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After Rollo finished speaking, Jasmine turned to see why the computer bleeped. Her eyes got large s she saw a small side widget appeared on the display that showed Hone’s mass. “Uh Baht,” Jasmine motioned her colleague over to her. “Do we have a reading as to Hone’s mass when he entered sick bay on his chart?” Jasmine knew Shon was dirt side when Hone first arrived and slipped off to sleep but hopefully something in his chart indicated if there was any change in mass over the course of his stay in sick bay. Pointing to the screen, Jasmine began to explain the thought process to her question. “I just posed this question to the computer and this showed up but I am not sure what the baseline mass data was? Is there anything in the chart to indicate a baseline or is this the baseline?”

The internal anatomy had always perplexed Jasmine. “Computer run anatomical scans of our sleeping Graviens?” If the wing like structures they saw when Hone and company were up and walking about were gone, it would only add to the mystery but also give them a direction to maybe solving some of the puzzle.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Ensign Baht moved to type away on a nearby sickbay terminal, searching for the scans Lieutenant Wynter had requested. In addition to looking for any differences in mass, Shon also inspected the readings for any drastic change in neurological signals. Of course the gravian would have different readings when he was sleeping, but if like Dr. Wynter theorized mass might be transferred when the spirit left his body, maybe some portion of his consciousness did too.

Ensign Baht hoped he could find the baseline readings the chief medical officer had requested. If he could, he’d display them on the viewscreens above the bed of Dr. Hone.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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The baseline from Tov was not so good as his readings were all over. Hone and Maree were both older Gravenians and Baht was able to get good readings - for their age. In terms of mass and distinctions, transporter records and these would indicate that there was a slight decrease in mass at this time. Whether that was a factor in simply metabolizing of food and whatnot that was not precisely known. The crux on that would be in the morning when the ‘other’ reputedly returned to the host and whether there was a sudden actual increase, even if a little.
- Wookiee

Shon narrowed his indigo eyes as he rescanned the reports. “Dr. Wynter, it seems we won’t be able to determine anything conclusive until the morning. Or whenever the specters decide to return. But I have the biobeds prepped to keep an eye out for even the slightest changes.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Well, I guess all we can do is wait and monitor our guests. Coffee,” she asked Shon as she headed to the replicator. Tonight was going to be a long night. There no reason she and Shon could not take turns resting as if they were on watch in the security detail. Both of them knew what they were looking for when it happened. What did have to happen was the two of them using their unique expertise to solve what was going on which was why neither Shon or Wynter was leaving sick bay.

“You want first shift or second shift?” While many didn’t notice it, there was a small room off to one side that held a lone bio bed. It was basically like a residency room in a hospital where staff could rest between shifts if they were not permitted to leave due to a patients condition. Baht would know Jasmine was asking if he was ready to try and catch his 40 winks first or second.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

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OOC: Your option on whether to wait up. As it turns out the first night shift in there would reveal nothing further .. but hey, who knows ..

It had been an eventful evening for Ensign Baht. His less-than-friendly encounter with the specters on the surface had pumped him full of adrenaline, which was beginning to wear off. At the mention of getting some rest, Shon felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him, dragging his eyelids downward. His hospitable nature made him want to offer the chief medical officer the first reprieve, but… he needed to lay down.

Avoiding the question about coffee for the moment, Shon blinked slowly before glancing at Commander Rollo. “I’ll take second shift if that’s alright Doctor… but Counselor, if you need to rest first then by all means please do so.” His invitation was genuine, but he also sincerely hoped that she would politely decline.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The observation through the night was more of a medical curiosity. The people did not move at all. Breathing and automatic functions kept things going but it was, medically, not unlike a person in a coma moreso than sleeping. Even Tov, who was recovering from the surgery, went into an almost hibernation coma like state where his vitals stabilized, even if at a lower level than that of Hone and Maree.
- Wookiee

OOC: Taking this as an okay to fast forward to the morning. The bridge thread is hailing us asking about Tov.

