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Jack was annoyed, he had been forced to come down to Sickbay cause of Jasmine and he wasn’t really in the mood to have to deal with her right now. Celina had long been best friends with Jasmine which meant Jack had to become acquaintances. That was the rules, of course, you love your wife and you tolerate her friends. Jack didn’t really have much reason to dislike Jasmine, she seemed perfectly fine in many ways but there was always the feeling she found herself to be superior that could just rub one the wrong way at times.

Hearing the snap hiss of the pneumatic door pulling back, Jasmine looked at Shon before glancing to see which walking pip was headed her way: Cochrane or Creed.

“And here we go,” she said to Shon trying to keep her tone neutral but Baht had worked with her long enough to know Jasmine was less than thrilled with the turn of the situation.

Entering sickbay with the delegates Jack motioned for Jasmine to come over.

Jasmine walked over to the XO with her hand in her pockets “Sir,” she said in a cool tone.

“There you are, be a jewel and make this easy will you? We have game night tonight, I don’t need a headache…” he said as he nodded at the delegates who began to enter in behind him.

Creed, XO

Jasmine walked over to the XO with her hand in her pockets. “Sir,” she said in a cool tone.

“There you are, be a jewel and make this easy will you? We have game night tonight, I don’t need a headache…” he said as he nodded at the delegates who began to enter in behind him.

Creed, XO

Jasmine felt her temper begin to boil over. Why did the security types think things like this were so black and white. Fix them doc we need them alive. Hey doc don’t be gentle they took out five of our team Hey doc can you run out of Tyenol for the lot that we just busted getting drunk in engineering. A hangover might do them some good. Jasmine had heard this and a thousand other requests like this since becoming a doc. She wondered briefly if the ol’ man sent Jack down because she and Celina were friends. The problem was when you were on duty personal relationships didn’t come into play....or at least they weren’t supposed to. Jack’s casual greeting made her wonder if he as playing the good cop-bad cop thing and how long it would last before it became an order.

“Absolutely sir but if I can see you for a moment in my office while we get the meds ready?” Jasmine knew Shon already had everything in place or was ten seconds from having it ready. Still, she could not just do this without speaking her mind.

Ardashir took a deep sigh as he nodded. “This better be quick,” he said as he followed her as he put a finger up for the dignitaries to wait for a moment.

As long as you get the hell out of my sick bay it will be, she thought entering her office. The problem was Jasmine was not dealing with Jack. She was dealing with a superior officer that was on duty and had one course of action in mind.

Closing the door to her office, Jasmine raised the privacy dampeners to her office so that no one could hear what was being said in the main sickbay area but the large glass window would allow everyone to watch Jack and Jasmine hash this out. “It’s called be a gem. It is not a jewel so if you are thinking you are going to sweet talk me into something maybe expel ten seconds worth of effort to get it right.”

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

“I don’t have time for this Jaz…”

“You don’t have time for this,” she let out a haughty laugh shaking her head in disbelief. She could barely believe what she was hearing.

” this is an order…”

“That you have no authority to give,” she glared at him angrily. “We are talking about someone’s life Jack. You have no right to order this,” she fought each sentence Jack was producing with a talking point of her own. At this point they were talking over each other instead of at each other. Jack’s calm demeanor was almost more infuriating than what he was ordering her to do.

” not from me, and not even from the Captain.”

“Then who,” she snapped throwing up her hands. “Because he is not a Federation citizen. We got a rule for everything so I am damn sure there is a rule about experimenting on people from a sovereign civilization.” Rarely did she take this tone or stance on the job. Orders were orders and you accepted. When the orders however conflicted with the various principles of one’s oath to the Federation things became gray. “So you are conveniently gonna toss out the oath you took as an officer to respect the rights and dignity of another because you and Cochrane want the easy path to solve a problem?” Her voice was taking on the shrill anger all men involved with a woman on an intimate basis knew. Jack had a fiancee that was a Latina of all things. Keeping Celina not feisty about any topic was a daily chore. He would instantly know the tone was a cross between a pissed off woman trying to provoke a man to get livid and an officer that was trying to defend her actions in a reasonable way.

” That man’s own people are asking us to do it.” Jack said as he pointed his finger in the direction of the members he had escorted.

