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He held up his hands “Sorry for the intrusion, just doing the rounds and clearing my head.” Luke had never seen the engineer before, he’d be sure to remember her. “I’m Lieutenant Luke Wyatt, chief of security.” He gave her a smile noting her stump and prosthetic, he wondered if it was a combat injury or accident. He had more than enough friends with prosthetics, as good as modern medical was missing limbs wasn’t one of them.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

Kaia nodded, bringing up her natural hand to scratch lightly at her ear. Her long tail swooshed back and forth a little bit as she turned back to focus on her work. “Nice to meet you, Chief of Security. If you’re curious, you can come closer,” she offered, gesturing at the table she was seated on. “Despite the sharp teeth, I don’t bite,” she joked, baring her teeth. Kaia was, in appearance, much like a Caitian, so sharp teeth were part of the package.

Kaia, Eng

“Nice to meet you too.” Thinking to the conversation he had with Cochrane about trying think the crew as more than just a crew he nodded, “Sure, you’ve peaked my intrest. Caitian or?” He asked having spotted the tail but she seemed to short to be Caitain. Moving towards the center of the room and to over where she was working. He was turning over a new leaf and if he could start here with… come to think about it did she mention her name.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“Raka, actually. We’re quite similar to Caitians, but as you can see, notably smaller.” Kaia said with a small grin. “I’m Kaia, by the way. You’re now part of an exclusive club, people who know about my missing hand,” she added. Because it was such a visually seamless prosthetic, other than the captain, chief engineer, and the medical team, only Kiama knew about her arm. And now the new security chief.

Smiling with a notable tone of joy, “Well what can I say I am honoured.” Luke would be lying if he said he wasn’t uninterested about how she came about needing a prosthetic. The people he knew who required one were casualties of war but somehow he couldn’t imagine Kaia having been in any major conflict and not one where she would loose a limb. His unheard question must have been written on his face when she spoke next.

“I was born like this, if you were wondering. Genetic defect or something, stopped my arm developing at the elbow. I don’t mind though. One hand is good enough for me under most circumstances. I don’t really mind talking about it, just doesn’t really come up in conversation all that often.”

Kaia, Eng

“Well thank you for telling me, I wouldn’t have asked but I am glad you brought it up.” He smiled looking to her prosthetic, “Top of the line, I have some friends who have similar maybe not quite as advanced or as inconspicuous. So Kaia, you’re an engineer?” He asked noting back to her previous comment about being one, “I’m not great at small talk, I’m working on it though” He added a little too embarrassingly.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

“The fur really helps. It’s a lot easier to hide a prosthetic under fur than it is to hide it under false skin,” Kaia commented as she finished re-assembling the arm, turning off the solid light tools and sliding her elbow-joint into the socket of the prosthetic. She wiggled her artificial fingers, then smoothed the fur at the join. When she then held up both hands towards Luke, it was impossible to see the difference. “It’s actually my own fur attached to a skin-like film on the surface of the prosthetic,” she explained.

Genuinely invested in her explanation Lukes face was a mixture of astonishment and interest. “The concept is similar to human skin graphing,” He explained, it truly was amazing how that if he hadn’t come in and saw the prophetic on the workbench he’d never had known that she was an amputee, modern medical science was amazing, he kept thinking to himself. “Its pretty damn amazing medical engineering.”

“Yeah, I’m an Engineer. It’s kinda a thing that runs in the family. Because of… reasons, my people are especially apt for Engineering. It helps that my species has a tendency towards analytical thought, spatial awareness, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to keep multiple things in mind at a time. Makes us almost perfect engineers. I figured, why go against my natural tendencies, and I went into Engineering.”

Kaia, Eng

Luke was interested in what those reasons were but wasn’t sure if right now, their first encounter was a good time to get all deep, besides he already found out a lot more about here than what he’d ever usually tell someone in their first meeting. “Makes sense, be what you’re good at especially if it comes naturally. I thought that’s what I was doing but turns out its a lot harder than it looks.” His minded drifted to all the challenges he had faced since being bored, half the reason why he was here talking to Kaia. Trying to become a better him, a people person and someone who people could trust maybe even like. “I was a marine before making the move to Starfleet Security. I left to care for my daughter after my wife died and worked hauling freight, sometimes I wonder If I should have just stuck to that.”

  • Luke Wyatt, CoS

Kaia tilted her head, listening. “Seeing as you’re Security Chief, I’d say that someone in Starfleet likes you being here,” she said with a cheerful smile, starting to put away her tools. It was almost time for her to head back to relay maintenance anyways, and she wasn’t going to get any more work done if she was having a conversation with Lt. Wyatt.

Ens. Kaia, Eng


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