Oh no, I'm the clever one. [Open, Science]

Posted March 6, 2021, 3:51 p.m. by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) (Miriam W)

Posted by Civilian Dr. Abbey Wyatt PhD (Civilian Scientist / Consultant) in Oh no, I’m the clever one. [Open, Science]

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Oh no, I’m the clever one. [Open, Science]

Posted by Civilian Dr. Abbey Wyatt PhD (Civilian Scientist / Consultant) in Oh no, I’m the clever one. [Open, Science]
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Abbey had been bouncing off the walls since she finally got approved to head out to the Delta quadrant and even more so she’d been granted permission to be aboard the USS Manhattan. It wasn’t the fact her father was posted there but it was just the fact that the Manhattan was the ‘New Frontier’ and her study into Synthetic Biology was similiary revolutionary, not unheard-of but just never utilised to make it worth while.

She had arrived a few hours and after settling into her quarters she’d made her way to the one place she was extremely excited to see, the Svience labs. She was wearing her long grey coat which she’d used in place of her white long coat it made her feel more ‘science’ and ‘less open your mouth medical’ stepping into the main science lobby she looked around. It may have been more prudent to find her father and actually tell him she’d arrived but that could wait for now.

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt PhD.
    Synthetic Biologist

“Ooh, I love the labcoat,” a voice spoke, coming from a diminutive officer in Engineering Yellows. Diminutive described her well, as the slender alien barely reached a height of three feet. She resembled a mane-less Caitian, fur in a coloration pattern similar to a Siamese Cat. She held a PADD tucked under one arm, while the other hand held a wooden mock-up of a prosthetic arm, with wires running up the length of it. She waved the wooden hand at Abbey and grinned widely. “I’m Kaia. Welcome to the Delta Quadrant!”

Kaia, Eng.

Abbey turned and faced the voice and smiled at Kaia, “Thankyou! I’m glad to have made it that journey is a killer on the knee’s!” She stretch out her legs out, “Is that a prosthetic?” She had walked the gap between them, one of Abbey’s researching fields was the application of Sythentic biology into creating prosthetic, well prosthetic would be the wrong word because if her theory was correct she could completely regrow a limb using DNA from the host and from a regenerative species like a worm. Her eyes were aglow with the idea.

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt, PhD.

Kaia glanced at the wooden arm, then nodded with a smile. “Yeah,” she replied, “It is. It’s part of a project related to prosthetics I’ve been working on. We’re trying to make a functional prosthetic that doesn’t include electrical parts or static-inducing components, for people who need to work with electrically-sensitive equipment. The closest we have is taking a regular modern prosthesis and covering it in a static-blocking glove. Which is functional, but it’s harder to get a prosthetic into a glove than it is with a natural arm.” She enjoyed talking about her project.

Kaia, Eng

Abbey eyes lit up, “What if I told you that the very field I am in is all about doing just that well not just that but I think I could be on the same line as you and your work, maybe I could even have a solution for you, given some testing of course,” synthetic biology was all about just this, and she hoped with the Engineers approval she’d have her first project! Beyond what she had already planned in her mind.

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt PhD

Kaia’s eyes widened, pupils dilating with surprise as her ears swiveled to directly face Abbey, her attention now fully on this scientist. “I mean, I’d be all in for that!” She tucked the wooden prosthetic next to the PaDD. “I’d love to hear more about any sort of ideas you have.”

Kaia, Eng

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