=/\= Bridge to Sickbay. Doctor, I don’t know what you have to do to get Mr. Tov awake, but try. He may have the answer we need to start unraveling this problem. Contact me as soon as he regains consciousness. Cochrane out. =/\=

Ensign Baht was half-slumped over the medical terminal, tired eyes straining to maintain attention on the readings. Shon had taken second shift, but his sleep before it had been restless and he was still shaken from the events of the previous day. The communication from the bridge startled Shon awake. He sat up straight on the stool and gripped desperately for the terminal to keep his seat from tipping over due to the sudden movement.

With renewed interest, Ensign Baht inspected the readings again, hoping that with the morning, there would be some clues as to physiological or cognitive changes to the patients that might shine some light on the nature of the specters. He figured that the communication would likely wake Dr. Wynter, and that he best have something to report by the time she emerged from the residency room. He also checked the vitals of the incapacitated aliens, especially Mr. Tov, to see if they might have recovered in general from the events of yesterday.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Jasmine emerged from the small room they had been taking cat naps in moving to Baht’s side. She had heard the Captain and Baht reply. As a well run machine, Jasmine felt a nudge on her arm as Lavonne handed her a cup of coffee. “How does he expect us to wake him up,” Jasmine looked at Baht feeling frustrated. Mulling over what Baht had said she tapped her comm badge

=/\=Sir that is going to be problematic. Not only are our friends asleep but their signs are indicative of being in a coma-like state. Think bear in winter hibernation. I have them hooked up to every monitor and scan we got and everything is coming back flat, steady and undeviating. Sir we only force a patient to consciousness in a state like this in the most direst of situations. We also generally have the right because they are Starfleet officers and that gives us the leeway to do it. Performing such things on civilians or someone like the Graviens who we aren’t sure even their physiology could be disastrous. In fact, I am not sure how we would even go about it safely. The only things we have to pull someone out of a state such as Tov is Leporazine or Netinaline but the side effects for us are possible neural metaphysic shock, cardiac issues, respiratory failure,=/\= her voice trailed off. The list of possible system failure was long so she only tagged the big ones that could cause immediate death. =/\=Don’t we have any Graviens awake on this ship? How do they wake up their people and if they don’t I am not sure we should make Tov Starfleet’s guinea pig on this Sir.=/\=

Jasmine looked at Baht as she spoke wondering if he had different approach or idea. If he had a play that was different than hers, she was all ears.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The response from the bridge was almost immediate and the Captain, Jasmine could tell just form his tone, was not happy. =/\= Well, Doctor… something is trying to pull this ship into the planet below us and we have a specter of some sort standing on the bridge talking about the end of all things. Additionally, the location we are being pulled to has the ancient remains of another vessel buried in it… and from the looks of things that landing didn’t go well either. So if that meets your standard of ‘direst of situations’, then perhaps you could start the process of waking Mr. Tov up? But I will ask if that is ok with the Minister, as she is standing right here. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

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Scans were slim, though thankfully not long after he began, Hone entered sickbay. He bore a concerned expression on his fleshy thick face but it was also an expression of ‘time to work’. Seeing Baht’s expression he said, “It is a question of whether he can be revived rather than will be. It appears that he is in a coma state rather than just sleeping. Do you have anything that heightens the adrenal system?”
- Hone

Jasmine locked her jaw and was glad she was not face to face with Cochrane. =/\=Understood Sir,=/\= she said crisply =/\= For the record know this is against my medical judgment in that I have no idea what sticking a drug into his system will do. Tov is not a Starfleet officer where they sign the dotted line to have their person be the property of Starfleet. This is a foreign sovereign sentient that is not part of the Federation so when I do this under your order and if there is a medical inquiry know my paperwork will reflect that your last and only option in whatever scenario you have decided on was to experiment on the life of a foreign national.=/\= Her response would probably get her a note to come to the principal’s office after class but there was a vast difference in reporting that someone did not survive something they signed up for and reporting the death as a direct cause of your involvement on an unsuspecting individual.

Cochrane responded immediately… and his tone indicated that she may have just stepped in it a bit further than she suspected.

