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The ship shuddered again, but this time something ‘different’ happened. While Dia simply stood there stoic and unchanging, well, but for the occasional flickering of energy at her fingertips and hair, Maree on the bridge emitted an “Oh my,” before her features began to distort. Her physical form went fuzzy while another ‘form’ seemed to emerge from her that looked in appearance like a ‘shade’ of herself. That emerged part way before drawing back in. Her features were rather .. disheveled .. as though she had just done an hour of off roading through the desert. “I think I’ll just sit down,” she said weakly, nearly collapsing unless someone else was there to catch her.
- Wookiee

Cochrane jumped up and went to her side, helping her to a seating position. “Get Medical up here asap. Mr. Darach.”

Walker only nodded as he opened the channel to sickbay. =^=Medical emergency on the bridge. We need a med team up here ASAP.=^=

Vorraye’s voice came over the comm just then. “Sir, Anders here. I believe Tov has reacted to the..umm.. stimulus. They’re checking him now. But something happened.” Her voice, slightly frayed around the edges like she wasn’t sure what she was describing, paused a moment before finishing. “It seemed like Tov’s energy self was reaching out for Baht, sir. Give us a moment to sort this out, sir.” She suddenly cut out.


=/\= Same thing happened here, Ms. Anders. Let the CMO know she will have another visitor shortly. =/\= Cochrane then looked at Darach. “Chief… start scanning all comms around the planet. See if there are any reports of this happening dirt-side. We may have to get the Graviens back down to the planet if this is an isolated problem.” He then looked at the entity known as ‘Dia’. “You could help these people. You have information we need. Either help us understand, or get off this ship.” Cochrane doubted she would acknowledge him, she hadn’t before after all, but at least it was something.

Cochrane, CO

Strangely comms had ceased on the planet. There were still transmissions, and channels were open but there were no live comms.

Whatever was happening, there was another ‘thing’ .. the chrono on the ship was accelerating even if they weren’t in motion or in feeling.

For once Dia looked at Cochrane. “I am not on your ship. What might you feel when you were suddenly faced with your true self? Freedom? Resistance? Fear? We are all being called.”
- Dia

“Channels are open, but there is nothing transmitting Captain. It’s just dead air, like everyone just stopped.” Was this because of what Dia was saying about them all being called.

Hearing about the transmissions, Cochrane said “Contact the Away Team. Make sure they can hear us. If they can’t try to get a lock and get them out of there!” as he knelt next to Maree.

Cochrane, CO

Walker wasn’t too worried about about the transmission getting through, he was more worried about the away team being in a place where they would be able to reply. Hopefully whatever had caused the entire planet to seemingly stop, wasn’t effecting them.

=^= Manhattan to the Away Team. Do you copy?=^=

As he waited for a response Walker noticed the chrono on the bridge rapidly accelerating. That could be a problem. “Captain,” he said just pointing up to where the chrono was.

WO Darach - COO

Luke had also noticed the chronometer rolling through at an impossible pace, “Can we get a lock onto the away team?” He asked echoing the Captains orders if communications couldn’t be established. Quickly his mind was analytically thinking and breaking down the situation they could very well be under the influence of a force they did not know or comprehend, or simply under attack. He moved to the captains side, “Where is that medical team?” he wondered then if the ships internal communications was working or not.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

=^=Away Team here. We copy. We are deeper now and seeing a glow ahead. Huge energy readings that are flooding out the scans much past a few feet. A bit eerie but we are all safe still.=^= Pretha’s voice came on the comms.


Communications could be made with the away team .. any wording, however, would sound like both sides were talking through a long echoey tunnel.

It was difficult but not impossible to listen to the transmission, =^=Thankyou Lieutenant, please be on alert… things are beginning to happen and it started with your entrance into the save system=^= Luke didn’t want any casualties and certainly didn’t want any complacency.

At the beginning the Manhattan pulled out of orbit to get away from the pull. My current take is that they were grabbed while out farther from the world and are being drawn back to the world, but right now were still outside of transporter range. That was not to say that they couldn’t return to range ..
- Wookiee
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Cochrane looked at the chronometer and said a few choice words that would make anyone who spoke the Klingon language blush; then his head whipped around to the Science station. “Check chroniton readings right now. See if there is a field or a area of lesser or greater concentrations around us and the planet or areas on the planet. If you find them, put them on the planet map on the main viewer.”

Cochrane, CO

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

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