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Tov looked to take a moment to focus on the screen. Baht could see his eyes moving over it as though looking for connections, then his face twisting in concentration. “That looks like S’aai Mar. It’s an ancient holy site, or so they think. Buried for millennia. Not many interested in that now. Why do you ask?”

Then he looked at Baht and the others. “Do you have anything for a headache?”
- Tov

Ensign Baht sighed in relief. At least the procedure had been worth something, although how much exactly was yet to be determined. He spun away from Tov and walked away a few paces before tapping his comm badge, leaving the chief medical officer to administer whatever painkillers she deemed appropriate. =/\= Ensign Baht to the bridge. Mr. Tov identified the structure as an ancient holy site known as S’aai Mar, which has been buried for millennia. =/\= Shon tried to remember if he had seen any mention of the site in the medical archives, but at the moment he didn’t believe he had…

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

=/\= Mr. Baht, ask him if there are any historical events or fables concerning time travel or time distortion. We have a massive amount of chroniton activity all over the planet, and there is a spike at that location that is trying to pull the Manhattan into the planet like another vessel from long ago. =/\= Cochrane replied and then there was a pause. =/\= And ask him if there are any stories from that site, from S’aai Mar, concerning other worldly beings. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Shon scampered back to Tov’s beside and presented the PaDD once again. “Mr. Tov, does S’aai Mar’s history involve any mention of or allegory for time travel or time distortions? We’re detecting chroniton activity originating from the ruins. Or does S’aai Mar have any association with otherworldly beings, even if they’re just myths and rumors?” Shon had almost no idea what he was actually saying or why he was asking about those specific details, but if the captain wanted the question asked, he’d ask it.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Tov shook his head slowly. “S’aai Mar means ‘Place of Decision’. Back far back we held different beliefs.” He paused. “Today most don’t believe in anything beyond the day to day, maximizing life in that period when we are awake and able. Night is night. We know that our .. other halves are free then but nobody knows what that means.” He paused to think, closing his eyes as what looked to be a flash of pain crossed his features. “It is believed, or was, as few pay any attention to it now, that every so often the Monks of S’aai Mar as they were called would poll the spirits at the point of intersection .. it’s hard to explain .. there were times, rare, when we were awake and the spirits were awake, and they would speak of the future of our people.” He shrugged. “There were other sites around that were considered notable but that was one of the important ones. Used to be fascinated about that when I was young.”
- Tov

Shon did his best to process what he was hearing, but to him it did not sound entirely helpful. Still, in case it was relevant to someone who had access to more of the puzzle pieces, Ensign Baht touched his comm badge again. =/\= Ensign Baht to the bridge. Mr. Tov says that S’aai Mar means ‘Place of Decision’ and that in the past there were people known as the Monks of S’aai Mar who could communicate with the… spirits that leave their bodies at night. When both halves were awake they would speak about the future of their peoples. That’s all, sir. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

There was a pause before the Captain’s voice replied. =/\= Ensign, did he say peoples? As in plural? =/\= Cochrane asked.

Cochrane, CO

Shon blinked and furrowed his brow in thought. =/\= Uh… no, sir. That might have been an slip on my end. But for what it’s worth, my theory is that they’re separate beings. =/\=

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“What about that place?” Tov asked. “What are .. chronitons?”
- Tov

Raye frowned. So their inner beings used to be able to work alongside their physical selves. That made sense, in an odd way. Had the arrival of the Manhattan drawn upon an old power and kicked on some battery in the planet that now they were caught in?

She waited while the Doc got Tov something for his headache and stepped forward. “You mentioned a place of decision. Were those decisions about intruders? Perhaps that’s what has happened? Maybe some kind of planetary defense system?” She didn’t speak out loud on the rest of her thought, yet. Perhaps the planet thought the Mangattan had stolen their ‘people’ and was trying to keep them from leaving. It was a long shot, but being a person who wasn’t trained in science or mechanics, her brain was free from limits and science to keep from thinking such thoughts.