=/\= Thank you Doctor. And again, as I said before, the patient’s government representative was standing right here when I made the request. It was, in fact, her suggestion. So write it up however you like, Doctor. Just get it done. And let me know as soon as he is awake. Thank you. Bridge out. =/\=

Looking at Baht, Jasmine crossed her arms over her chest. Why the rest of the Graviens had no input on waking up their colleagues stunned her? “Did you come over anything that talked about a Gravien being forced awake. There had to be at least one incident of someone somewhere trying to wake a Gravien in an emergency. Scan the local news feeds for any story about this if you can’t find any information in the medical database we have access to.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Cochrane, CO

Shon’s blue face paled as he overheard the conversation between the captain and the chief medical officer. As Wynter listed the medications she was considering, Ensign Baht rushed to procure Leporazine and Netinaline from the medicine cabinet. He presented the vials to Dr. Wynter wordlessly, then moved to the nearest console to begin looking for any evidence of a similar procedure.

Although he did as directed, Baht was not confident that there would be any results. His understanding, both from talking with Gravien doctors and by combing through their medical records the night before, was that there was no known record of a Gravien EVER being wakened from this state. But it was possible he had missed something, so he searched as best he could through what remote access they had been given to Graven media and records.

Shon knew it was not his place to speak on the ethical implications of such a procedure. Truly, he supposed it depended on if they considered Tov’s current state a sleep or a coma. A sleep, well plenty of people had been woken involuntarily from sleep. But if this was more akin to a coma, which it seemed to be from Shon’s observations, a potentially hazardous procedure should be consented to by the patient or, if they were not available, their next of kin. Bolian medical principles respected personal autonomy to the upmost degree, leading Shon to feel highly uncomfortable with the idea that they might be preforming a dangerous operation without the consent of the patient. But as the captain pointed out, there was a timetable here that put the lives of everyone on the Manhattan at stake. And perhaps in Gravien society the power of the governmental representative extended to making medical decisions for indisposed citizens. If so, that seemed like a reasonable tradition to respect.

Still, Ensign Baht wanted to signal his support for his department head’s warnings. “I’m searching now Dr. Wynter. And for the record, I share your concerns.” The ensign was more stoic than usual, the news of the impending peril of the ship and the stress of the sudden medical dilemma subduing his normally jubilant personality.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

OOC: Splicing Steven in as this is the scene he wanted to reply to.

IC: Jack was annoyed, he had been forced to come down to Sickbay cause of Jasmine and he wasn’t really in the mood to have to deal with her right now. Celina had long been best friends with Jasmine which meant Jack had to become acquaintances. That was the rules, of course, you love your wife and you tolerate her friends. Jack didn’t really have much reason to dislike Jasmine, she seemed perfectly fine in many ways but there was always the feeling she found herself to be superior that could just rub one the wrong way at times.

Hearing the snap-hiss of the pneumatic door pulling back, Jasmine looked at Shon before glancing to see which walking pip was headed her way: Cochrane or Creed.

“And here we go,” she said to Shon trying to keep her tone neutral but Baht had worked with her long enough to know Jasmine was less than thrilled with the turn of the situation.

Entering sickbay with the delegates Jack motioned for Jasmine to come over.

Jasmine walked over to the XO with her hand in her pockets. “Sir,” she said in a cool tone.

“There you are, be a jewel and make this easy will you? We have game night tonight, I don’t need a headache…” he said as he nodded at the delegates who began to enter in behind him.

Creed, XO

Jasmine felt her temper begin to boil over. Why did the security types think things like this were so black and white. Fix them doc we need them alive. Hey doc don’t be gentle they took out five of our team Hey doc can you run out of Tyenol for the lot that we just busted getting drunk in engineering. A hangover might do them some good. Jasmine had heard this and a thousand other requests like this since becoming a doc. She wondered briefly if the ol’ man sent Jack down because she and Celina were friends. The problem was when you were on duty personal relationships didn’t come into play....or at least they weren’t supposed to. Jack’s casual greeting made her wonder if he as playing the good cop-bad cop thing and how long it would last before it became an order.

“Absolutely sir but if I can see you for a moment in my office while we get the meds ready?” Jasmine knew Shon already had everything in place or was ten seconds from having it ready. Still, she could not just do this without speaking her mind.

