Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Holodeck - Music Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life
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Alex smiled. “Good. Press a little harder here and here…” and he moved her fingers so they were placed correctly, “… yeah. Now, try it. Don’t be shy… strum all the way through.”

Cochrane, CO

“Okay,” Kiama nodded and then strummed the strings again. it sounded better than the first time. But at least one of her fingers was touching the neighbouring string lightly as well, so it still sounded a little off. She could tell that she was still touching more strings than she should. So with a deep frown on her face she concentrated on what she was doing, she adjusted her fingers slightly and tried again. It still didn’t sound quite right and she exhaled with a soft sigh.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Alex chuckled. “What? You expected to be B.B. King on your first time?” and he smiled at her. “Here, that’s try something that may fit your stature more.” and he reached for the guitar.

“No, I didn’t,” Kiama laughed. “I’m certainly impulsive and I can be naive and impatient. But I dare say that I’m not stupid, or arrogant enough to believe something should work perfectly the first time I try it. But I can still wish it would be easier for me to keep my fingers on only one string each, no?” she continued with a mock pout as she handed Alex the guitar.

=/\=Computer. One violin. =/\= and there appeared a violin on a stand next to them. Alex picked it up, tuned it, and then showed Kiama how to brace it and where to put her finger. He handed her the bow and said “Now. Your fingers are set for A. Draw the bow across the strings in a smooth, even motion back and forth.”

Cochrane, CO

Somehow the violin felt more natural as it rested on her shoulder than the guitar had on her lap. Making sure to brace it as Alex had shown her, Kiama started to draw the bow gently back and forth across the strings. She tried to do so in an even motion as he had instructed her, but wasn’t sure how well she managed that. It didn’t sound great, but it also didn’t sound as horrible as she had feared that it might.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

“Nice… yeah…” Alex said as she continued to move the bow back and forth. “So the guitar makes sound through strumming or plucking strings. Those sounds are changed by pressure on the frets and distance from the body, and by bending strings and or sliding pressure. The violin works much the same way, but no frets. And here is where it gets tricky. You can do all that stuff from the guitar on the violin, but now you also have the bow. Depending on the angleis what strings you are using, and the pressure or lack there of will change your tone and pitch. Sounds harder than it is, really. Just play around with it, get used to the feel. You don’t have to ‘play’ anything right away. Just listen to the instrument and let it tell you what to do.”

Cochrane, CO

You can do this.

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