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Pretha frowned as the niggling feeling of negativity overwhelmed her again. “I don’t think we, I mean they, should move forward. The feelings I’m getting are that it’s not time. Something went wrong. This water or whatever it is probably was the cause of the split. If they haven’t figured things out yet, they shouldn’t be looking to evolve more.” She growled as the feeling fed her. “I guess I’m the nay sayer because someone, or something, thinks it’s not time. They’ve proven to us they don’t understand what the split is.” She shook her head. “Personally, I think they need to wait. You can’t make a jump to the next step till you are balanced on your feet. And they obviously aren’t.”

Her own mind wasn’t completely clear on the why. She just had a strong feeling that moving forward would do more harm than good.


“They’ve been stuck,” Faye said. “Standing still. You can’t grow unless you’re moving,” she said adamantly as she looked to the others. And all progress is not obvious. Societies do change on a constant basis. This one should be allowed to take that next step. Who are we to say that it won’t be exactly what they need?” She shook her head, filled with conviction. “No one ever knows the full consequences of any decision they make. Trust me, I know that risk well. But to deny the Gavenians the oportunity to grow? How terrible a fate,” she added, sadness seeping into her tone.

~Faye Calloway

As the discussion moved on the volume of the ‘voices’ dimmed and seemed more background. Some of the ‘words’ they could sense were urging them to ‘go on’ and others to ‘stay’; they seemed to have their opinions but they were just voices in the background.
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Kiama stood there silently between both women, listening closely to each one. She could see both their points of view, understood where they were coming from. She was glad that she wasn’t the one who had to make the choice. Though she had the feeling that her role as the mediator wouldn’t be an easy one either and that she would carry the weight of the decision and it’s consequences. Even though she wouldn’t be the one who had to decide. Apparently it was the youngest member of their away team, Ensign Williams, who had to play that role.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

The Captain’s voice came through the comms. =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. You are on with Second Minister Maree and Mr. Tov. They, the Graviens, will make the choice. You, as their counterparts, will act in their stead on the planet. You will decide as they deem it to be. Lieutenant Naim, keep everyone there on track. I’ll do the same here. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=/\= Naim here, =/\= the CSO replied instantly. =/\= Understood Sir. =/\= Looking at each member of the away team in turn, Kiama waited to hear what the two Gravians had to say and wondered which choice they would make.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

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IC: As the ensign walked with them going into the cavern she also then noticed that the away team was hearing something. Something unusual but she then realized that it would be harder to do anything. She then asked the Lt something. “Lt. What’s going on here? I dont understand what anything out here is saying or anything.” She said to the Lt.

When the Ensign looked around and realized that it was something that she might have heard herself. But she was completely unsure. “Lt. If I may, I think these voices was what I was hearing from outside. Which I don’t understand. Do know what they are talking about?” She asked.

Ensign williams

Looking at Williams, Naim nodded. “Yes, we are all hearing those voices. Every 12,000 years the Gravians reach a turning point when they have to make a decision. We reached that point and because the four of us are in this place where the decision has to be made, we have to play our part. I am the mediator. Lieutenant Calloway wants the Gravians to move on. Lieutenant Pretha wants them to remain as they are. And you will have to choose.” Her expression was serious, but there was a gentleness in her dark eyes nevertheless. “But,” she continued emphatically, “it’s the Gravians who will actually have to make that choice. Second Minister Maree and Mr Tov are with the Captain and can hear us and we can hear them. You must not say yes or no to the choice till they know what they want and told us. Understood?”

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Tov spoke. His voice sounded weak and distant. =^= I think we should go on. Why wait more? It is not like we as a people are going to magically become better. Why cower in our state when we can go through this change. Whatever it is. =^=

Maree’s voice was stronger, but still from far away =^= That’s foolishness. Stepping into the unknown is no way to launch into a new ‘state’. Certainly to .. boldly go .. implies growth and wisdom and the potential for a fall, but it is something we must deliberately take - eyes open. Not close our eyes and hope for the best to press on into .. what? =^=

The mediator, Naim, would know from the ‘voices’ that even though Maree and Tov might say their piece, they have their role there in the cave too; Maree and Tov were only additional elements of the pros and cons debate.
- Wookiee

OOC: Please carry on your own pros and cons here.

=/\=The question is whether the Graviens have the courage to take a leap. All knowledge is worth having. Even negative things are information.” And boy did Faye know all that intimately! “Don’t you understand? Even choosing to not make a choice is a choice. You’re always going to be making choices, Maree, and you rarely get a say in how they go down but don’t bury your head and pretend that you can just carry on as if nothing has happened here. Tov is right that you can’t grow by doing nothing. You have an incredible opportunity here!=/\=

~Faye Calloway

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