“One second…” Jack said with a curse smile as he followed Jasmine into her office. He needed this to get over sooner than later.

Closing the door to her office, Jasmine raised the privacy dampeners to her office so that no one could hear what was being said in the main sick bay area but the large glass window would allow everyone to watch Jack and Jasmine hash this out. “It’s called be a gem. It is not be a jewel so if you are thinking you are going to sweet talk me into something maybe expel ten seconds worth of effort to get it right.”

Creed, XO

Five minutes later Jack and Jasmine exited her office. If anyone would have been watching they would have been hard pressed to know by the CMO and XO’s body language whether the conversation was friendly or hostile. All they would see was two officers exiting a meeting and getting to work.

Moving to the table, Jasmine picked up the vials Baht had laid down before the meeting between her and the XO. The people in sickbay had no idea why Shon was at the console so his activity and her responses all lined up.

“Hello,” Jasmine said giving the Gravien authorities a PaDD. “Dr. Baht and I are preparing to administer a drug that I am not sure how it will affect your citizen’s physiology. In the Federation, we typically need to get consent from the next of kin or have something in the record authorizing these procedures. Since Tov and Hone are not Federation citizens I need you to sign off on consent in case anything goes wrong which could range from nothing happening to possible neural metaphysic shock, cardiac issues, respiratory failure, or death. Sign here.”

As soon as they signed the dotted line so to speak she or Baht would administer the drugs and pray the patient’s woke up without any side effects.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

Hone took it. “You medical knowledge is extensive through different peoples. While always a risk, we are in a hospital and not the middle of a field. He can be monitored well here and any assistance I can offer I will.” Glancing at it he signed the form in a flowing alien script.
- Hone

“Thank you,” she took the PaDD from Hone and tried to sound pleasant and not curt. Her orders were clear. She had to do this and had little to no say to refuse it. Still, it was ship politics and not Hone’s concern.

Ensign Baht had been half-reading the terminal and half-watching the actions of the senior officers and government officials around him. His jaw was still set in dismay and his blue face was a little lighter in hue than usual. As Hone signed the waver, Shon did not move to administer the drugs… of course he would if instructed to by Dr. Wynter, but her certainly was not going to volunteer. Having not been privy to the conversation between the CMO and the XO, he wondered what might have convinced Dr. Wynter and secretly wished he had heard the same argument. Some part of him still needed to be convinced too. For now, Ensign Baht stood at the ready but was more than content to let his department head take the lead.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Creed, XO/CIO

Finding Baht in the room, Jasmine shot her co-worker a look that said ‘oh we are gonna need to drink when I tell you what just went down with the I’m not gonna do this -yes you are conversation with the XO.

Walking over to Baht, Jasmine dropped her voice low so that only he could hear “Ready the heart paddles in case we kill someone.” Then she raised her voice as she continued to move to the patients on the bed so that everyone could hear, “Dr. Baht if you could bring the Cateline, Cordrazine, Digoxin, Trioxin, and Delactovine ,” she asked moving towards the Gravien sleeping in the biobed. The slew of drugs were a virtual pharmacy for cardiac, pulmonary, and neurological issues. Jasmine had no idea what she would need or if she needed any of them. The point was to be prepared.

Ensign Baht scurried about the sickbay, gathering the supplies Dr. Wynter had dictated and placing the vials in an orderly row on a rolling cart, which he pushed to sit close to the end of Hone’s bed, in easy reach of the chief medical officer. He also pulled the futuristic AED off the wall and readied the machine inside. Shon was poised to take action and watched in anticipation as Dr. Wynter proceeded.

Looking at Shon, Jasmine pulled a hypo out and injected the Gravien.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Max propped himself up on his elbow from one of the biobeds on the far side of the room and watched the proceedings, he had seen Jasmine at work many times of course and knew that she knew exactly what she was doing. Most of the time.

-Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Jasmine looked at Max on the bed and fought the urge to pull the proverbial privacy screen up and turn into Mrs. Max Wynters instead of Dr. Jasmine Wynters. Unfortunately for the chief he would have to go home and that is when he could look forward to hours of her ranting and obsessing over the conversation with Creed.

