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The ship shuddered again, but this time something ‘different’ happened. While Dia simply stood there stoic and unchanging, well, but for the occasional flickering of energy at her fingertips and hair, Maree on the bridge emitted an “Oh my,” before her features began to distort. Her physical form went fuzzy while another ‘form’ seemed to emerge from her that looked in appearance like a ‘shade’ of herself. That emerged part way before drawing back in. Her features were rather .. disheveled .. as though she had just done an hour of off roading through the desert. “I think I’ll just sit down,” she said weakly, nearly collapsing unless someone else was there to catch her.
- Wookiee

Cochrane jumped up and went to her side, helping her to a seating position. “Get Medical up here asap. Mr. Darach.”

Walker only nodded as he opened the channel to sickbay. =^=Medical emergency on the bridge. We need a med team up here ASAP.=^=

Vorraye’s voice came over the comm just then. “Sir, Anders here. I believe Tov has reacted to the..umm.. stimulus. They’re checking him now. But something happened.” Her voice, slightly frayed around the edges like she wasn’t sure what she was describing, paused a moment before finishing. “It seemed like Tov’s energy self was reaching out for Baht, sir. Give us a moment to sort this out, sir.” She suddenly cut out.


=/\= Same thing happened here, Ms. Anders. Let the CMO know she will have another visitor shortly. =/\= Cochrane then looked at Darach. “Chief… start scanning all comms around the planet. See if there are any reports of this happening dirt-side. We may have to get the Graviens back down to the planet if this is an isolated problem.” He then looked at the entity known as ‘Dia’. “You could help these people. You have information we need. Either help us understand, or get off this ship.” Cochrane doubted she would acknowledge him, she hadn’t before after all, but at least it was something.

Cochrane, CO

Strangely comms had ceased on the planet. There were still transmissions, and channels were open but there were no live comms.

Whatever was happening, there was another ‘thing’ .. the chrono on the ship was accelerating even if they weren’t in motion or in feeling.

For once Dia looked at Cochrane. “I am not on your ship. What might you feel when you were suddenly faced with your true self? Freedom? Resistance? Fear? We are all being called.”
- Dia

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“Channels are open, but there is nothing transmitting Captain. It’s just dead air, like everyone just stopped.” Was this because of what Dia was saying about them all being called.

Hearing about the transmissions, Cochrane said “Contact the Away Team. Make sure they can hear us. If they can’t try to get a lock and get them out of there!” as he knelt next to Maree.

Cochrane, CO

Walker wasn’t too worried about about the transmission getting through, he was more worried about the away team being in a place where they would be able to reply. Hopefully whatever had caused the entire planet to seemingly stop, wasn’t effecting them.

=^= Manhattan to the Away Team. Do you copy?=^=

As he waited for a response Walker noticed the chrono on the bridge rapidly accelerating. That could be a problem. “Captain,” he said just pointing up to where the chrono was.

WO Darach - COO

Luke had also noticed the chronometer rolling through at an impossible pace, “Can we get a lock onto the away team?” He asked echoing the Captains orders if communications couldn’t be established. Quickly his mind was analytically thinking and breaking down the situation they could very well be under the influence of a force they did not know or comprehend, or simply under attack. He moved to the captains side, “Where is that medical team?” he wondered then if the ships internal communications was working or not.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt

=^=Away Team here. We copy. We are deeper now and seeing a glow ahead. Huge energy readings that are flooding out the scans much past a few feet. A bit eerie but we are all safe still.=^= Pretha’s voice came on the comms.


Communications could be made with the away team .. any wording, however, would sound like both sides were talking through a long echoey tunnel.

It was difficult but not impossible to listen to the transmission, =^=Thankyou Lieutenant, please be on alert… things are beginning to happen and it started with your entrance into the save system=^= Luke didn’t want any casualties and certainly didn’t want any complacency.

At the beginning the Manhattan pulled out of orbit to get away from the pull. My current take is that they were grabbed while out farther from the world and are being drawn back to the world, but right now were still outside of transporter range. That was not to say that they couldn’t return to range ..
- Wookiee
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Cochrane looked at the chronometer and said a few choice words that would make anyone who spoke the Klingon language blush; then his head whipped around to the Science station. “Check chroniton readings right now. See if there is a field or a area of lesser or greater concentrations around us and the planet or areas on the planet. If you find them, put them on the planet map on the main viewer.”

Cochrane, CO

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Cochrane tapped his badge and said =/\= Cochrane to Sickbay. I don’t know what is happening there, but Mr. Tov has information we need. Sending you a map of the planet. Once he is awake, I don’t care how he feels, you show this to him and ask him what is significant about this site. We need that information twenty minutes ago. =/\= and he looked at the Science station and nodded. NE Blud nodded. “Aye aye, Captain. Sending the map of the location to Sickbay now.”

