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=/\= Uh… no, sir. That might have been an slip on my end. But for what it’s worth, my theory is that they’re separate beings. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Walker looked over at Wyatt. “I get where you are coming from Lieutenant, and you could use the tractor beams as a repulser, normally. In this case though we probably are not close enough to the planet to get a good push from the planet, that’s if we don’t do surface damage to the planet itself. And the mounting points for the tractor beams are not as solid as the engine mounts. So there is just as much chance that we would end up ripping a hole in the ship by trying to do so.”

WO Darach - COO


A beep came from Walker’s console where he was monitoring the ship.

“Captain we are starting to see structural integrity field failures. But in good news it looks like we’ve slowed our movement a fair bit, once you compensate for the time dilation.”

WO Darach - COO

“Take us to red alert, Mr. Darach. Compensate as best you can by drawing power from non-critical systems to shore up the fields. Tactical, prepare two torpedoes in the forward launcher.” Cochrane said matter of factly, although his jaw was clenched tight. He looked at Dia and said “Dia… you have a choice. You can explain to us plainly what is happening and how we can help you and the Gravien people; or you can remain cryptic and force us to try to protect the most people we can with limited knowledge and understanding. Whatever is happening on the planet is endangering this ship and everyone on it. So please… help us understand.”

Cochrane, CO

“The cycle ends. The cycle begins again.”

She fades but in its place the viewer comes alive and shows the away team in a shadowy chamber surrounded by many semi-translucent spirits. A circular stone well was in the center of the chamber and overhead was the broken nose of a ruined vessel.

“They are the Monks of S’aai Mar. They will decide .. our fate. And yours.”
- Wookiee

Receiving the notification from the officer who had replaced his position at tactical, “Sir two torpedos are armed and in the forward launchers requesting target solution and spread.” Luke looked to the Captain hoping he wouldn’t have to give the order to fire what essentially could be classed as weapons of mass destruction especially when used as orbital weapons.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

“Mr. Wyatt.” Cochrane said firmly and then stood up and walked to the Security Chief’s side. He tapped in the coordinates and the torpedoes were locked on the position of the ancient vessel… and the Away Team. Alex looked at Luke and said very quietly “Last resort, Mr. Wyatt. But if there is no other option, we have to do everything we can to save the ship and the people on that planet. A vessel this size slamming into their planet will damage so much more than the immediate area.” and he tapped the console and brought up the radiation that was killing crops and poisoning water already. “And that’s what happened before. We simply cannot allow that to happen again.” and he put a hand on Luke’s shoulder and then walked back to the center chair.

“Comms. See if we can get the Away Team. We need to know what they are seeing and doing.”

Cochrane, CO

Dia becomes more transparent and shadowy - not unlike the shadowy ghostlike figures surrounding the away team in the cave on the planet below. Her voice, when she speaks is like a whisper that comes from nowhere and everywhere on the bridge. “They .. your people have become the Monks of S’aai Mar. Every twelve millennia the moons eclipse. Our spirits are free from our bodies and the one becomes two. It is there that body and spirit decide whether we as a people step forward to evolve or remain the same until the next cycle. The Monks of S’aai Mar decide. One moderates. One chooses. One argues to evolve. One argues to stay.”

She shifted, floated in a ghostly fashion through the front navigation console to where her mother, Second Minister Maree sat, still looking ill. “Your ship is caught. Time flees. Like the last cycle when we Gravenians were aboard our vessel and, at the time of S’aai Mar, too was drawn to the planet and perished. Captain, the One who Chooses must decide the fate of our civilization by the time of Choice, or, like last time, catastrophe will come and your ship will perish. At the last Cycle there was no decision. There were no Monks of S’aai Mar at this place of Decision. We all suffered since for it.”
- Wookiee for Dia

Cochrane listened intently as Dia spoke. Standing, he fixed his eyes on her shadowy form. “I think I understand. A choice will be made. May we communicate with our people below? It will make the process more clear for all involved.” He then turned to Wyatt. “Mr. Wyatt, get Medical and all Graviens on board up here now. They will need to get themselves ready for a most historical event.” He then looked at the comms officer and nodded. Their fingers danced on the console and Cochrane spoke. =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. How do you read us? =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Walker took a small step back as he listened to Dia speak. That was a lot to take in, and could lead to some potentially deadly consequences. Hopefully the away team would be able to handle it, and make the necessary decisions.