The different physiology of more composite organ structure meant that more areas were directly affected in perhaps strange ways. For a while there was no real response to the hypo cocktail. Vitals still remained about the same.

Taking a step back, Jasmine waited to see if the drugs did anything. It did concern her there was no immediate reaction. If the person had known Federation physiology, Jasmine and Baht could have found a cocktail to have Tov up an singing zippity doo dah five seconds after they administered the drugs. Looking at Hone, she tried to hide her concern.

“The body will take a little time to respond,” Hone said. “A larger organ area needs to absorb the medication.”

Jasmine nodded and shot a look at Shon. Hone’s answer gave her little comfort as to why nothing was working. “Vitals still holding steady,” she asked her colleague. Jasmine could read the scanner as easily as Baht could but the lack of response from the patient was making her edgy.

And wait they did for many minutes before there was a sudden leap in the vital register. At the same time Tov’s body arched and his breath quickened, a deeper purple flush coming to his features. As his body settled after many seconds the vitals didn’t; his heart doubling in rate and body temperature increasing. “Temperature is good. We’ll have to see if his heart rate lowers.”
- Wookiee

“Woah,” Jasmine replied as Tov’s body began to react to the medicine. If they had been alone or if she was not on duty her expression would have used more colorful metaphors but years of training as a doctor prevented her from yelling a more colorful version of Jesus Mary and Joseph.

“Heart rate doubling. We have muscle spasm and his body temperature increasing,” Jasmine called out to Shon. This was an old trick she learned in med school from a rather clever nurse. Most people thought doctors just yelled out conditions to sound important and increase the drama. The real reason was to get everyone on the same page. By yelling out the conditions, others would react so that two people weren’t fighting over the same treatment. Looking up, Jasmine saw Baht’ already had the AED paddles ready which meant she could work on the muscle contractions.

Ensign Baht’s indigo eyes flickered to Dr. Wynter. He held the AED at the ready, the paddles ready to be slapped on the instant she gave the word.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Administering 1.5 mg of Digoxin to control the cardiac arrhythmias,” Jasmine stated and moved back so that Baht could administer the paddles if the man’s heart rate stopped and the medicine did not decrease the rate at which it was beating.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The hoped for effect did not happen. Unfortunately, it appeared to do the opposite as Tov’s heart rate increased past three times normal.

“Administering 100mg of Metrazene to try and stabilize tachycardic arrhythmias,” Jasmine began to pull the hypos Shon had put into place seeing the situation going from tense to downhill rapidly. She looked at Shon and then Hone. The medical staff was excellent at their jobs but this was pure experimental medicine at its purest form and exactly why she had voiced concerns with the CO and subsequently XO moments before. Five minutes ago the patient was happy, healthy and simply resting. Now due to commands, the patient was slipping into cardiac arrest with the doctors not sure how to stabilize him.

Hone frowned and watched the readings, violet eyes flickering from the display to the patient. “This could burst sutures if this continues ..” He looked at Baht. “If he fails you need to be quick.”

Jasmine shot Creed a sour look. While he was not to blame, the situation was heading exactly where she had predicted. Now it could be her arse on the line in an inquiry fielding questions such as ‘Why did you put a patient’s life at risk when it was against all your medical training and experience’ or ‘was the patient in distress before you began rendering medical services,’ with her only response of ‘I was following orders.’

Creed’s eyes narrowed on Jasmine as he shook his head. It was a clear statement, don’t even dare say a word.

Tense moments passed .. then suddenly the vitals stopped. “Go!” Hone said stepping back.

As the consoles began to utter sharp beeps, squeals, and hums signaling the patient was slipping into cardiac, pulmonary, and neurological failure, Jasmine stepped back to let Shon began the cardiac resuscitation. She was rapidly grabbing hypos to help in the process.

“I have Delactovine to cardia and Cortolin for pulmonary on standby,” she announced waiting for Shon to give her the call to begin administering them after he finished with the AED paddles.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Creed, XO/CIO

Ensign Baht darted forward, dexterously adhering the paddles to the patient’s skin by stripping the protective plastic from the adhesive on their undersides. One on the breast across from the alien’s heart, the other on the obliques of the opposite side. The advanced technology monitored the heartrate instantly and Shon leaped back, yelling “Clear!” as he spread his arms wide to indicate that others should clear the area immediately surrounding the patient.

