Requiem for a Life

Posted April 15, 2021, 11:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

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“Faye… Edward interrupted, trying to keep the pain out of his voice. “Be strong. Promise me…” He held her gaze intensely.

Faye seemed to shrink within herself. “I promise,” she whispered and then hugged him fiercely. He held her tight, running a hand over her brown hair. After a moment, she pushed away, unable to hide the tears streaming down her face. “Now go!” Faye stepped back and he nodded, leaving the small ship and not looking back.

Armed with one heck of a phaser rifle, Edward Calloway walked out into the open. Upon seeing the Cardassians approaching, he let off shot after shot until one of his opponents made their mark. From her ship, Faye watched helplessly as they lifted of. Cameron wrapped his arms around her tightly, whispering comforting words that she didn’t hear or process.

Kardin Jaris and his wife T’Lora, her parent’s best friends, were in the front trying to leave orbit as quickly as they could. “Hold on, it’s going to get rough,” Jaris called over his shoulder to her and Cameron.

Faye sat on the deck, leaning up against a bulkhead while Cam still had his arms wrapped around. His reassuring whispers had stopped after Faye had asked him about his mother. His silence said everything.

The little ship shook and she could hear the engines working hard as they evaded the enemy ships. An explosion went off above Faye and Cam’s heads and Faye shrieked, ducking down as a shower of sparks cascaded down on them. It was but a brief moment before she felt the ship slip to the comforting sensation of warp.

Half an hour later, the ship came out of warp with a shudder as a klaxon sounded. Faye had drifted off, emotionally exhausted, but was instantly awake. T’Lora hurried towards where her and Cam were in the back.

“You need to hide now. And be very quiet,” she said sternly, an uncharacteristic amount of alarm written into the Vulcan’s expression. While T’Lora had not gone through Kohlinar, she was typically a fairly stoic woman, so to see her this expressive told Faye and Cameron much.

“What’s happening?” Cam asked as he and Faye quickly got to their feet and moved farther into the storage area of the ship.

The ship shook and T’Lora briefly looked forward before returning her gaze to the two teens. “We have company. No time to explain. Just stay hidden and try not to make a sound.” She immediately went back to the front leaving them to simply follow instructions.

From inside a walk-in storage compartment, Faye stood with one hand braced on the side, trying to ignore how dark it was. “Who do you think it is?” Cam whispered.

He couldn’t see her roll her eyes, but sure enough Faye went, “Shhh!” quietly.

Voices. They got louder a moment later. Faye could hear Jaris yelling. Then weapons fire. She reached out her hand to Cam, who leaned in and wrapped an arm around her protectively.

It went quiet.

Their question about the identity of the possible intruders was answered a few moments later as the door to the locker opened and cast light into their hiding space. An Orion woman stood there with a disruptor in hand looking surprised at her find. She called over her shoulder. “Two youth,” she said, her eyes fixed on Faye and Cam. “Come on out now,” she said with a flick of her weapon. “Cooperate and no one will harm you.

Faye wanted to call bulls**t, but wisely kept that thought to herself. Self-preservation won out and she took a step out, despite Cam pulling on her hand. What were they going to do, threaten to stay in there? Then what? It was stupid. And so was the fact that she hadn’t grabbed a weapon. Why hadn’t T’Lora handed her one anyway? Questions she could mull over but that would never get an answer to for one simple reason she deduced as she stepped out of the back of the ship: Jaris and T’Lora were dead.

Faye had seen enough dead bodies at this point to last a lifetime so intentionally didn’t let her gaze linger as the Orion woman coaxed them into the more open centre of the ship. The woman seemed to be appraising them rather intently. Faye’s gaze slipped to the others who had boarded (a rather motley looking crew all told) and again her mind deduced the situation rather quickly. “Tracking the escapees?” she said simply. “We don’t have any cargo you’ll be interested in.”

A wide smile spread across the Orion’s face. “Oh, I don’t know. I think I have something of rather high value right here.”

“We’re no use to you,” Faye said before Cam elbowed her. She just shot him a glare. The woman leaned in and smiled as she gazed deeply into Faye’s eyes. “You have spunk, I’ll give you that much. And so healthy and strong looking. It’s good. You’ll need that where you’re going.”

They didn’t have much of a chance to ponder those remarks before there was movement behind them. A telltale hiss ensued and everything went dark.

To be continued…

~Faye Calloway

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