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Security NE Marks noted Williams and waved her over. “They just went down a couple minutes ago. It’s a climb so you can probably catch them before they go far. I was voted most likely to watch the grass grow here so you’re lucky. You get to go down there.”
- NE Marks

Pretha frowned as the energy spike caused a white out affect on their scans. “Damn it! Any of you science geniuses know how to scan thru overload?” She laughed, sliding her tricorder back in the holster on her hip. “Well we know, barring some unforeseen, that we’re safe enough if we’re careful. No talking of samples in the tunnels and corridors, please. No point in tempting fate. But this looks promising either way. If we can find the cause of the energy, maybe we can shut it down and turn off the magnet to our ship.”

For a brief flicker of half a heartbeat, Pretha wished she was science minded. But instead of fascinating her, this situation irritated her. She just hoped the brains with the group could figure things out quickly enough.


“Whoa…” Faye said, awe etched in her features as she took in what information she could as they moved through the passageway. “This energy is unlike anything we have. Best resemblance is something from the Metrons. Which given how old everything is, makes a lot of sense.

Sighing at the loss of data the energy spike caused, Calloway continued moving closer towards its source, her steps cautious despite her immense curiosity. “Whatever is generating the power is definitely this way.”

~Faye Calloway

A deep frown was etched on Kiama’s face as she walked next to Faye down the corridor. The energy spike, or rather the loss of sensor data, irritated her. Yet at the same time it also worried her as she feared that it might mean that the Manhattan was being pulled towards the surface even faster. She longed to be able to take her time to have a close look at everything down her. She could spend days analysing these caves, probably weeks or months if not longer. But at the same time she was far too concerned for the crew. So even though she knew that her tricorder wouldn’t show her anything at the moment, she kept an eye on it just in case something changed. At the same time she quickened her pace, counting on Pretha to keep an eye open for any possible threats and dangers.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

As they drew nearer the air felt closer an the dripping sounds along with the soft echo of their steps became crisper, amplified and the sense of someone looking over their shoulders was a real feeling. The lights from their torches made ghostly shadows along the walls that, when moved back were gone again. Energy scans were not uncertain; there was an energy based aura about them that limited their scans to a few feet. Indeed they could see farther than they could accurately scan. As the corridor leveled out from the slight dip it was taking they could see ahead a soft glow.
- Wookiee

=^= Manhattan to the Away Team. Do you copy?=^=

WO Darach - COO (crosspost)

Pretha had remained just ahead of Naim and Faye as they went deeper. She hated the feeling of being watched, but had grown used to it enough on other missions she was only mildly distracted by it.

As the glow could be seen, she paused to let the others catch up. “Something is down there. And I’m guessing it’s not some glow bug.” She wasn’t sure it wasn’t a natural creature, but in the case of this much energy, she doubted it. As the comm came on, she sighed and responded. =^=Away Team here. We copy. We are deeper now and seeing a glow ahead. Huge energy readings that are flooding out the scans much past a few feet. A bit eerie but we are all safe still.=^= She wasn’t sure what all they would want, but she knew they had to get answers for the ship soon or more than a few glow bugs, if that’s what they were, were in danger.


=^=Thankyou Lieutenant, please be on alert… things are beginning to happen and it started with your entrance into the save system=^= Came the returning echoing voice of the chief of security.

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