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=/\= Cochrane to Away Team. Investigate but maintain comms. Security is in charge until safety is established. Then it’s Lt. Naim’s show. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=^=Copy that, Sir,=^= came Pretha’s reply. Glancing at NE Marks she shook her head. “Short straw, buddy. You get to stay up here and relay in case we can’t get comms to work outside from down there.” She sent a message to the transporter room to send down a couple ropes and climbing gear for three. “Myself, Chief and Calloway will go down first. The rest can follow if we think it’s needed and is safe. Agreed?” She glanced at the others to make sure everyone was on the same page. This was not a place for well I thought you said… when something went wrong.

She smiled at Naim. “Well, glad you’re on CRIT. You get to see a small sample of what it’s like. Each person being in charge of their area of expertise and leading during that particular stage.” She was glad Naim was down here. The woman had been picked for CRIT and, while they hadn’t gotten a chance to do any formal simulations, this was a good way to see the change of leadership in a mission happen as it unfolded.


It was just as well that Kiama took the lead here, since she suspected she was going to proceed slightly more cautiously than Faye might be inclined to, and they all needed to be on top of their game. “Do we want climbing gear?” Faye asked. It was the safer way to go about it, but based on the decline and topography she felt confident she could maneuver the rock face without supports. Just as well it was’t her decision.

~Faye Calloway

Kiama nodded and said, “Yes, climbing gear would be good. I’m sure we’d be able to make it down there without, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. And I’d prefer not having to tell the Captain that someone got injured or worse because we didn’t use the available safety gear.”

Once the gear had been beamed down and the three of them were all set and ready to go, Kiama led the way and was about to continue taking the lead on their descend, when she remembered the Captain’s orders. With a small sigh she waited and let Pretha take the lead instead. She understood why security was necessary and that not running blindly into a cave was the smart thing to do. But she was just very curious and thus rather impatient.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

The coolness of the cave mixed with the echoes of their footfalls presented an otherworldly sense, which was ironic as they ‘were’ on another world. Fleeting sparkles in the walls from their lights highlighted the dampness and a granular mix in the limestone like stone walls. Dripping could be heard but not seen. The only ‘life’ that was seen was a small lizard like creature about the size of a hand, smooth skinned with six legs darting out of the way of the light into a crack in the wall.

The climb down was manageable without the climbing gear; in fact it was hindered by the gear. The climb back up would perhaps welcome the gear, however. The rocky slope was steep but with plenty of hand and foot holds. While it was wet in places the climb was ambitious but not technical.

When they arrived at the bottom they found that there was a pool of cool water a couple of centimeters deep that drained off in the direction of an opening and disappeared in cracks in the ground. The area that they were in was several meters long and twice that wide; the sound of dripping and a chill was more evident. At the far side of the chamber a gash in the wall exposed a passage of worked stone. The passage was a rough triangle, wider at the base and arched at the tip; floor and walls were of the same stone - a black like basalt.
- Wookiee

=^= Lieutenant Pretha, can you provide a dynamic risk assessment for the away team and the situation on the ground please and send it to this station, Wyatt.=^= Dynamic risk assessments were something Luke encouraged, it allowed them to reduce risk and have measure put in place if any were needed to be taken, something he had looked into since the event with Faye a while ago.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Eyes wide with excitement, curiosity and wonder, Faye scanned the area with her tricorder, looking for any signs of the materials they had found in the metal shard and knew the big piece they were hunting was made with. But as the sight of the stone, her focused honed in. Time for one of her specialties, and this time it was something she had actually studied, not something she had known from experience. Crouching down in front of the gash, she gently ran her fingertips over the surface. “This part definitely looks man-made,” Faye said. “The worked stone, most likely extrusive igneous rock.” She looked over her shoulder at the other two. “Volcanic rock.”