Tov quietly and slowly took the pain reliever, and evidently was taking that time to think. “No, as far as we knew there was no others out there until after we .. briefly .. ventured out into space.” He gave Raye a ‘look’ of skepticism. “You think the planet is alive?” By his tone he thought that was silly. “I feel now a .. pull .. to be home. It’s like being on a long holiday and that feeling of just wanting to be home because good things will be there. Isn’t that funny.” Were he able to, but in the ‘tone’ it might be akin to say a Vulcan in stages of pon farr while being away.

“How do your people .. grow? Who decides the course of your people? It was rumored that it was at S’aai Mar that it happened.”
- Tov

Jasmine looked at Tov with an expression of deep thought. “Can we go back to the Monks of S’aai Mar who could communicate with the spirits,” she asked with a furrowed brow. “How did these people become special or could anyone be a monk with say training?” Her questions might have seemed off or confusing but more and more Jasmine was entertaining the theory of some sort of symbiotic or subconscious connection with the Graven’s society. This was not the first time she had heard of corporeal sentient beings. So what if the corporeal beings just needed a host to survive. If the host was not harmed the arrangement could go on indefinitely. Trill was a perfect example in her mind of this situation. The Trill society embraced the subconscious of another within a living being. From what she understood, the other memories the Trill accepted blended with that of the host but what if the Gravens were actually capable of interacting or controlling the host through genetic mutations passed down over millennia. Humans slept one-third of their life away so in theory if something was able to use this time, it was not like a human was actively using the life they spent sleeping. The moral and ethical implications of someone body-snatching you for an alternate life at night was a conversation for a different time. Right now they were just trying to see if that theory held true.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Raye heard Tov and frowned a moment in thought as he asked who had decided their future. Wynter’s question about the monks made her think as well. To Tov she shook her head slightly. “No one group or entity chose the destiny of our people. Our actions and the reactions from those moments are what led us down the path to where we are. We do things that build on the foundations before that and it leads us one way or another. If one wheel works to move a cart, we eventually learned that four wheels were better. We learned to make tech that performed better, or was smaller, or faster and each step led us forward. Are your monks the ones who decide your destiny? And are they they ones protecting your people by drawing us down in defense?” If a small ruling body was who chose the lines these people walked, and protected them from outsiders, then Wynter was right. They needed to talk to the Monks as soon as possible.


At that moment two figures appeared in a transporter light show: Maree, the Second Minister; and the Captain. Cochrane looked at Maree and then at Tov. “Doc, she’s having some problems. Most of which I am assuming have to do with the sudden separation of the energy forms and the physical ones. Help her out, but keep her near Tov.” and he looked at Tov. “You two have a choice to make. And if you don’t, this ship and everyone on it are going to die. And we will be killed by this ship being smashed into your planet… just like one from millenia ago. Only this time, with this ship… millions on your planet will be killed. We… you cannot let that happen. So between you and Second Minister Maree… you have to decide on what your people are going to do.” and he relayed all of the information about the ancient ship, the Monks, the previous choice not being made, and the Away Team.

Alex looked back and forth between the two, and then tapped his comms. =/\= Cochrane to Bridge. Open a channel between Sickbay and the Away Team. =/\= Once the channel was open, Cochrane said =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. You are on with Second Minister Maree and Mr. Tov. They, the Graviens, will make the choice. You, as their counterparts, will act in their stead on the planet. You will decide as they deem it to be. Lieutenant Naim, keep everyone there on track. I’ll do the same here. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=/\= Naim here, =/\= the CSO replied instantly. =/\= Understood Sir. =/\= Looking at each member of the away team in turn, Kiama waited to hear what the two Gravians had to say and wondered which choice they would make.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Tov frowned. “I’m not sure that that is how it goes,” he said, but wriggled painfully up to a more reclined position. “The Monks would. It sounds like the people who are there will need to choose. We can .. help.”

He took a deep breath that seemed to cause him some discomfort. =^= I think we should go on. Why wait more? It is not like we as a people are going to magically become better. Why cower in our state when we can go through this change. Whatever it is. =^=

Maree frowned, both in concern for her nephew and for what he said. =^= That’s foolishness. Stepping into the unknown is no way to launch into a new ‘state’. Certainly to .. boldly go .. implies growth and wisdom and the potential for a fall, but it is something we must deliberately take - eyes open. Not close our eyes and hope for the best to press on into .. what? =^=
- Wookiee

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