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As they approached the pool it appeared to have less of a watery form as much as a depth to it that may or may not include water, even though the dripping from above caused ripples. Starry reflections could be seen - even though there were no ‘stars’ possible in a cave with the only roof being tons of rock, earth and an ancient ship hanging over it. The only hint that something was about to happen was the quiet zzzzt of a crackling charge - it was quiet though it seemed louder in the echoing silence of the cavern chamber.

Naim, Williams, Faye and Pretha would feel a tingle through them … and a feeling of another ‘presence’. Only Naim, however, would hear words. The others, not to mention those four would see shadowy figures as though from the very walls of the chamber. They had substance, but not, just like the pool. Everyone could hear quiet voices overlapping onto one another. Now and again one word came to the fore … that word was ‘Choose’.

Naim would hear in her mind .. “You are the Voice. The Mediator.”
Pretha would feel a general sense of the negative .. not a bad feeling but a desire to say ‘No’ but to what she could not yet fathom.
Faye, alternatively, would feel a sense of the positive, to say ‘Yes’, but why?
Williams would find herself wanting to look at both Pretha and Faye to hear what they have to say and to make a ‘Choice’.
- Wookiee

OOC: You are all yourselves. You’re not possessed in that sense of the word but you each four feel that you have a ‘job’ that you need to do. Naim, it seems, would be the one who would better know … will mail you :) .. Gene

Williams then pondered about all of this cause it’s not a good sense that she felt. But she did suggest staying together for the primary scans. She also suggested that they’d split up in two directions and keep com signals up and keeps moving as they discovered the disturbance that was off but they do what they needed to do. They have to discover what’s going on here on the planet surface.
Ensign Williams

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Pretha shuddered and shook her head. “You’re right. I want everyone to stay together. We aren’t a large enough group to handle anything major if we do. She found herself shaking her head once more as her gaze kept falling to the ‘star lit pool’. In her mind, she knew it wasn’t possible… but, yet…

She looked at Naim. “You felt them, it… whatever… you felt it first. Something tells me we need to stop whatever we are doing but for the life of me, other than trying to figure out how to save the Manhattan, I don’t know what the feeling means. And I’m not gonna stop that.” She half growled under her breath as she knelt down. She had to grip her pant leg to keep from sticking her hand into the ‘water’. “Something here makes me think of a mirror. But the reflection isn’t what it’s supposed to be…” Her final words dropping almost to a whisper as she glanced at the stars and thought of the sky outside, above them, being reflected. She half expected to see the Manhattan falling up towards her as it fell towards the planet above them.

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“Lt. With all due respect if we did so it would be advisable with comms open at all times like I said. I know it’s an odd thing from a Ensign to say like me. But it’s the best idea I have. I know it is dangerous.” She said as she looked at the Lt. She then started to get worried and then felt it again as if it was connected to her. She then mentioned to then lt. “Lt. It’s someone and something else. I feel like it is connected to my head but I dont know why. I feel lots of pain. Suffering. Death. All of it Lt. And I dont understand it. But it is coming from the north. As a suggestion we should all head over to the north and figure out what’s going on.” She then suggested to the Lt.

Ensign Williams

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Whispers came to Pretha’s mind - they were from outside of her, but they felt more like they came from inside. ‘Not ready. Too much confusion. Division. Spirits divided. We are not ready.’

Williams would feel a pull to the North, bur inside realize that that was pointing toward a sister site, a holy place. But she felt that this was the place for decision this time because of the fact that a) you were all there and the other place felt ‘empty’, and b) there was some .. cyclical sense with the ship overhead and the Manhattan bearing down on their location.
- Wookiee
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A shiver had swept down Faye’s spine as she stood near the well and it was like being tuned into something else. She couldn’t explain the intense feeling she felt. “We should…” She frowned and shook her head. She didn’t know what she was even suggesting they should do.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Comms activated, but the voice was distorted and barely recognizable as the Captain. =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. How do you read us? =/\=

Cochrane, CO

//^\ Away team to Manhattan. Sir this is Ensign William’s. It’s hard to make out with the comms signal. Its weak and something around here is strong this planet is some what not safe but I dont know.//^\ she tapped on hers.

