecting to see which caused her to act in a way that was very similar to how he used to be if it had not been for resent events.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“No rude is me yelling at you like I am a deranged lunatic,” she laughed. “Come on over.” Jasmine gestured towards a biobed and grabbed a PaDD and a scanner. “Let me give you the once over and then if you want we can grab a cup of coffee in my office. Picking up the scanner she ran it over Luke before setting it back down once she read the display. Rubbing her hands together, she blew on them several times before reaching out to touch Wyatt. “May I,” she asked? “I tend to do things old school.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Leaning somewhat against the biobed so it supported most of his weight but he wasn’t quiet sitting on it he removed shit tunic and rolled up his sleeves. “urm Yeah sure.” Luke had figured that since they made the tech most doctors would opt for using but he supposed there wasn’t quite like the hands on approach. The hairs on his arms had stuck up preparing themselves for the cold, he always found doctors and cold hands, it was like they dipped them in ice before dealing with patients.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Reaching out she took his wrist between her thumb and two fingers. Closing her eyes she stopped talking for a moment reading his pulse. Twenty seconds later she opened her one eye staring at him with a smile before she opened both eyes and let his arm go. “Okay so many people fail to see the value in manually taking a pulse,” she replied as she moved towards his neck. “That is until they are hurt and the tech fails.” Gently palpitating his lymph nodes on his neck she turned her face so that she was not staring at his face making them both cross eyed.

Having his body quiet physically check out he wasn’t entirely sure how he felt as she rubbed his neck, his eyes however were well and truly cross-eyed as he tried to look down but up at the same time. He dare not speak incase she diagnosed him with some sort of throat deformity. With equipment he knew what the readouts meant but he had no idea what the doctor was looking for.

“You would be surprised how often that fails or what you can lose in emergency triage if you are spending your time looking for a device instead of relying on the old tried and true.” Not noticing anything off she stepped back and pulled out a penlight holding it up in one hand. “I am not saying I don’t use tech but I also think it is ludicrous to not know how to treat someone in an emergency. Crash landings, hostage situations, broken equipment on the battlefield,” she listed off a few situations, “are just a few times the old tricorder failed me in one way or another when someone was screaming doc help me. So I keep up the practice in the voodoo arts when I know its a check up.”

Luke was genuinely in shock as she blinded his eyes with a light, first the right eye than the left, if there was nothing wrong with him before the check-up there might be something after. He was about to say as much when she requested he open his mouth…

“Open your mouth and say ahhh,” she directed.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Do what?” He asked finding himself opening his mouth and doing as she asked, he hoped his breakfast couldn’t be smelt on his breath, did he even have breakfast? he found asking himself. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” It seemed forever that he was sat their mouth agape while she did her physical checkup. He had to give it to her though, she was very thorough and he felt as if she genuinely cared.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Pulling the tongue depressor out the first words she said were, “strawberry or grape,” as she held up two lollipops. “Before you say it though I know you are too big for candy and a big tough security guy. It is just a trick I learned from a colleague years ago in medical school. If I am going to check your lymph nodes on your neck and peer down into your throat half choking you, you deserve something for the deal. Besides these are vodka-infused lollipops courtesy of my friend Dr. Knight on the USS Saracen. She is Russian so there is not much she doesn’t infuse with vodka. It is not enough to do anything but gives the lollipop a little bit of kick. As your doctor however I do have to say officially that you should not eat it on duty.” The amount of vodka in the lollipop was trace at best. No different than cooking with wine, the intoxicating part long ago boiled away in the process giving the candy no inebriating kick.

Jasmine had no idea how Wyatt would react. Some loved the idea. Others found it trivial and stupid. It didn’t matter to Jasmine either way. “Mainly it is an ice breaker with people. The only time one gets to really know a patient and what they need best is in situations like this. When you come in sicker than a dog puking in a bucket or writing in pain from an injury, that is not the time to establish a bedside rapport of trust. You on some level probably agree. I am pretty sure when you have to save someone in a firefight or hogtie an assailant, that is not the time to start up the ol’ trust me mentality. I know nothing about security but I have always seen the patrols you guys do as a way to get to know the people on a ship in a non threatening way so that when the threat comes you have some relationship with the crew. Sooooo,” she wiggled the candy, “lollipop or no lollipop.”

Lt. Jasmine Wnter CMO

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