“So you that means we accept their decision knowing nothing about these people,” she paced her office. Taking a deep breath she crossed her arms over her chest. “Because that worked so well for Voyager and the Vaadwaur or the Iconinans who were driven into dark space. What if our blind acceptance of their orders comes back to bite us in the butt because we don’t have all the information. I am not ready to call those people in their collateral damage. Hell Creed even their own people don’t know what this will do to them. Doesn’t that seem even the smallest bit crazy to you? It’s not like they are using maggots and leeches for medicine. This is a condition that is known to them and I am having one helluva time believing no one ever thought for once....huh what do we do to wake one of us up in the middle of the coma sleep.” By now Jasmine could barely contain her anger. People always wanted to say see it from their point of view but what if that point of view didn’t make a lot of sense to someone else.

“You can play wounded martyr that your pride is broken that you have to do something against your oath another time, it’s out of all of our hands including yours,” Jack said as he sat down at her desk as he grabbed onto the rubber band ball she kept in the corner as he began to bounce it against the walls as he kept his feet propped in the air.

“Did you just call me a martyr,” she asked as the ball richoted off the wall behind her with a dull thunk as it moved back to Jack’s hand.

“Ugh I am not a marytr. I have,” the ball bounced again next to her and back to Jack, “principals and a moral,” the ball bounced a third time frustrating Jasmine insanely. “A moral,” she restarted her sentence as her hand reached out trying to grab the ball. The rhythm was off letting it pass by her instead of letting her catch it. “A moral compass,” she half yelled out her comment again attempting to snatch the rubber orb happily moving from Jack’s hand to the wall and back again.

“Stop throwing that ball and get out of my chair,” she snapped again reaching for the ball and missing it.

“Besides, you pissed off the Captain… come on you know far better than to give him a dress down in front of everyone that way. You can’t have expected him to be super happy. You basically proclaimed eff you this is stupid in front of the entire bridge, and our guests.” Jack said as he caught the ball as he looked over at Jasmine, knowing she would be pissed at it all but not really having time to care too much. It wasn’t their call, pure and simple.

Creed, XO/CIO

“Because it is stupid and violating a patient’s right. I get that might not mean much to you both right now but there is a reason Max has a proxy for me and you for Celina. It is because if I am incapacitated you guys make the decisions. I gotta tell you Jack this is sitting bad with me. The dignitaries are clueless as to what is going on with their own people, when Shon and I get there they have no clue as to what is happening to three people in a hospital and there is not one story, article, or journal detailing what happens to them at night. If you suddenly had the equivalent to an out of body experience every night doncha think you would wanna find out what you are doing when you are roaming the halls in your briefs ?”

“Jack I have no clue what shooting these people up with drugs is going to do. Killing them is not going to give us any answers. It is only going us two dead bodies. Are you saying the only way for us to survive is by potentially killing two innocent people?” Her tone had mellowed some but not her point.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Jack looked at Jasmine with a softer look as he shook his head. “I’m not saying it’s the right thing, but that doesn’t always matter in the military. Do you think I always get to do what I think is right? I can agree that things feel off… but we signed up for this… well you did at least.” Jack said as he got up and tossed the ball her way for her to catch.

“I really thought you were gonna catch that!” Jack said as the ball careened and hit her in the face as he rushed over. “Stop stop… I can’t have you going out there looking like I beat my medical chief…” Jack said as he looked around finding a tricorder on her desk. “Do I just wave I don’t really know how this… ” he said as he paused as she looked angrily at him through her clenched face.

Outside in the sickbay Max saw what happened through the Office windows and pushed himself to a seated position on the bio-bed. He could feel his temper flare despite the throb in his head, which simply made it worse.

“I should give this to you…” he said as he handed it to her as he stood back. “Really thought you could catch that… sorry… but you have my sympathy all the same. It isn’t an easy job, and we don’t get easy choices… but in the end, we have to know that we let our voices known even if we couldn’t fix things.”

Creed, XO

Max understood what had happened without even being in the room. Jasmine had hands like an artists when she was either in bed or in surgery but take her out of those circumstances, and she suddenly developed T-Rex arms. Nevertheless, what had happened to his wife might mean that the XO’s replicator might malfunction for a week, and every time Celina ordered coffee, she would get flat lemonade instead.

Lt Cmdr Max Wynter, CE

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