A couple seconds passed as the machine beeped a warning of its own before administering a measured shock to Tov’s cardiopulmonary system. Shon held his breath as he waited for the machine to announce the next step. It should tell them if another shock was needed. His eyes rapidly alternated between the machine and the vital sign readings in those long seconds.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

The ship shuddered for a second time, this time it was during Baht’s deploying the paddles. Hone grunted in surprise as though something unexpected had just happened, and Tov jerked on the bed whether that was from the paddles or whatever else. He didn’t see Hone from the angle he was at, but Baht did see that Tov’s features went fuzzy and a spectral hand emerged from Tov’s followed by the arm and then the upper torso as though sitting up. It had the features of Tov but was spectral, ghostly, and it reached out toward Baht. When there was contact, if briefly, there was a jolt as though an electric current passing through Baht. It wasn’t a charge knocking him back, but enough to freeze him on the spot. This lasted for moments before the shape sunk back down into Tov.

Hone would, for those seeing him, see a similar thing only in this case looking like his soul was being pulled out from his body forcibly. He himself pressed against the bulkhead near the monitor and, when the spectre drew back into his body, he slumped to the deck. Mopping at his brow he choked out, “I didn’t much like that, whatever that was.”

The Captain’s voice came over the comms. =/\=Bridge to Sickbay. Status on our patient, please. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

By whichever means ‘worked’ .. Bhat would look down to Tov and see that his eyes were open and looking at him.
- Wookiee

Ensign Baht was frozen in place long after the physical effect ended, mentally shocked by what he had felt and seen. He stared into the face of the alien man in front of him, in disbelief that Tov was alive given the spectacle. Shon was trying to convince himself that he did not just almost literally tear a man’s soul from his body. But that’s sure what it had seemed like.

Zef had seen the specter, too. By the reactions around the patient, a few others also saw something when it began to separate itself from Tov. Unlike the others, Zef was not unnerved by what she’d seen. She was used to seeing energy auras and had actually chased one of the entities around the ship the night before. What she did find curious was Bhat’s reaction. Was it fright or something else? Had something been communicated between him and the entity?

“Are you alright?” She asked him.

—Rollo, CNS

Shon nodded wordlessly to Commander Rollo, though he was obviously not certain enough of that fact for such a short answer to suffice. He appreciated the concern, and after all this he’d need to make an appointment with her anyways, regardless of if he had just bumped consciousnesses with the specter or not.

Finally Shon’s mouth moved to form words. “Sir, can you tell us your name? Do you know where you are?” Eyes open meant little after a medical emergency like that… Ensign Baht needed to make sure the man was not brain-dead before celebrating. He left the response to the captain to his department head, and although he was inclined to move to help Hone off the floor, he had to attend to the critical patient first.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Raye had been watching silently, having come in quietly to observe and not interrupt.

As the display ended and folks started recovering, she tapped her comm to reply to the Captain. “Sir, Anders here. I believe Tov has reacted to the..umm.. stimulus. They’re checking him now. But something happened.” Her voice, slightly frayed around the edges like she wasn’t sure what she wad describing, paused a moment before finishing. “It seemed like Tov’s energy self was racing out for Baht, sir. Give us a moment to sort this out, sir.”

=/\= Same thing happened here, Ms. Anders. Let the CMO know she will have another visitor shortly. =/\= came the Captain’s reply.

Unsure how to help, Raye stepped slightly closer to Zef. “Something tells me this wasn’t normal. Did you experience anything like this with them?” The idea of the energy beings being a bit more than mere nighttime spectres seemed more and more likely the more she watched.

Vorraye Anders

Cochrane, CO

Ensign Baht stifled a curse under his breath at the news from the bridge. Had he just caused all three of their guests to disassociate from their bodies? Or was it something else that had just so happened to be well-timed… if that were the case, then it was by sheer luck that Tov was still alive and had nothing to do with their intervention. And if he did cause the collective shock… well, that raised all sorts of new and complex questions.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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