Cochrane, CO

The readings would light up like a Christmas tree. It was like seeing a map of tectonic plates on the surface of a world where there were brilliant lines illuminated with chroniton activity bursting from these lines. Where they intersected it was an even brighter light. About where the Away Team was the light funneled up and out opening up to circle the globe, but the funnel also stretched out toward and around the Manhattan, placing it within the tubular array.

They were about ten minutes from the planet ..
- Wookiee

Cochrane scowled at the sight and then said “Well that could certainly be the problem. Send that image to the CSO right away. And ask them for an update asap. Helm, take us on heading nine-zero from that funnel, full impulse.” At that time, the medical team arrived and helped Maree.

Cochrane, CO

Walker let out a low whistle as they looked at the chroniton readings. That did not look good.

=/\= Ensign Baht to the bridge. Mr. Tov identified the structure as an ancient holy site known as S’aai Mar, which has been buried for millennia. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

=/\= Mr. Baht, ask him if there are any historical events or fables concerning time travel or time distortion. We have a massive amount of chroniton activity all over the planet, and there is a spike at that location that is trying to pull the Manhattan into the planet like another vessel from long ago. =/\= Cochrane replied and then a thought occurred to him. =/\= And ask him if there are any stories from that site, from S’aai Mar, concerning other worldly beings. =/\=

Cochrane watched the ship’s course to see if they were able to move free of the pull. Looking at the CoS he said “Mr. Wyatt. Send your controls to the XO’s chair and take a seat. We may have some difficult decisions to make in the very near future.”

Cochrane, CO

Wyatt nodded and put in the command code to transfer his controls to the Executive officer’s chairs before handing off his station to a junior officer, they would be able to relay any information to him if they needed to. Luke made his way around the bridge and then sat in the chair putting in his identity command codes to unlock the panel. “Commands transferred sir.” He said nodding to the Captain.

“Captain, just a friendly reminder that we are already out of transporter range of the away team.”

WO Darach - COO

“Understood, Mr. Darach. But we won’t be of much use to them if we end of crashing into the planet on top of them. Modulate shields and see if we can mess with that chroniton funnel at all.”

Cochrane, CO

Moments after the ship began to veer on its new course, an alarm screamed out from the engineering station. Structural integrity fields were showing an incremental failure due to physical deterioration - principally at the bow of the ship that was facing the direction that they were heading to escape the cone.
- Wookiee

“All engines to full reverse, adjust course to stay in the middle of the funnel. Helm, try to back us away.”

=/\= Ensign Baht to the bridge. Mr. Tov says that S’aai Mar means ‘Place of Decision’ and that in the past there were people known as the Monks of S’aai Mar who could communicate with the… spirits that leave their bodies at night. When both halves were awake they would speak about the future of their peoples. That’s all, sir. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“And now all the Graviens appear to have spirits that leave bodies. Thats just… wait.” and he tapped the comms. =/\= Ensign, did he say peoples? As in plural? =/\= Cochrane asked.

Monitoring the situation which seemed with every time they tried something, something else seemed to go wrong. He paused and thought for a moment, “Sir could we use the tractor beam though in reverse to push us away from the planet? My only other thought is that every time we try something our situation gets worst, could we… do nothing?” Sometimes like in quicksand it was better to not move.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

Cochrane shrugged. “I honestly don’t know, but its worth a try Mr. Wyatt. Helm, reverse thrusters to maintain position. No closer, no further. Adjust as needed.”

Cochrane, CO

Reverse thrust was more effective. It slowed their descent to the world that was still a ways off.

The science station would be able to say that they were slowed by a fair bit but because of the time dilation it appeared that they were moving quicker toward the world than they actually were.
- Wookiee

=/\= Uh… no, sir. That might have been an slip on my end. But for what it’s worth, my theory is that they’re separate beings. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Walker looked over at Wyatt. “I get where you are coming from Lieutenant, and you could use the tractor beams as a repulser, normally. In this case though we probably are not close enough to the planet to get a good push from the planet, that’s if we don’t do surface damage to the planet itself. And the mounting points for the tractor beams are not as solid as the engine mounts. So there is just as much chance that we would end up ripping a hole in the ship by trying to do so.”

WO Darach - COO


A beep came from Walker’s console where he was monitoring the ship.

“Captain we are starting to see structural integrity field failures. But in good news it looks like we’ve slowed our movement a fair bit, once you compensate for the time dilation.”

