PreSIM: Checking In with the CSO

Posted April 6, 2021, 12:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in PreSIM: Checking In with the CSO

Posted by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in PreSIM: Checking In with the CSO

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in PreSIM: Checking In with the CSO
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Relieved of the mandatory medical and psychological evaluations, Namid retracted their steps to Deck 6 for what they hoped would be the more eventful of their check-ins. They couldn’t say they’d done their research on the CSO. If they were being honest, the concept of diving into their superior’s service record for the sake of preparation was.. weird.

Argimeau indulged the thrill of going in blind. They enjoyed the ambiguity – the uncertainty of what people would say and the leniency to let them, not a file, share what they felt was pertinent to know. Namid hoped they would impart the same courtesy onto them, but they learned not to expect it. People preferred to be informed, and they couldn’t argue with that.

Pausing by Naim’s door, they lifted their hand to the chime and pressed a thin, scarred finger to its face. Quietly, they stepped back and waited for a response.

– Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intelligence

At the sound of the chime, Kiama looked up from her computer and said, “Come in.” Her voice was gentle, but also certain.

When Namid entered the office, they would find themself in a very standard looking department heads office. None of the furniture had been replaced by anything personal and the only personal items in the room were an unlit scented candle and an Eastern Murex sea shell sitting on one corner of her desk. Kiama herself was sitting very straight-backed behind her desk. Her black hair was pulled back in an updo of very neat and intricate braids and her dark face was lit up by a warm, welcoming smile. Gesturing towards one of the chairs in front of her desk, she said, “Please, have a seat. How can I help you? Can I get you anything from the replicator?”

OOC: Welcome aboard Trinity! I’m looking forward to rping with you :) Don#t be surprised about the different signature. Kiama got promoted to full Lieutenant and CSO during the sim. To keep things straight (especially where she is mentally) I’m using the old signature.

~Lt. j.g. Naim, aCSO

“Good morning.” Namid wandered through the doors and into Naim’s office, their attention seized by the impressed sutures of her Eastern Murex. They grinned. It wasn’t the first they’d seen, but it was a welcomed reminder of the planet orbiting some feeble star, half-a-galaxy away. “That’s a beautiful specimen– where did you find it?”

“A friend at the Academy gave it to me at our graduation. There are a lot of those where she is from,” Kiama replied with a warm smile and soft chuckle.

“Oh, uh..” Namid chuckled, happening upon the realisation they were some stranger hovering in Kiama’s office. “Namid Argimeau,” they approached her desk and reflected her warmth in a bashful smile. “I’m a new Scientific Intel Officer,” they extended a hand, “I figured I’d stop by and say ‘hey, boss!’”

Argimeau settled into the indicated chair and returned their gaze to Kiama. “No,” the foul taste of guava nectar lingered on their tongue, and they had no desire to worsen the agony, “I’m okay. Thank you.”

– Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel
OOC: Thank you, Silke! Congratulations to Naim! :) - Trin

OOC: Thank you! :)

“It’s pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant,” Kiama replied sincerely as she mustered the other officer curiously for a moment. “I saw that you’d join us, but I have to admit that I haven’t been able to read your file yet. So why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” she suggested and then added right away, “And please feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know about me, this department, the Manhattan, you name it.”

~Lt. j.g. Naim, aCSO

“Likewise, Lieutenant.” Namid echoed her sincerity in a subtle grin. They took from Naim’s office a kind of simplicity that led to assume she was either newly promoted or recently assigned to CSO. They couldn’t blame her for neglecting a file. Actually, they were relieved she hadn’t the opportunity to acquaint herself with their record. It gave them the chance to speak for themself. “Of course,” they shrugged somewhat dismissively, “who doesn’t like talking about themselves?”

“I was born on Vancouver Island, the youngest of artistic and somewhat flamboyant triplets, and raised just about everywhere but. Oddly, my interest in science sprung from utter boredom,” a sprig of laughter filled the air. “When your father leaves you for rehearsals in the middle of a bustling city, it’s not difficult to find company in bizarre places.” They shook their head. “I didn’t initially attend Starfleet Academy; I opted to pursue biotech at the University of Washington and later Biomed with Duke. In both cases, I participated in biomedical research, specifically around nanotechnology, which I later resumed with Dr Visrian Parr on Outpost 56.” Namid elected to avoid detail unless provoked. “Otherwise, I’m just another tap-dancing scientist with a whim for all things that spark my interest.”

With a warm smile playing across her dark face, Kiama listened closely, nodding here and there and taking a couple of mental notes.

They pondered the questions that flittered through their mind, searching for which to pose first. “Thank you for your openness,” Namid began. “I have a couple of questions, but I’d like more about you, as the person I’ll be both working closely with and reporting to.” They didn’t offer anything specific, choosing to let Naim share whatever she felt comfortable sharing.

– Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

“You’re welcome,” Kiama smiled and then continued with a soft laugh, “We actually have something in common: I didn’t join Starfleet right after finishing High School either. I went to the University of Betazed first and got a major and PhD in neuroscience. I then worked for the university for a while before finally following my heart and attending the Academy. This is actually my very first posting.” Her expression turned a little sheepish. “I have led research teams and all at the university, so heading this department is familiar in a way. But to be honest, I didn’t expect to become acting CSO a few short months after my graduation. So there are still things I’m learning and I’m bound to make mistakes. I hope everyone in this department and on the ship in general will be gracious with me when I do.” She knew she was probably more honest than she needed to be, but being Betazoid and having a strong telepath as a mother meant that she was used to being able to keep any secrets anyway. So she always figured she might just share things openly. Not to mention that she was hoping to build trust between every member of the science department. And for that honesty, where it was possible, was essential.

~Lt. j.g. Naim, aCSO

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