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It was the next week after Kaia’s encounter with the younger Wyatt, and she still hadn’t made the connection between father and daughter. As promised, she was in the Engineering Lab, having told Abbey which one and when to come. She wondered if maybe she should invite Kiama to this little pow-wow for her expertise, but decided to just work on it by herself for now.

Having taken a lot longer than planned, Abbey found herself rushing towards the engineering lab. She’d recently discovered she cared about her appearance especially when it came to the meeting with Kaia. She was dressed in a grey suit, black heels and her lab coat. She wanted to send the message that she wasn’t just a civilian on board but a contributing member to the crew even if she wasn’t in starlflet.

The Engineer was messing around with the tolerances on her wooden prototype when she heard the footsteps.

Kaia, Eng.

Entering the room she said “Sorry I am late!” This was mainly to gain Kaia’s attention she’d been practising and leaving Galdori customs and mainly their greeting, baby steps and all that. Without further thought, she said as close as she could to Galdori Language, “May your hearts beat strongly, and your love grows wid.” As she spoke Abbey bowed her head, placing her right palm on the centre of her chest. Bringing her hand down Abbey held it out toward Kaia. She waited for the response from Kaia.

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt PhD

Kaia turned to look at Abbey a moment before she spoke, the alien’s larger ears having noticed her before she entered. Kaia was about to greet Abbey when the human woman beat her to the punch. She stood quietly, surprised, for a moment before a small smile spread across her face. She put her left palm on her chest and mirrored Abbey’s gesture. “To you as well, and may your clan’s name never fail,” she spoke. Notably, she gave the reply in a somewhat accented Federation Standard.

“Your pronunciation was way off, but I can blame that on the shape of your mouth,” she commented with a small grin, sliding over to sit on the edge of the table with her legs hanging down. Her voice was back to the slightly synthesized sound of the Universal Translator. Kaia was fully capable of speaking Federation Standard, but she chose not to under most circumstances, finding that it hurt her jaw if she tried speaking it too much. “I think I should appreciate the effort. We usually tell humans that if they want to use our greeting, just use the translated version.” She was still grinning though, so it was clear that despite her words, she was pleased that an attempt had been made.

Kaia, Eng.

“Well I like to be thorough in my research which includes learning the language of my co-conspirator, maybe you can one day teach me how to do it. The holoprogram for xeno-languages was a little… vague. “So, what shall we start with for today? I’ve transferred some of my more personal and latest research to the ship so we can bring it up here. I also ran it by a friend back at the Daystrum institute.” Abbey said that last bit with a bit or pride.

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt PhD

“There’s a lot of inflection stuff that’s hard to communicate if you didn’t grow up with the language,” Kaia chuckled. “I mostly invited you to the lab so that you could take that look you so desperately wanted to take of my arm,” she smirked, teasing the woman. Her left arm reached over to just above her elbow and twisted, pressing down in a few key places. With a pop, the false arm slid off the stump - which ended just below her elbow. She held out the complex prosthesis to the doctor. “So, here she is. Feel free to examine to your hearts content.”

Kaia, Eng

The young doctor was hesitant at first, Kaia had surprised her with just how easy it was to pop it off and hand it to someone, she figured that it would be sensitive or private almost like a secret you wouldn’t want to share. Abbey was extremely grateful that Kaia felt like she could with her even if it was normal for Kaia to do so. “Wow thank you” She voiced before carefully taking the prosthetic from Kaia and turning it around in her hands. It was amazing really even detached it had a life-like look to it. “it’s far more complex than I thought!”

  • Dr Abbey Wyatt, PhD

Kaia patted the table she was sitting on, inviting Abbey to come over and join her there. “You’re into prosthetics and stuff, so I figured you’d appreciate the craftsmanship. I’ve made some improvements over the years,” she explained, letting her legs swing back and forth.

It certainly was an impressive piece of machinery, especially evident once Kaia pulled off the fur covering. A soft pad of Bio-neural gel formed a sensory connection with the bare skin of Kaia’s elbow. Delicate joints were run by small, silent motors, calculated to have the precise amount of grip strength required for daily use.

Kaia, Eng.

Abbey joined her and placed the prosthetic on the table, “So If you dont mind me asking what bits have you improved? I can barely see any signs of tampering from what appears to be the original design” Usually it was easy to see like slight discolouration, different textures or just micro-cuts made by engineering tools but in this case it appeared as if it had never been touched since the day it left its designer’s workshop.

  • Dr. Abbey Wyatt PhD

“Oh, pretty much the whole thing’s been overhauled,” Kaia said with a small shrug. “This arm had to be custom designed for me since, well. A couple reasons. I’m not exactly humanoid, so my joints don’t quite work the way yours do. Plus, I only have four fingers!” She held up her hand, wiggling a hand that, indeed, looked like a cartoon hand with three fingers and a thumb. “I’ve been doing a lot of internal and software changes too, along with training it to do certain things automatically. Like muscle memory.”

Kaia, Eng.


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