~Faye Calloway

While Faye examined the rocks, opened Kiama her own tricorder and walked closer towards the the opening that was clearly a passage further into the cave. She wanted to just walk in there, but managed to stop herself just in time. First day as the new Chief Science Officer was probably not the best timing to break a direct order from the Captain. Lest she wanted to risk that he’d reconsider this promotion. So instead of satiating her curiosity by walking through the passage, she directed her tricorder there; hoping to get a better idea of what lay beyond.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Pretha let the two science minded women investigate the base where they were as she swiftly responded to Wyatt. =^=Assessment Low. Incline to base of wall was moderate with easy maneuvering. Assent will require climbing gear. Geographically stable on both walls and floor, so far. About to enter opening into next chamber. Possible man made opening. Will proceed with caution but see no imminent danger or reason to consider more than low to moderate listing of risk at this moment.=^=

While she understood the reason for the Security Chief’s assessment. She had honestly wished he would wait till they chose if more folks were following behind. Having to stop to give more than a we’re safe or retreat necessary seemed more time consuming at this point and with the ship descending above them, she wasn’t crazy about his protocols at this moment. But like the others, she would follow them. “All right, let’s proceed. We need to make sure the Manhattan doesn’t become the next chunk of metal embedded in the planet.” She shone her light thru the opening and began to move forward if the way was clear and safe.


Scans along the corridor showed that the passage that was heading away from the ruins had collapsed several meters along. Broken dark chunks of basalt lay beside local lighter stone. A thin puddle of murky water stretched from the area nearly to where the team was. Here and there drips could be seen and heard from the ceiling. Scans would show that that region of corridor was unstable, though the likelihood of collapse without some kind of intervention was unlikely.

In the direction toward the ruins the corridor looked more stable. Scans would show that they were ancient - more than 20,000 years old. Their structural integrity was mixed - some showing a good strength and some showing via water erosion (some cracks and water drips) that it was weaker. Again, it was not about to collapse on them - without intervention, but that section was stronger than what was behind.

Scans ahead showed the passage descended on a low grade which would put the corridor under the vessel by the time it intersected. Power levels of ‘standard’ power was nonexistent, though the ‘subtle power’ of the Metron-like energy was present. Farther down the corridor there showed that it opened up into a larger chamber. Just as the scans started showing that, the ‘energy’ spiked and drowned out any scans.
- Wookiee

“Sorry for my late coming down. I didn’t know we had something going.” As Williams came out. When she got down to the cropland, she then noticed that they’ve already started without her hence the reason she didn’t know that there was anything that they needed her for.

Ensign williams

Bumping to keep on the boards.

Security NE Marks noted Williams and waved her over. “They just went down a couple minutes ago. It’s a climb so you can probably catch them before they go far. I was voted most likely to watch the grass grow here so you’re lucky. You get to go down there.”
- NE Marks

Pretha frowned as the energy spike caused a white out affect on their scans. “Damn it! Any of you science geniuses know how to scan thru overload?” She laughed, sliding her tricorder back in the holster on her hip. “Well we know, barring some unforeseen, that we’re safe enough if we’re careful. No talking of samples in the tunnels and corridors, please. No point in tempting fate. But this looks promising either way. If we can find the cause of the energy, maybe we can shut it down and turn off the magnet to our ship.”

For a brief flicker of half a heartbeat, Pretha wished she was science minded. But instead of fascinating her, this situation irritated her. She just hoped the brains with the group could figure things out quickly enough.


“Whoa…” Faye said, awe etched in her features as she took in what information she could as they moved through the passageway. “This energy is unlike anything we have. Best resemblance is something from the Metrons. Which given how old everything is, makes a lot of sense.

Sighing at the loss of data the energy spike caused, Calloway continued moving closer towards its source, her steps cautious despite her immense curiosity. “Whatever is generating the power is definitely this way.”

~Faye Calloway

A deep frown was etched on Kiama’s face as she walked next to Faye down the corridor. The energy spike, or rather the loss of sensor data, irritated her. Yet at the same time it also worried her as she feared that it might mean that the Manhattan was being pulled towards the surface even faster. She longed to be able to take her time to have a close look at everything down her. She could spend days analysing these caves, probably weeks or months if not longer. But at the same time she was far too concerned for the crew. So even though she knew that her tricorder wouldn’t show her anything at the moment, she kept an eye on it just in case something changed. At the same time she quickened her pace, counting on Pretha to keep an eye open for any possible threats and dangers.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

As they drew nearer the air felt closer an the dripping sounds along with the soft echo of their steps became crisper, amplified and the sense of someone looking over their shoulders was a real feeling. The lights from their torches made ghostly shadows along the walls that, when moved back were gone again. Energy scans were not uncertain; there was an energy based aura about them that limited their scans to a few feet. Indeed they could see farther than they could accurately scan. As the corridor leveled out from the slight dip it was taking they could see ahead a soft glow.
- Wookiee

=^= Manhattan to the Away Team. Do you copy?=^=

WO Darach - COO (crosspost)

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