Ensign Williams

Pretha frowned slightly at Williams jumping on the comm but didn’t interrupt. Once she was done, she nodded. “The planet is fine. We’ve been here a day already and we know that. What we don’t know is the safety of this location.” She glanced around at the others. “I think we need to leave. They aren’t… I mean we aren’t ready for this. We need to get our readings and get back to the Manhattan to see if they can counter whatever we are finding here.”

She wasn’t sure why, but she had a tugging gut feeling they should leave this place and let whatever spirits were here do to what they do. “Faye… what did you mean when you said “We should…”?” She was frowning slightly as she heard the voices in the back of her mind like a confusing jumble of uncertainty and disillusionment.


“What do you mean? We got to go back to the ship cause you’re unsure about the location?” The ensign asked. She knows not to question orders. But she knows that leaving the planet would be a good and better idea then staying. She finally said “okay. I wont question anything.” She said with a mellow tone.

Ensign Williams

=/\= Away Team. Report. Now. =/\= Cochrane’s voice was distorted, but understandable… and not at all pleased.

Cochrane, CO

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OOC: Silke, just respond the comm. We can sort out next steps IC from there


Taking a deep, steadying breath, Naim tapped her combadge and replied, =/\= Lieutenant Naim here, Captain. We entered the cave system. Some of it appears to be a natural formation. Others seemed to be made or carved out by people. We are now in a large cavern. We can see the bow of a ship in the ceiling above us. Most likely the one I found a piece of while collecting soil samples yesterday. There is also something in the centre of the cave that looks like a pool, but it doesn’t seem to made of water. Despite sound of dripping water that can be heard. But if it was, we should see the reflection of the ceiling in it. Instead it seems to reflect a starry sky. =/\= Despite the unease she was feeling, her voice was strong and steady. Up until this point at least. But the moment she started talking about what she was sensing and “hearing” the hint of tremble entered her voice and betrayed the fact that she wasn’t as calm as wanted to be. =/\= I can also sense the presence of other’s around me. I can hear them … whisper in my mind. But for the most part I am unable to make out words. =/\= Suddenly her voice broke and she stopped talking. The words ‘choose’ and ‘You are the voice. The Mediator.’ were still ringing in her ears and she noticed that she was beginning to feel overwhelmed by everything. Of course she could lift her mental shields again in the hope that it would help. Yet she was afraid to do so. They had to find a way to save the Manhattan and her crew and for that they needed to know, find out everything they could. Her gifts might play an important part in that. So trying to block anything out was not an option.

OOC: I’m not sure if Kiama is still supposed to be the mediator. If not, feel free to edit that part of my post, Gene.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Cochrane’s voice came through the distortion and even with that, the urgency of his voice was plain. =/\= Lieutenant, listen very carefully to me. The voices you are hearing… those are a group of beings called the Monks of S’aai Mar. Every twelve millennia the moons of the planet eclipse and the energy based life forms we have encountered become free of the physical Graviens. At that time, now, the Monks have to make a choice… as Dia said ‘Body and spirit decide whether the people step forward to evolve or remain the same until the next cycle’. The Monks of S’aai Mar decide. One moderates. One chooses. One argues to evolve. One argues to stay. Last time, the Monks were all gone, no choice was made… and it was a catastrophe. Thats the ship you see there. Your team has been put in the position of the Monks, Lieutenant. You all will have to decide before the ship gets drawn into the planet. We will try to get you input from the Minister, but if we can’t, I order you to do what you must to save the planet. If the Manhattan is crashed into the planet… millions will die, Lieutenant. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

OOC: The assigned roles are up above. Everyone make sure you know what Gene assigned you to do.

=/\= I know, Sir, =/\= Naim replied, her voice tense and full of concern. =/\= Thank you for the additional information. I am the voice, the mediator. I will do all in my power to make sure that is choice will be made. =/\= she continued as she looked from one member of the away team to the next, wondering which role the other three were playing. Especially who the one was that would have to make the choice. A choice which’s consequences they didn’t know. One they had to make blindly. Or so it seemed. And probably very quickly on top of that.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

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