WO Darach - COO

“Take us to red alert, Mr. Darach. Compensate as best you can by drawing power from non-critical systems to shore up the fields. Tactical, prepare two torpedoes in the forward launcher.” Cochrane said matter of factly, although his jaw was clenched tight. He looked at Dia and said “Dia… you have a choice. You can explain to us plainly what is happening and how we can help you and the Gravien people; or you can remain cryptic and force us to try to protect the most people we can with limited knowledge and understanding. Whatever is happening on the planet is endangering this ship and everyone on it. So please… help us understand.”

Cochrane, CO

“The cycle ends. The cycle begins again.”

She fades but in its place the viewer comes alive and shows the away team in a shadowy chamber surrounded by many semi-translucent spirits. A circular stone well was in the center of the chamber and overhead was the broken nose of a ruined vessel.

“They are the Monks of S’aai Mar. They will decide .. our fate. And yours.”
- Wookiee

Receiving the notification from the officer who had replaced his position at tactical, “Sir two torpedos are armed and in the forward launchers requesting target solution and spread.” Luke looked to the Captain hoping he wouldn’t have to give the order to fire what essentially could be classed as weapons of mass destruction especially when used as orbital weapons.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

“Mr. Wyatt.” Cochrane said firmly and then stood up and walked to the Security Chief’s side. He tapped in the coordinates and the torpedoes were locked on the position of the ancient vessel… and the Away Team. Alex looked at Luke and said very quietly “Last resort, Mr. Wyatt. But if there is no other option, we have to do everything we can to save the ship and the people on that planet. A vessel this size slamming into their planet will damage so much more than the immediate area.” and he tapped the console and brought up the radiation that was killing crops and poisoning water already. “And that’s what happened before. We simply cannot allow that to happen again.” and he put a hand on Luke’s shoulder and then walked back to the center chair.

“Comms. See if we can get the Away Team. We need to know what they are seeing and doing.”

Cochrane, CO

Dia becomes more transparent and shadowy - not unlike the shadowy ghostlike figures surrounding the away team in the cave on the planet below. Her voice, when she speaks is like a whisper that comes from nowhere and everywhere on the bridge. “They .. your people have become the Monks of S’aai Mar. Every twelve millennia the moons eclipse. Our spirits are free from our bodies and the one becomes two. It is there that body and spirit decide whether we as a people step forward to evolve or remain the same until the next cycle. The Monks of S’aai Mar decide. One moderates. One chooses. One argues to evolve. One argues to stay.”

She shifted, floated in a ghostly fashion through the front navigation console to where her mother, Second Minister Maree sat, still looking ill. “Your ship is caught. Time flees. Like the last cycle when we Gravenians were aboard our vessel and, at the time of S’aai Mar, too was drawn to the planet and perished. Captain, the One who Chooses must decide the fate of our civilization by the time of Choice, or, like last time, catastrophe will come and your ship will perish. At the last Cycle there was no decision. There were no Monks of S’aai Mar at this place of Decision. We all suffered since for it.”
- Wookiee for Dia

Cochrane listened intently as Dia spoke. Standing, he fixed his eyes on her shadowy form. “I think I understand. A choice will be made. May we communicate with our people below? It will make the process more clear for all involved.” He then turned to Wyatt. “Mr. Wyatt, get Medical and all Graviens on board up here now. They will need to get themselves ready for a most historical event.” He then looked at the comms officer and nodded. Their fingers danced on the console and Cochrane spoke. =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. How do you read us? =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Walker took a small step back as he listened to Dia speak. That was a lot to take in, and could lead to some potentially deadly consequences. Hopefully the away team would be able to handle it, and make the necessary decisions.

WO Darach - COO

The sound of the Away Team’s most junior officer’s voice came through, albeit distorted and muffled. =/\=Away team to Manhattan. Sir this is Ensign William’s. It’s hard to make out with the comms signal. Its weak and something around here is strong this planet is some what not safe but I dont know.=/\=

Cochrane scowled and his jaw muscles clenched as he glared at the view screen. =/\= Away Team. Report. Now. =/\= he said, hoping for more clarification.

Cochrane, CO

“I’ll try to boost the signal Captain. But we don’t have much spare power left,” Walker said seeing what power was left that he could grab and use to boost the comm signal.

WO Darach - COO

“Take power from the phaser array, they’re useless in our current situation and if we can get answers,” Luke said knowing that in this situation force wasn’t going to get them out of their current predicament, the Delta Quadrant was certainly keeping them on their toes. He waited eagerly to hear the transmission, wishing he had gone to the planet himself.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

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