WO Darach - COO

The sound of the Away Team’s most junior officer’s voice came through, albeit distorted and muffled. =/\=Away team to Manhattan. Sir this is Ensign William’s. It’s hard to make out with the comms signal. Its weak and something around here is strong this planet is some what not safe but I dont know.=/\=

Cochrane scowled and his jaw muscles clenched as he glared at the view screen. =/\= Away Team. Report. Now. =/\= he said, hoping for more clarification.

Cochrane, CO

“I’ll try to boost the signal Captain. But we don’t have much spare power left,” Walker said seeing what power was left that he could grab and use to boost the comm signal.

WO Darach - COO

“Take power from the phaser array, they’re useless in our current situation and if we can get answers,” Luke said knowing that in this situation force wasn’t going to get them out of their current predicament, the Delta Quadrant was certainly keeping them on their toes. He waited eagerly to hear the transmission, wishing he had gone to the planet himself.

  • Lt Luke Wyatt, CoS

=/\= Lieutenant Naim here, Captain. We entered the cave system. Some of it appears to be a natural formation. Others seemed to be made or carved out by people. We are now in a large cavern. We can see the bow of a ship in the ceiling above us. Most likely the one I found a piece of while collecting soil samples yesterday. There is also something in the centre of the cave that looks like a pool, but it doesn’t seem to made of water. Despite sound of dripping water that can be heard. But if it was, we should see the reflection of the ceiling in it. Instead it seems to reflect a starry sky. =/\= Despite the unease she was feeling, her voice was strong and steady. Up until this point at least. But the moment she started talking about what she was sensing and “hearing” the hint of tremble entered her voice and betrayed the fact that she wasn’t as calm as wanted to be. =/\= I can also sense the presence of other’s around me. I can hear them … whisper in my mind. But for the most part I am unable to make out words. =/\= Suddenly her voice broke and she stopped talking.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Cochrane listened intently as the CSO reported back. =/\= Lieutenant, listen very carefully to me. The voices you are hearing… those are a group of beings called the Monks of S’aai Mar. Every twelve millennia the moons of the planet eclipse and the energy based life forms we have encountered become free of the physical Graviens. At that time, now, the Monks have to make a choice… as Dia said ‘Body and spirit decide whether the people step forward to evolve or remain the same until the next cycle’. The Monks of S’aai Mar decide. One moderates. One chooses. One argues to evolve. One argues to stay. Last time, the Monks were all gone, no choice was made… and it was a catastrophe. That’s the ship you see there. Your team has been put in the position of the Monks, Lieutenant. You all will have to decide before the ship gets drawn into the planet. We will try to get you input from the Minister, but if we can’t, I order you to do what you must to save the planet. If the Manhattan is crashed into the planet… millions will die, Lieutenant. =/\=

=/\= I know, Sir, =/\= Naim replied, her voice tense and full of concern. =/\= Thank you for the additional information. I am the voice, the mediator. I will do all in my power to make sure that is choice will be made. =/\= she continued as she looked from one member of the away team to the next, wondering which role the other three were playing. Especially who the one was that would have to make the choice. A choice which’s consequences they didn’t know. One they had to make blindly. Or so it seemed. And probably very quickly on top of that.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Cochrane looked back at the Second Minister and then moved quickly to her side, sitting down with her . He put his arm around her and looked her in the eyes. “Minister… you have to tell us how to proceed. I know you are in pain, but a choice has to be made. Do you stay as you are, or do you take your next step? I do not know what will happen either way, but if you don’t tell us what you wish, we will be forced to make the choice in order to save your people and this ship. Please… Maree… tell us what to do.”

Cochrane, CO

Maree was looking wide eyed, but a touch of a smirk crossed her features. “Captain, if Tov and I were there we’d be on opposite sides of the spectrum. He was always the optimistic one, but then he is young. I’m old.” She chuckled, but it came out more gurgly. “Not as old as Acosta mind you.” The Second Minister paused and took a deep breath. “He would want to push on. Change. I’m old and as you know, a cynical woman. I’d say we aren’t ready for the next season fashions much less a ..” she seemed to have trouble with the concept of a ‘evolution’. “.. startling change.”
- Maree

Cochrane looked over at Wyatt. “Lieutenant, you have the conn.” and he tapped his badge. =/\= Bridge to Transporter room. Point-to-point transport on my signal. Two to sickbay. Energize. =/\= and he and Maree disappeared in a shower of gold and blue lights.

Cochrane, CO

A few moments later, the Captain’s voice came over the comms. =/\= Cochrane to Bridge. Open a channel between Sickbay and the Away Team. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

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